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Comment by: Carol Naylor nee Myers (Melbourne , Australia) on 11th September 2008

I have vivid memories of my time at Scot Lane school between 1955 and 1963 I loved it although Miss Docker was a bit hard to take at times,I loved Miss Roscoe who went on to be headmistress in later years and now they have knocked that lovely little school down for the JJB Stadium complex I believe,what a shame all those memories,oh well that is progress I suppose..or is it really.I remember taking reading with Mr Bavin in the spooky old 'tower' anybody else remember that time?

Comment by: alan bland (st helens, merseyside) on 29th August 2008

hi i used to attend st thomas,s primary school in caroline street and remember a few teachers mr ashcroft {english} i think miss grimes,and i think the headmaster mr headley this would be in the late 60,s early 70,s school long gone but good memories.

Comment by: jeanette price nee rogerson (upholland wigan, england) on 28th August 2008

hi is that denise molyneux who lived in welland rd stubshaw cross? we were mates when we were younger remember me jeanette rogerson? its been a long time!

Comment by: jeanette rogerson (upholland wigan, england) on 28th August 2008

MRS Mcavoy was my form teacher in 1972 did she ever get married? and mrs smith always in a leotard always walked like a ballarina!

Comment by: a james (ashton-in-makerfield, lancs) on 26th August 2008

i remember mrs smith she taught drama miss mcavoy was my form teacher at ashton secondary modern in the 1950 boys and girls were seperated with a rope

Comment by: joyce roughley(howard) (wigan, uk) on 21st August 2008

Hi Shirl, i remember Miss Phithian, at St johns, Pemberton,Do you remember Miss Anderton, she was the music teacher, ,i loved that school,

Comment by: peter painter (wigan, lancashire) on 20th August 2008

I remember mrs Jolly at rectory school. downall green Peter Painter

Comment by: John Jarvis (Pemberton, Wigan, UK) on 15th August 2008

I remember starting at Robert Lewis in 1958 and Miss Hill was Infant One teacher and Headmistress. She was a great teacher and taught me to read and write. Also, Miss Bradley who was very attractive and Miss Parkes, who later became Mrs Rutter. In the Junior school there was Miss Saxon who was the Headmistress; Mr Brown; Mrs Davies; and Mrs Blinston who would fall asleep while she was reading to us at "story time". Mr and Mrs Causey were caretakers. We had to walk to Pemberton Primary for our dinners( as there was no canteen at Robert Lewis). Getting there is another story, but before we set out the kids would always ask: "What's for dinner Mr Causey?). Of course, he always knew...Very happy memories of little happy school and some great kids who went there...

Comment by: Maz (Sheffield, S.Yorks, England) on 29th July 2008

I went to Lamberhead Green School in Pemberton (infants) and then to Jnrs in Loch Street after passing the scholarship (later beoming the 11 plus) I went on to Upholland Grammar School. I remember the French Teacher very well indeed, he was called Dr. Muller (Filch was his nickname)he was Belgian and everbody was scared stiff of him.There was also Miss Penman - Science teacher very strict but her bark was much worse than her bite!

Comment by: Shirl (Wigan, UK) on 15th July 2008

Miss Phythian I remember with fondness from St John's Junior School in Pemberton. We once went on a 10-mile sponsored walk over the Dalton area where she lived, and we all went to her house later for tea and sandwiches. She wrote to me on more than one occasion after I left junior school - wish I still had her letters. She was a beautiful writer. At the Deanery, I absolutely loved Mr Leach, Mr Sharples, Mrs Boote (most of the time!) and Mr Hurst. I've seen Mr Leach on more than one occasion since who fondly described me as 'impish.' I loved school.

Comment by: Christine McGugan (Tweed Coast NSW, Australia) on 8th July 2008

ST PAT'S!! How nice to see some names I vaguely remember - Mr McDermott, young Miss Brown etc. I was there only for a short time - 1957 or 58 until 1961. My mother had also attended St Pat's, Mr McDermott was a young man then. My mother's maiden name was Walsh. My best friend was Anne Connor. Other friends were Janice Unsworth, Kenneth Brown, the Cunliffes. We lived in Teck Street, off Cambridge street until we moved to Upholland. Many happy memories of "walking day". My uncle Eddie Kelly's claim to fame was being on duty at the railway station the night the Ronnie Biggs train went through.

Comment by: jacqueline pnman (wigan, england) on 29th June 2008

ST PATRICKS oh happy days,I loved st pats Mr Macdermott the finest headmaster ever born and sister Mary Monica headmistress of the senior school she was lovely,favourite teachers were Mr Rynn,miss Underwood,miss Brown,young miss Brown and many more,remember dancing lesson and had a tie to keep my skirt up and the tie came undone and had to stop dancing to retie it ,never been as shamd in my life.Only really got good memories of St Pats.Walking days were brilliant everybody was so proud none more in our year than Marion Conway who crowned our lady but I forgave her"wish it had been me though".I for one am proud to have been to St Pats the school the church and the parish,for me don't come any better!

Comment by: Fiona (Hindley, lancs) on 23rd June 2008

Eric Podmore!! u might know my dad Tony Abram

Comment by: mary latham (Greenall) (Wigan , England) on 15th June 2008

i went to sacrd heart springfied and remember Miss Philip`swho used to teach in the basement round the corner. doe`s anyone remember the shelter inthe street that we had to walk down to get there, i was terrified because they used to say there was a bogey man in ,so i would run past as fast as i could. i also remember them calling a register every monday morning,and if you hadn`t been to church the day before ,woe betide you. That was when we respected our teacher`s and new we would get the cane if we did anything wrong but it did us no harm and i think we are a better generation for it.Love to hear from any oneelse who went there, but i left in1953 to go to Gidlow which my mother thought was a better school.

Comment by: Billy Bradshaw (Hindley, UK) on 12th June 2008

I first attended St Benedicts and recall Miss Kay, Mrs Curtis and Mrs Donnelly who were led by Mrs Fanning and then onto the Juniors think it was Miss Finch, Mrs Unsworth, Mr Boyle and Mrs Boyle, led By Miss Owens. Anyone remember Mr Pimblett ? What a great guy he was when he bellowed across the dining room !!! Mr boyle was a bit of a wet lettuce though. Onto Cardy then and it was the usual names mentioned... Mr Hart (alfy), Mr Flanagan, Mr D'arcy, Mr Eyes, Mr Whittaker (Chem teacher - best of them all), Mrs Feeney was great, along with Mr Blackledge who used to do the crossword on breaks !! Mr Rigby who walked around carrying carpets !! Mr tighe who used to parade round with his brown leather bomber jacket on !! Larry Lughran was Head Man then with Mrs Mac alongside him and Mrs Fagan. Miss Jones the French teacher was really good and Difonzo. Anyone remember Mr Higham with his hippy nature breaking up fights outisde the DT (design Technology block) or Mr Duffy the english/French and spanish teacher with the bushy beard ? Mrs Garry was really nice teaching home economics with Mrs Shaw and not forgetting Mr Sharples showing off his Commodore Pet and BBC master when it arrived with a 1k modem in his little side room !!! Mr Malone and Mr Fairhurst in the English block -- Oh it does bring back memories !!

Comment by: Don Myatt (Wigan, Now Denmark) on 11th June 2008

I used to go to Sacred Heart school and see Elizabeth Chadwick - your name rings a bell :) I remember Miss Mac/McBride! She´d often rattle my knuckles with a pencil - her form of punishment in those days! Miss Chadwick! I accidentally hit her in the head with a tennis ball and she screamed blue murder and thanks to kind-hearted Mr Mannion, who was the headmaster at the time, I got off scot free. Mr Woodcock was a popular teacher for a lot of kids then too, (but not me). I have found several from my school days over the years, but have just found this site the other day. Best wishes to all :)

Comment by: Alan Brogan (Bolton, UK) on 6th June 2008

I went to St Thomas Moore from 1959 to 1965 yes I was one of the first pupils to do 5 years and take "O" Levels. Mr Gaukroger was the headmaster and Mr Ashworth his deputy. I also remember Mr Bramwell, Mr Dunn, Mr and Mrs Petrie, Mr Moyers. I moved to Horwich soon after leaving school and to this day I have only ever seen one of my classmates sice leaving. I wonder what has happened to them all. Does anyone remember?

Comment by: margaret mullee [wilkinson] (earlestown, england) on 25th May 2008

hi dewigelle i went to wigan girls high school remember miss holland and mrs tattersall spent the 1st year in 3 wooden huts in pemberton

Comment by: Joan Beckett (Wilding) (Wigan, uk) on 21st May 2008

Hi Supuplad, I also went to St. Pats we lived on Darlington St East, Miss Lythgoe and Miss Underwood lived near us. My grandmother was called Rooney we lived near Billy Seddons butchers.

Comment by: Maz M. (Sheffield, S.Yorks, England) pre 2009.

Hi Maureen, Wigan Re Lanberhead Green School, this was my very lst school, I lived at Kitt Green at the timeand remember all the teachers you mentioned Mrs. Calderbank was my very first teacher too.

Comment by: mick thomas (hindley ,wigan, england) pre 2009.

hi imelda remembered all the teachers you mentioned , also paddy moran rugby teacher, tom naylor maths teacher , golly blackledge science , good old days

Comment by: supuplad (wigan, lancs) pre 2009.

I remember early St Pats, there was a slaugterhouse near the school and sometimes the animals would escape and get into the playground??!!!!! The Fire Brigade were always at the school cos kids got their heads stuck in the railings! I remember going to Church and singing the Mass in Latin, but i think that was lovely. Miss Veasey and Miss Lenegan lived near our family and if you were misbehaving at home the words " Carry on and i'll take you round to Miss Veaseys" would strike fear in your heart!!! Miss Holland was the Headmistress at St John Fisher when it was an all girls school, she was nasty! We weren't allowed on the bus at the same time as the boys at the school next door! She made us have a different start and finish time so that we couldn't mingle with the boys? I could go on forever about both schools. Father Lappin was a bit of a tyrrant, he used to come to your house on Fri's and he was given food, drink and money?! You couldn't go out to play until he'd been?!

Comment by: Tracey Falla (WIGAN, ENGLAND) pre 2009.


Comment by: J. prescott (Standish Wigan, U.K.) pre 2009.

Attended standish grammar 1945-1950.Remember mr Snape and Mr Garner [known as mr rubber legs because of his walk]Mr Jackson who is still around and speak to him on regular basis.

Comment by: T Law ( Wigan, England) pre 2009.

anyone remember mrs marshal from scot lane school? a very scary woman for any 5yr old child i can tell yer, a very thin boney woman she must have been about 114yr old when i was there in 1970

Comment by: jenwren (dunstable, uk) pre 2009.

It's funny that Mr Harris's photo should be at the top of this becasue I remember him! Head teacher at St Michaels's Junior.I was at St Michaels from about 1954 to 1961. When he retired we had a superb head called Mr.Taylor. He taught the 11 year olds. Each week we had to do IQ test things to prepare us for 11+ exams. If we got 50/50 he gave us 6d to spend at the local shop and we were allowed to leave school at 3.45 instead of 4pm!!! 49/50,tuppence halfpenny leave at 3.50 and 48, 1d leave at 3.55. Can you see teachers getting away with that today?!! It did me good cos I passed my 11+ and went on to the Girls' High School. Mr Taylor had twin girls but sadly he left and moved to Bishops Stortford I think. All I know is that he made my junior school days very memorable.

Comment by: Craig Stothers (Wigan, UK) pre 2009.

I remember jim purdy when he taught me in year 6 and all my school friends: kelly hampson, laura payne, daryl hitchen and laura flannagan. (to name a few) Anyway year 6 was awesome because of the teacher, friends and overall best year of st andrews primary school.

Comment by: Pat Morris (nee Wilding) (Wigan (now St Helens), Lancs) pre 2009.

I attended Marsh Green Junior from approx 1958 to 1960. I remember all the staff with fond memories Mr Woods the hadmaster who was a lovely man. Also Miss Grass, Miss Meadows, Mrs Farrimond and Mr Green I think at that time the infants shared the building and the head mistress was Miss Gardner-someone you didn't cross!! Prior to Marsh Green Juniors I went to St Marks infants and juniors in Newtown. (now demolished) My first teacher in the infants was Mrs Sherrington. I thought she was wonderful. Also there were Mrs Price and Miss Steele who seemed to me to be very old although she probabley wasn't. The headmistress was Miss Johnson who taught the top class.I can still remember standing on my chair saying my 8x table and gettig stuck on 9x8 but a quick thwack on the back of my legs with a ruler from Miss Johnson soon jogged my memory!! I then moved up into the juniors and my teacher was Mrs Silcock the best teacher I ever had, she was wonderful.

Comment by: Val Baxter (wigan , uk) pre 2009.

for kathleen Broome, i remember a fair few of the teachers you mentioned. I once pinned Mrs wardles skirt to the material she was sewing cos she allus made me sit under the machine and I got bored. She sent me to miss pilling who smacked my legs, but not before they had been made red from the fire in her office!! I left the year the school closed in 1972 when I was fifteen. I got wed two yrs later lol.

Comment by: Suzanne Hendon, nee Winstanley, Schofield, Brockba (takapau, nz, now New Zealand) pre 2009.

I went to Abram school till 1969, and when i was in Mrs Gaskells class, i sat reading in the dinner room, and i remember falling asleep waiting for the dinner van to come to collect the empty cannisters, and i was supposed to give them the list of dinners for the next week, i was terrified of telling her as i thought nobody was going to get any dinner the following week. i also remember miss ollerton, mr christopher and mr bridge. i remember also being the witch in the school play and on the last night mr bridge threw a large cup of water from the side of the stage instead of the small amount he had done the last few nights. oh happy days.

Comment by: Eric Podmore (Sydney, Australia) pre 2009.

Argyle St Hindley 1960s Most kids today can't wait to leave school but my time at Argyle was priceless have the best memories of teachers and friends a funny one was Mr Saxton our English teacher he would wrap you on the knucles with a ruler to stop you talking but would then take you to watch his beloved Blackburn Rovers we went even though I was Bolton Wanderers through and through.Still keep in touch with John Atherton - Aspull, Bernard Mullen - Hindley and Alan Woodcock - Transvaal but still have fond memories of my other classmates.

Comment by: Elizabeth Chadwick (Harrison) (Adelaide, Australia) pre 2009.

It's nice to know there is at least one other old Sacred Heart girl here in Adelaide Jannette. Yes, I remember Miss Paget & Miss MacBride seems to ring a faint bell. Tony Jones - Mr Kennedy was the headmaster before Mr Mannion wasn't he? I was also terrified by Miss Phillips (who wasn't?) though she didn't actually teach me. I heard all the stories about her from my older sisters, but I think she left before I had the 'pleasure' of her company. I also used to love ringing the handbell - great honour!!

Comment by: mo (wigan, england) pre 2009.

I too went to st.Josephs and remember miss price miss brown miss halliwell the music teacher she was brilliant.The nicest little person was the infants teacher miss reddington,who I met again fifty years later.She hadn,t changed one bit and still remembered who I was.My memories of Sister frances are,nt tinged with affection,she musthave been a very unhappy soul.I and two of my classmates are still in touch regularly.So many memories of my time there,[42-53]

Comment by: frances edwards [nee] richardson (wigan, england) pre 2009.

hi mr preston who was my top class teacher at little roesbridge what abig shock when i red the reply to my memory at school i just coudent belive my eyes when i saw it after all these years you remeberd me with the green jelly but one thing thati do remember you saying was my mother and father had to work hard to pay for my dinners i am almost 60 now and i still rember it of course the scool is no longer ther but a small church is in its place i am marrid now and have been for almost 38 years with 2 lovley sons and 3 beutifull grandchildren i marid my schoolpallfrank who i met at rosebridge high hope you are doing ok and in good health thanks again for your memory frances

Comment by: sharon farrell nee lowe (bryn, uk) pre 2009.

i went to rose bridge infant school and remember all the teachers mentioned and also our lovely dinner lady mrs reed-i still see her occasionally. i went on to rose bridge high my friends were kathy and diane lowe,karen atherton,julie reed,julie watkinson,sandra jolly,denise banks and still my best friend elaine potts we still go out every friday round town and are very proud of the fact that we have been friends for over 35 years.

Comment by: Joan Beckett (wigan, UK) pre 2009.

Sister Frances, she was lovely, I remember her from St. Patricks infant school, Miss Leneghan also, plus they used to say the statue of the sacred heart used to walk across the stage in the boys school, does anyone remember geting the p.e. stuff out from under that stage and being terrified "I do "

Comment by: ian morgans (macroom, ireland) pre 2009.

Does anyone remember Miss Aspey at St Michaels Swinley? I remember her coming into the class and saying in her prim and proper voice 'The King is dead'and a load of the girls started skrikin.

Comment by: irene ahmad nee hudson (brampton ontario, canada) pre 2009.

i went to britannia bridge school and i left in 1953. i remember the teachers very well. i would welcome e-mails from anyone who was there at the same time that i was e-mail address is irene_ahmad@yahoo.ca

Comment by: Linda C (Wigan, Lancs) pre 2009.

I remember Pemberton Senior Girls Miss Hornby. Mrs McAvoy was my form teacher 4B. I remember Sandra Cater Kathleen ? Mary Mather Christine Gaskell. Had some fun in Miss Hornby's class. I still can't cook!! I also remember Miss Pilling...had the cane once or twice. Left in 66. I now live in Spain

Comment by: BIG AL (wigan, uk) pre 2009.

not sur about 1st memory of school but i do know that me an a load of my old mates are on the pic of marsh green primary thats on the schools page. the 1 with retiring headmaster

Comment by: Anne Marsh (nee Smith) (Ashton-in-Makerfield, England) pre 2009.

My sister Susan and I attended St. Paul's Church of England Primary School, Goose Green then the Deanery High. Susan (now Holmes) works at St. Andrew's, Mort Street and I work at R.L. Hughes in Ashton. I hope the children we work with have fonder memories of their school days than some of the people who have commented! I can't speak for Susan, but my favourite teacher at St. Paul's was Mr. Gibson because he listened and talked to you as if you really mattered to him. At the Deanery my favourite male teacher was Mr. Partington who taught me physics. He was such a kind man who really seemed to enjoy teaching his subject. I don't ever remember him being cross with anyone. My favourite female teacher was Miss Taylor who became Mrs. Whittle. I really loved her. It was like having your mum at school.

Comment by: margaret s (wigan, uk) pre 2009.

Hi Joan i remember Steve Hart and his wife Fran i didn't work there then.

Comment by: Joan Beckett (wigan, UK) pre 2009.

Hi Margaret s I can't remember what years I worked at the freemasons but the landlord then was steve hart JOAN bECKETT WIGAN

Comment by: Dave Darbyshire (Hindley., Wigan.) pre 2009.

Doreen Turton: Argyll Street and Mornington Road Hindley finally tracked her down after 40 yrs I always wondered where she got her weird art thoughts from well know I know she was the actual model for A LANCASHIRE LADY painted by the late Theodre Major currently for sale for £20,000 you look at Major's paintings and you can understand where Doreen got her's from. Sadly she passed away just before christmas 07 she was totally different from those school days in the 60s God Bless. Crafty.

Comment by: Harry Mumford (Liverpool, England) pre 2009.

My sister Jean and I went to the Bluecoat school during the war. We lived in Wilcock street off Miry Lane, and were evacuees from Liverpool. Our neighbours included Webbs, Forshaws, Gallaghers, Smiths, and Halliwell. Does anyone remember us?

Comment by: margaret s (wigan, uk) pre 2009.

hi joan what year did you work at the Freemasons? i worked there when jack fearnley was landlord and they had disco on Thursday nights.sorry but i don't remember you. Malcolm roper did you live in beech hill?

Comment by: Joan Beckett (wigan, UK) pre 2009.

Margaret s w I also worked in the freemasons arms, Sat and Sun afternoon

Comment by: julie (wigan, england) pre 2009.

the teacher i remember most was miss conroy at scot lane primary school wigan. she was a wonderful teacher

Comment by: tony jones (wigan, england) pre 2009.

i went to sacred heart, springfield in the 50's. i remember miss phillips, frightened us to death !! mr kennedy was headmaster, mr mannion was there as well. i used to love ringing the handbell !!

Comment by: Joan Beckett (wigan, UK) pre 2009.

St. Patricks Hardybutts Wigan, does anyone remember 17th March St. Pats day having to go to 10 o clock mass and sing the whole mass in Latin with Mr.McDermott, also Miss Rynn (ugh) Miss Holland the religious teach and to top it all Sister Mary Monica now come on girls own up how many of you had to kneel before the statue in the hall when you did something wrong, hahaha oh and dont forget the playground on the roof. Joan Wilding