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Wigan Yards in 1933

Wigan had lots of yards, this list is taken from 'Starrs Handy Street Guide of Wigan', 1933. The location of each yard is given by the nearest street.

Yard Location


Acton's Yard 17, Marsh Lane
Addison's Yard 12, Addison Street
Altham's Yard 43, Standishgate
Anderton's Yard 48, Fleet Street
Ashton's Yard 43, Princess Street
Ashton's Yard Duke Street
Ascroft's Yard Milton Street
Ashcroft's Yard 36, Queen Street
Ashcroft's Yard 56, Warrington Road
Atherton's Yard 2, Great George Street
Atherton's Yard 1, Brock Mill Lane
Atherton's Yard 29, Hallgate
Atherton's Yard 14, Atherton Street


Bank's Yard 14, Colin Street
Banks' Yard 33, Chapel Street
Barlow's Yard 41, Lower Morris Street
Barlow's Yard 84, Standishgate
Barlow's Yard 1, Faggy Lane
Barlow's Yard 33, School Lane
Barlow's Yard 72, Scholes
Barton's Yard Off Barton Street
Barnes' Yard 1, James' Street
Benson's Yard 88, Gidlow Lane
Bevan's Yard 138, Wigan Lane
Bigham's Yard 11, Pitt Street
Blacking Shop Yard 131, Wallgate
Bold's Yard Billinge Road
Bolton's Yard 51, Hallgate
Bridge's Yard 63, Lower Morris Street
Brown's Yard 27, Queen Street
Bull's Yard 67 Billinge Road
Burland's Yard 54, Ormskirk Road
Burn's Yard 147, Scholes


Cadman's Yard 107, Tunstall Lane
Calderbank's Yard 16, Wellington Street
Caldwell's Yard 11, Melbourne Street
Canal Yard Off Wallgate
Cartwright's Yard 130, Standishgate
Castle Yard 5, Warrington Lane
Caunce's Yard Off Arundel Street
Charnock's Yard 32, Barton Street
Clarence Yard 50, Wallgate
Clayton's Yard 103, Ormskirk Road
Clephan's Yard 29, School Lane
Clock Face Yard Off Scholes
Collier's Yard 21, High Street
Commercial Yard 12, Market Place
Connor's Yard Off Vauxhall Road
Cooper's Yard 172, Scholes
Cowell's Yard 8, Hallgate
Crook's Yard 71, Hallgate
Cross Keys Yard 7, Market Place


Dandy Shop Yard 76, Queen Street
Dawber's Yard 98, Frog Lane
Dean's Yard 65, City Road
Dickinson's Yard 1, Lyon Street
Dickinson's Yard 5, Clayton's Yard
Dobson's Yard 46, Princess Street


Enion's Yard 96, Chapel Lane


Factory Yard 75, Scholefield Lane
Fairclough's Yard 33, Clayton Street
Fairhurst's Yard 52, Millgate
Fairhurst's Yard 42, Bolton Street
Fairhurst's Yard 1, Great George Street
Fairhurst's Yard 10, Charnock's Yard
Farrell's Yard 26, School Street
Farrimond's Yard 12, Essex Street
Fisher's Yard 69, Wallgate
Fleece Yard 63, Scholes
Flemming's Yard 9, High Street
Flemming's Yard 33, Hallgate
Fogg's Yard 44, Millgate
Foreman's Yard 7, Scholefield Lane
France's Yard 84, Great George Street


Gaskell's Yard Millgate
Gaskell's Yard 35, New Street
Gasworks Yards Sovereign Road
German's Yard 28, Princess Street
Gibson's Yard 25, High Street
Glassbrook's Yard 26, Duke Street
Glassbrook's Yard 32, Vauxhall Road
Glover's Yard 1, High Street
Golden Cross Yard 126, Standishgate
Gore's Yard 5, Ironmonger Lane
Grayson's Yard 14, Freckleton Street
Green's Yard 9, Cawdor Street
Greenhall's Yard 5, Rigby's Yard
Griffin Yard, 82, Standishgate
Grundy's Yard 7, Hardybutts


Halliwell's Yard 66, Hallgate
Hardy's Yard 6, Longshoot
Hardy's Yard 46, Whelley
Hardy's Yard 80, Ironmonger Lane
Hart's Yard 12, Greenough Street
Haslam's Yard 32, Victoria Street
Heaton's Yard Scholefield Lane
Heaton's Yard 458, Warrington Road
Heaton's Yard 16, Cross Street
Hesketh's Yard 38, Lord Street
Heyes Yard 40, Lord Street
Higham's Yard 157, Whelley
Hills Yard 12, Bridge Street
Hilton's Yard 41, Lower Morris Street
Hilton's Yard 92, Queen Street
Hodges Yard 7, Douglas Street
Hodge's Yard 9, Cumberland Street
Holcroft's Yard 68, Boyswell Lane
Howard's Yard 49, Clayton Street
Howard's Yard 70, Lower Morris Street


Jackson's Yard 1, Appleton Street
Jew's Yard 70, Millgate
Johnson's Yard 21, Wood Street
Johnson's Yard Off Mill Street
Jordan's Yard 19, Lyon Street


King of Prussia Yard 24, Hallgate


Latham's Yard 22, Millgate
Latham's Yard 32, Queen Street
Latham's Yard 11, Victoria Street
Lea's Yard 4, Pitt Street
Leach's Yard Off Belvoir Street
Leach's Yard 49, Caroline Street
Leyland's Yard 51, Scholes
Litherland's Yard 3, Peers Yard
Littler's Yard 5, Clayton Street
Lomax Yard 1, Shelmerdine Street
Lowe's Yard 39, Bridge Street
Lyon's Yard 4, Ironmonger Lane


Magraw's Yard 98, Ormskirk Road
Martlew's Yard 15, Scholes
McEwan's Yard 60, Millgate
Mill Yard 119, Scholes
Millstone Yard 65, Wigan Lane
Molyneux's Yard 10, Lord Street
Molyneux Yard 15, High Street
Monks' Yard 405, Warrington Road
Mooney's Yard 66, Ormskirk Road
Morris' Yard 28, Duke Street
Morris' Yard 28, Bridge Street
Moss Yard 33, Queen Street


Newby's Yard 2 Dean's Yard


Ormesher's Yard 41, Clayton Street


Parkinson's Yard 68, Frog Lane
Parkinson's Yard 345, Warrington Road
Peer's Yard 7, Bridge Street
Pendlebury's Yard 115, Wigan Lane
Pendlebury Yard 165, Scholes
Penson's Yard 125, Standishgate
Pipe Shop Yard 150, Chapel Lane
Potter's Yard 11, Milton Street
Powell's Yard Church Street
Powell's Yard 60, Hallgate
Powell's Yard 48, Millgate
Prescott's Yard 79, Scholefield Lane
Preston's Yard Albert Street
Pump Yard 83, Queen Street


Queen's Hotel Yard 158, Wallgate


Ranson's Yard 14, Princess Street
Ratcliffe's Yard 46, Millgate
Richards' Yard 17, Vauxhall Road
Rigby's Yard Rigby's Buildings
Rigby's Yard 5, Banks' Yard
Riley's Yard 62, Northumberland Street
Riley's Yard 53, Queen Street
Rimmer's Yard 2, Victoria Street
Roebuck Yard 43, Standishgate
Rothwell's Yard 64, Hardybutts
Royal Oak Yard 113, Standishgate


Saracen's Head Yard 81, Wigan Lane
Sayers Yard 119, Scholes
Schofield's Yard Foundry Street
Shaw's Yard Off Boyswell Lane
Shaw's Yard 106, Hallgate
Ship Yard 12, Millgate
Simpson's Yard 2, Swift's Yard
Smith's Yard 1, Charles Street
Smith's Yard 27, Lyon Street
Smithy Yard 86, Wigan Lane
Standish Yard 68, Millgate
Stevens' Yard 140 Billinge Road
Stones' Yard 1 Bolton Street
Steward's Yard 60, Millgate
Swift's Yard 14, Melbourne Street


Taylor's Yard Little Lane
Thompson's Yard 29, High Street
Turner's Yard 329, Warrington Road


Waddington's Yard 47, Great George Street
Walker's Yard 11, Lyon Street
Wall's Yard 29, Lea Street
Walmesley's Yard 15, Lime Street
Walmesley's Yard 26, Lord Street
Walsh's Yard 99, Scholes
Walthew Yard 41, Millgate
Watmough's Yard 82, Scholes
Welch's Yard 109, Standishgate
Whittaker's Yard 107, Wigan Lane
Widdow's Yard 28, Vauxhall Road
Wigan's Yard 60, Queen Street
Wignall's Yard 24, Wignall Street
Wood's Yard 36, Upper Morris Street
Wood's Yard 5, Wood Street
Wood's Yard Wardley Street
Wood's Yard 16, Duke Street
Wood's Yard 55, Great George Street
Wolfendale's Yard 45, School Lane
Woolpack Yard 32, Millgate
Worsley's Yard 63, School Street
Worsley's Yard 24, Rupert Street
Worthington's Yard 39, Queen Street
Wright's Yard 130, Wigan Lane
Wright's Yard 54, Whelley
Wright's Yard 22, Fleet Street


Yates' Yard 13, Wallace Lane