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Your Memories of Old Wigan

Do you remember anything listed on this page? If you do, please help by submitting your memories to the relevant section. Thanks to Brian Thurston for making this page.

Commercial Yard. (No longer there)
This ran from Market Place to Market Street and was demolished to make way for the Marketgate Shopping Centre. There was a tobacconists on the corner, who's was it? At the other end was Latimers grocery shop, and there was also a pet shop as well who's was this?
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The Old Arcade. (No longer there)
Again demolished for the Shopping Centre. This was home to shops like Sherringtons who sold pots and pans, washing tubs, scrubbing boards, posses etc. Smiths newsagents where a well known (to Wiganers) Frank Ryding worked and now runs his own stall in the New Market Hall. Who was the man who had the weighing machine? What was his name?. Gorner's Cafe, the aroma of hot food made you feel hungry. And of course The Legs of Man (must have been the longest pub in the country) as it went from the top to the bottom of the arcade, what about the reputed ghost, who was he? Does anybody know?
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Woodcock Street. (No longer there)
Crank and Burtons had a bathroom showroom and also sold ironmongery. Measons had a sweet shop on the corner with Market Street. Alsteads was a tailors and there was a haberdashery shop ran by an elderly lady her name was Miss Turner does anybody remember her? Makinsons Oh! the aroma of fresh roasted coffee as you walked past.
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Hope Street. (No longer there)
This was a continuation of Woodcock street and went past the old bus station. Does anybody remember the old Public Weigh Bridge at the side of the old market hall (long before the old fruit market was built) and the fish shops behind British Home Stores? What was the name of the entry that ran down the side of BHS? The Wishbone Restaurant, Wheelan's Supermarket, this was the start of the JJB story for Mr Dave Wheelan. And of course the Salvation Army had it's rooms here.
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Marsden Street. (No longer there)
This ran from Hope Street to Mesnes Street. Hopwoods had a jewellers shop, and Eric Thursby had a camera shop, there was also a travel agents across the road. What was the name of the next street along?. (No longer there) Warburtons had a furniture shop here, and what was the name of the church opposite.
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Dicconson Street. (This part no longer there)
This is where Plumbs T.V. and electrical shops started with Harry Plumb the father of the present owner and yet another church was opposite again what was the name of the church?
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Brick Kiln Lane. (No longer there)
This was across from the old Wigan and District Equitable Co-operative Societies Department Store and went round to Dicconson Terrace. Westheads had a place here where they made toffee.
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Powell Street. (No longer there)
This was at the side of the old Co-op and continued up to Greenough Street. The East Lancashire Regiment had the Drill Hall. Poppelstons had a plumbers, two people who worked there were Walter and Billy does anybody remember them? A little further along was Paggets the decorators, and further along was the place where the Lancashire Evening Post was printed. This is now a furniture shop.
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Greenough Street. (Changed beyond recognition)
Maidwells was a sewing factory but what did they make? Down by the side of the River Douglas was Water Heyes Electrical. The Quality Hotel now occupies this position across from where the famous old Wigan Rugby Ground was, but now is a Tesco Supermarket.
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Millgate. (Still there just)
Does anyone remember the Ribble Cabinet Co., Mrs Jolly's electrical shop, she was often seen sat in the window as you passed by.
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Some shops that no longer exist but people may remember.
In Wallgate there was Ashtons (Tobacconists), James Star's (Bookshop) they also had a printers in Dorning Street. In Market Place, Maypole (Grocers), Meadow Dairy (Grocers). In Market Street, The Golden lion (Pub) does anybody remember the golden lion on the wall?, Lowes (Department Store), UCP (Restraunt and Tripe shop a Lancashire delicacy of yesteryear). Conroys also had some wholesale storage opposite the old market, then there was the two rows of wooden stalls by the side of the Market this is where you would buy your fresh fruit. In Standishgate there was the Rendesvous (Cafe), Woolworths also had a store, Woodhouses (Furniture shop), Mark Williams (Butchers) R O Laces (Cake Shop), and there was the Dog and Partridge pub at the corner of Church Street. In Mesnes Street there was the Scotch Bakery and Cafe, and in Station Road Pools had a Department Store.
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Here are some more places that have gone.
The old Fire Station in Chapel Lane, The Central Station in Station Road (Wigan's third railway station) George Makinson had an ironmongery shop at the side, the Hippodrome (Where many well known stars appeared), H H Timberlakes had a showroom for cars in Library Street, and the Royal George a Lodging House in Hardybutts.
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