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Wigan Views, 1908

Wigan Views, 1908

Material kindly submitted by David Atherton.

Super old booklet with lots of previously unseen photos of local businesses. The full title of the book is "Souvenir of Wigan Views and the District", printed by J. Starr and priced at 2d.

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Cover   Title and contents

Page 1,2   John Mason & Sons, Confectioners and bakers, Ince (ad and photo)

Page 3,4   Ellor & Co., Hat Manufacturers, Wigan (ad and photo)

Page 5,6   J. H. Hampsons, Boot Store, Newtown (ad and photo)

Page 7,8   Jackson Smith, Gentlemen's Outfitting, Wigan (ad and photo)

Page 9,10   Wolstencrofts, Clothiers, Wigan (ad and photo)

Page 11,12   L. Farnworth, Toilet Saloon, Wigan (ad and photo)

Page 13,14   Bon Marche, Clothing, Wigan (ad and photo)

Page 15,16   Ranicar & Son, Clothing, Wigan (ad and photo)

Page 17,18   Parish Church, Wigan (photo) - Technical College, Wigan (photo)

Page 19,20   Park View, Wigan (photo) - Royal Albert Edward Infirmary, Wigan (photo)

Page 21,22   Pennington's, Colliers' and Contractors Tools, Wigan and Worsley Mesnes (ad and photo)

Page 23,24   Wigan Savings Bank, King Street (ad and photo)

Page 25,26   Fred Green, Watchmaker etc., Wigan (ad and photo)

Page 27,28   William Daniel, Saddler and Harness Mfrs., Wigan (ad and photo)

Page 29,30   Mab's Cross (photo) - Mariebonne (photo)

Page 31,32   Wallgate (photo) - Market Place (photo)

Page 33,34   J. M. Hall, Cutler and Ironmonger, Wigan (ad and photo)

Page 35,36   Wm. Bolton, Herbalist, Greenough Street (ad and photo)

Page 37,38   Atherton Brothers, Confectioners, Standishgate and - Scholes (ad and photo)

Page 39,40   William Livesey, Builders' Merchant, Wigan (ad) - Market Place (photo)

Page 41,42   Sam Melling's Cycles and Talking Machines, Greenough Street (ad and photo)

Page 43,44   John Bolton, Draper, Milliner, Costumier, Ince (ad and photo)

Page 45,46   Alstead's Clothes, Wigan (ad) - Mesnes Park (photo)

Page 47,48   Langshaw & Co., Coal Merchants, Wigan (ad and photo)

Page 49,50   T. & G. Evans, Umbrellas, Wigan (ad and photo)

Page 51,52   John Burrows, Shoeing Forge, Millgate (ad and photo)

Page 53,54   Smith's Cycles, Wigan (ad) - Wallgate (photo)

Page 55,56   Alf Peacock, The Pinafore King, Market Hall (ad and photo)

Page 57,58   J. A. Droney, Tailor and Clothier, Ince, Platt Bridge and - Hindley (ad and photo)

Page 59,60   Thomas E. Johnson, Insurance Broker, Wigan (ad) - Plantation Gates (photo)

Page 61,62   Standard Boot Factory, Ashton-in-Makerfield (ad and photo)

Page 63,64   Hinchliffe's, Tailors, Hindley (ad and photo)

Page 65,66   John Gillibrand, Grocer, etc., Standish (ad and photo)

Page 67,68   J. Starr, Printers (ad and photo)

Page 69,70   J. Starr, Printers (photo x 2)

Page 71,72   J. Starr, Printers (photo x 2)

Page 73,74   Poole's Central Warehouse, Wigan (ad and photo)

Back cover   Printed by Jas. Starr