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Documented is a section containing a wealth of historical information that has been recorded over the years. Anything and everything will be listed here from Church Accounts to Court Leets, Letters, Petitions etc etc...

They will be listed in date order.

Letter by Robert Lilburne
August, 1651
This letter gives an account of the Battle of Wigan Lane, one of the last battles of the Civil War, in 1651. It was penned immediately after the battle, by ...

Statutes, Constitutions, and Orders of the Grammar School
School rules for both staff and pupils, from the Free Grammar School, 1664. Spelling is as the original, some words had several different spellings!

Court Cases and Verdicts
Full list of cases tried before the Court in the year of 1697. The commonest of all offences was that about foreigners and harbouring of them.

Wigan Parish Church Accounts
April, 1700
The accounts of William Smith and John Rigby, churchwardens of the Towne and parish of Wigan, beginning the second day of April, 1700.

The Funeral of Meyrick Bankes of Winstanley
In the 19th century, country funerals were great affairs - it is interesting to examine the details of Meyrick Bankes, Esq.

Wigan Magistrates Court
Interesting court cases from playing 'pitch and toss' on the highway to women who 'fowt like men'.

From the Wigan Observer
News taken from old Wigan Observers, all from the year 1889. Not for the faint-hearted!

Report of the Captain of the Fire Brigade
December, 1893
A report published in the Council's minutes, dated 31st December, 1893. Also lists the appliances and equipment.

The Science and Art of Mining
May, 1897
Various extracts taken from the handbook for mining students and colliery managers.

County Borough of Wigan, Bye-Laws
Fascinating insight into the bye-laws of Wigan County Borough from the late 19th Century.

Miracle Cures
April, 1900
Various adverts taken from the Wigan Observer of April, 1900, promising miracle cures to all kinds of ailments from a single product!

WW1 Council Minutes
December, 1916
A letter and a report published in the Council's minutes, both dated 14th December, 1916. Both relate to land and the growing of potatoes...

National Rat Week!
November, 1924
Apparently, there used to be a 'National Rat Week', this report was submitted by the medical officer to the Borough on the 20th November, 1924.