Greenough Street

Greenough Street
Maidwells was a sewing factory but what did they make? Down by the side of the River Douglas was Water Heyes Electrical. The Quality Hotel now occupies this position across from where the famous old Wigan Rugby Ground was, but now is a Tesco Supermarket.

Comment by: Sol Reed (Wigan, UK) on 16th October 2008

I last wrote in terms of the site as a conceptual wasteland that has now become more of a dessert. The sands of time drifting across an empty landscape broken only by the baleful echoes of Bloo beckoning the disillusioned back to the site, like a deserted Banshee. Bloo who achieved in one badly conceived and written, ribald limerick what the combined machinations of Formerly Fats, Curly’s Older Wiser and Mona et al had failed to achieve, namely the exorcising of Boo Boo from the site. Still we were always aware of Bloo’s propensity for the baser experiences of life from urinating shire horses to tent dogging. Is the site forever a ghostly reminder of what used to be or can it be revived to its former glories? Will Boo Boo return to the chagrin of his of his enemies? Will Formerly Fats and Friends return to gloat over the corpse of Boo Boo? Will Bloo finally reach the end of his downward spiral and disappear the up the hole in his culture. Watch this space!

Comment by: cliff (bloo) (windsor st, England, Gt Britain, United Kingdom) on 15th October 2008

WW1 no,I wasnt there.

Comment by: cliff (bloo) (windsor st, England, Gt Britain, United Kingdom) on 15th October 2008

Oliver, if ever you feel inclined to post a comment in here or other forums Kick the middle name 'Tarquin' in touch. Won,t go down too well in Wigan WW1? I had to drop 'Peabody' to get recognition. keep posting you may livin up the corpses.

Comment by: Oliver Tarquin Dowdall (Eccleston, England) on 14th October 2008

Alas Cliff (Bloo) as desirable as it may be, I never have even visited Greenough Street. But I am tired of people stopping me and saying that they have read about me in Wigan World. I

Comment by: cliff (bloo) (windsor st, england) on 14th October 2008

oh ok, Oliver we got that out of the way then, not seen you in here before but welcome from me and all my friends in here, please dont cite a poem or speak Latin, it wont be appreciated, well we,re talkin Greenough streeters in here they didnt all make it to higher education like some of us but we stick together, did you reside around about our bless ed' land , tell us more I,m sure all will be intrigued as it gone very quiet in here of late, we await your comments and they will be surely appreciated,thanking you in anticipation.

Comment by: Oliver Tarquin Dowdall (Eccleston, England) on 13th October 2008

I want to make it abundantly and crystal clear that I am in no way related or otherwise know or have anything what so ever to do with Bernard Dowdall.

Comment by: cliff (bloo) (windsor st, eng, gb uk) on 3rd October 2008

Its just a poem for G,ds sake, it took a lot of thought ok I got challenged to write a poem and the word TIMBUKTOO had to be incorporated, so, there you go its a masterpiece it will go down in history, I have found my true vocation I have started to write my book of poems so I guess I,ll be pretty busy, this winter of discontent. So farewell my shallow friends and 'may your turtles lay many eggs'

Comment by: FFW (Wigan, UK) on 2nd October 2008

My appologies to Boo too. Bloo you should know better. Wash your mouth out with soap.

Comment by: cliff (bloo) (windsor st, eng, gb uk) on 1st October 2008


Comment by: Mona Spring (Pemberton, Wigan, UK) on 1st October 2008

Sorry. Last message should read "Mr Bloo" should consider vountary retirement from the site. These silly names only cause confusion.

Comment by: Mona Spring (Pemberton Wigan, UK) on 1st October 2008

Yatesy you are 100% correct. I hereby unreservedly apologise to Mr Sandside. It would help if he used his proper name in future. As for Mr Boo. He should take on board the condemnation of contributors to the site and take voluntary retirement.

Comment by: cliff (bloo) (windsor st, wigan) on 30th September 2008

a bottle of whiskey on offer for the 800th poster in here. good luck.

Comment by: Yatesy (Wigan, UK) on 30th September 2008

I think an appology is in order to Boo Boo Sandside from Mona and FFW.

Comment by: cliff (bloo) (wigan, eng, gb uk) on 30th September 2008

guess ur right there yatsey, its when it all comes out on one line makes it crappier than what it is, ok ok your right. we best let longfellow sleep.

Comment by: Yatesy (Wigan, UK) on 29th September 2008

Stick to the day job Bloo. You make Boo seem like Lord Byron. God only hopes you dont start Boo off with his ***! attempts at poetry.

Comment by: cliff (bloo) (windsor st, eng, gb uk) on 28th September 2008

me and Tim went a huntin for a tent Sam Melling had some but only for rent so to primark we went still huntin for a pop up tent they had none so home we went.

Comment by: sam fenton (Ince, england) on 28th September 2008

boo must be pretty brassed off. bloo writes all the filth an he gets the blame an nobody says nowt about bloo.

Comment by: Steven Critchley (Wigan, UK) on 28th September 2008

Very good point Cliff.

Comment by: cliff (bloo) (wigan, england) on 27th September 2008

anybody know where Greenough street is ?

Comment by: Yatesy (Wigan, UK) on 24th September 2008

Mrs Y thinks I'm going bonkers chuckling under my breath. Must get this off my chest before I close down tonight. Boo and Bloo what I right cople o' dipsticks. Hee hee ha ha ... talk about Beavis & Butthead .. the family Numpty.. Boo n' Bloo Numpty!!!!!!!!

Comment by: cliff (bloo) (wigan, England, Gt Britain, United Kingdom) on 24th September 2008

Mona, get ur specks checked or just stop drinkin you mixin your Boo with Bloo. it was Bloo who entered the pop up tent not boo. Hope I dont meet you in a pop up tent.

Comment by: Yatesy (Wigan, UK) on 24th September 2008

Hey Boo lad. If you weren't so b. arrogant I'd almost feel sorry for you. You would find trouble in a ladies sewing circle. But there's never a dull moment with you. Can't help but chuckle ..keep up the good work Boo.

Comment by: Maude Barrington WWI (Standish Wigan, Great Britain) on 24th September 2008

Neither one of you sets much of a good example, running around in inappropriate clothing and writing unhealthy comments on the internet. You both need to examine your consciences. If you must write at all then you should consider writing on more appropriate sites that cater for the deviant.

Comment by: cliff (bloo) (wigan, england) on 23rd September 2008

It was me boo, my attempt at a poem, take no heed of the rabble who have infiltrated this treasured room.

Comment by: Boo (sandside by the sea, uk) on 23rd September 2008

I now see why some of you are upset because i have just read what somebody calling himself bloo has written and i can assure you it is not me and i don't think its Cliff bloo either so as far as i am concerned that is it.All my comments have been above board and tongue in cheek and even though i have taken a lot of stick from some individuals never never would i resort to that kind of behaviour.

Comment by: del boy (bow bells wigan, uk) on 23rd September 2008

Will some body please explain to these idiots what those Latin phrases mean .There is nothing untoward what so ever.Come on Bloo you know Latin.

Comment by: Formerly Fat Walter (x Windsor St Wigan, UK) on 22nd September 2008

Yeah man Tez. Pretty sleazy situation. Then if you let dudes who mince about in sailor suits on the get what you ask for. Look there's only mainly Bloomoon who writes now as well as Sailor Sandside and his nom de plumes. I had stopped as had most of the gang. So I'll ask all the regulars to tow the party line and give a statement of intent. So come on yo men and lasses and lets hear from you ..even if its the last time. Abandon the site until Sailor Sandside casts off for good. Keel haul the filthy beast. This is a family site not an adult one. Stand up for decent standards. I've told my daughter to keep the grandkids off the site I dont want them reading the filth that Sailor Sandside writes.

Comment by: Terry Dainty (Wigan, England) on 22nd September 2008

Our Bernie has stopped writing on the site and I will follow. Boo Sanside should be banned. A bit of British ribald humour yeah but this is downright filth. Disgusting. fats I appeal to you .. call for a ban of Boo Sandside. I wasnt going to write again but I cant stand by and do nothing in face of this depravity.

Comment by: Boo (sandside by the sea, uk) on 21st September 2008

Me transmitte sursum caledoni or for Mona's benefit in plain English.Beam me up Scotty.

Comment by: del boy (bow bells wigan, uk) on 21st September 2008

For your uneducated self Mona.Fac ut vivas in Latin means Get a life.Goodness knows what you thought it meant.

Comment by: Mona Spring (Pemberton Wigan, UK) on 21st September 2008

That Mr Sandside is absolutely disgusting. I am very surprised they allowed it on the site. You have taken the site to a low it should never have reached. This a family site. We have said in the past that you were not fit to write on the site. I only hope now that everyone can see your ilk and abandon the site until you go.

Comment by: bloo (wigan, eng, gb uk) on 21st September 2008

Me an Tim a hunting we went Met 3 whores in a pop-up tent They was 3 we was 2 so I bucked one and TIMBUKTOO

Comment by: Edgar (Oswaldtwistle, UK) on 21st September 2008

Ab uno disce omnes Boo.

Comment by: lone ranger (on the ranch wigan , uk) on 21st September 2008

Fac ut vivas Edgar.

Comment by: Edgar Stevens (Oswaldtwistle, UK) on 21st September 2008

Procol harum Boo. Son of Sam et Bloomoon. Reqiescat in pace.

Comment by: Boo (sandside by the sea, uk) on 21st September 2008

I lived in Every ST as well SAM but a little before your time i think.It was always a good talking point.

Comment by: del boy (bow bells wigan, uk) on 21st September 2008

Don't take it to heart Sam it's all in good fun although some saddos take it far too seriously espescially the ones who don't understand Latin or poetry.

Comment by: Sam Mellings son (hanau, , germany) on 21st September 2008

danke for the nice welcome, I was born in every street in wigan, any true greenough st people will know where that is , was. I do miss friends, people and the places I used to play as a kid from what I see my old has changed much but I m enjoyin seein you friendly silly banter in here greenough street or no , keep laughin an talkin stupid brings a smile, thanks for it, silly sods

Comment by: Boo (sandside by the sea, uk) on 20th September 2008

Re vera,potas bene Sam.

Comment by: del boy (bow bells wigan, uk) on 20th September 2008

On yer bike Sam.

Comment by: Sam Mellings son (wigan, United Kingdom) on 19th September 2008

tes co costa lode ad finitum und crapium beware the ides of March ich weiss benehmen. dobranoc sclafen gut. Show me your glad bags honey, have a nice day. I ramble.

Comment by: Boo (sandside by the sea, uk) on 19th September 2008

nescio quid dicas hombre.

Comment by: Lone Ranger (Range Riding Ince Cocium, Albion) on 19th September 2008

Boo Boo in nauticus whistlus poo poo.

Comment by: del boy (bow bells wigan, uk) on 19th September 2008

Careful what you say down the boozer then Bloo.

Comment by: Boo (costa del sandside, uk) on 19th September 2008

Aquila non capit muscam Cliff.My postman told me that one.

Comment by: cliff (bloo) (here, loads) on 18th September 2008

in veno veritas william

Comment by: cliff (bloo) (wigan, mixed) on 18th September 2008

ernie,berny curly thanks for expainin that damn string, I never noticed any brown paper, anyway coz the loaf was brown perhaps they thought we wouldn,t notice.I cant wait for Apparitions keep us in formed of the schedule showings I dont get RadioTimes now, rock on EBC

Comment by: William Retnub (Alderley Edge, England) on 18th September 2008

Reports I have received from TV sources rumour that Bernard Dowdall will be featuring in Coronation Street at a future date. In line with the policy of revisiting ealier interests (e.g. the re-appearance of Jed Stone)Bernard will appear as Elsie Tanners long lost love child.

Comment by: Boo (costa del sandside, uk) on 18th September 2008


Comment by: William Retnub (Alderley Edge, England) on 18th September 2008

When I was a young lad and doing prep at Wigan Grammar School I was very fond of the tuck shop. Mother therefore scolded me, stopped my pocket money and arranged for me to have lunch at my Nan’s house in Greenough Street. I used to trundle down Greenough Street on my way back to school behind Clifford Higham and other older boys. I once passed the school gym where they caned boys. I could hear Clifford crying out “Yaroops, Argh, Gerroff” and Mr. Gore replying, “Shut up boy or I will hit you harder”. My pal Oliver “Lardy” Wimpole said to me “If you shout when being caned it makes the pain easier to bear and may get you sympathy from the beastly master caning you”. “Cripes” I said, “I will do my best not to get the cane.” After that I always did my Latin homework because Mr Gore, the Assistant Head was also my Latin Master.