Greenough Street

Greenough Street
Maidwells was a sewing factory but what did they make? Down by the side of the River Douglas was Water Heyes Electrical. The Quality Hotel now occupies this position across from where the famous old Wigan Rugby Ground was, but now is a Tesco Supermarket.

Comment by: Janet winstanley Nee cartwright (Wigan, Lances) on 8th February 2009

Same old wigan rl get nowt again

Comment by: cliff Higham (wigan, here) on 2nd February 2009

Hi Carol, I remember his name but cant place him, I,ll know is face,if saw him,he will be around my brothers age, Eric Higham, I bet he,ll know him, ok ask him if knows Eric an his li,l bro.

Comment by: Formery Fat Walter (Windsor St Wigan, UK) on 24th January 2009

All quiet on the Greenough Street front. All the stars must have shuffled off this mortal coil. Amen.

Comment by: .V. Potter (Wigan, UK) on 22nd December 2008

Brian Appleton was younger than Marie Higham. He was in the class of Ronnie Halsall and George Seddon.

Comment by: Formerly Fat Walter (Wndsor St Wigan, GB) on 18th December 2008

Me thinks the creep, Ju Ju Man, who has been haunting this page recently is Bu Bu Sandside. Vigilance is always called for...We thought that we had exorcised the fiend but he is still ominously extant. Let this be a warning to us ....WATCH THE SKIES ....WATCH THE SEA ...the fiend may return in other guises....BE WARNED!!!

Comment by: Formerly Fat Walter (Windsor St Wigan, England) on 17th December 2008

Hi Carol. Cliff (Bloo) Higham will tell you more about Brian Appleton. I think he was in his sister Marie's class at St. Georges.

Comment by: Carol Littler (Wigan, England) on 16th December 2008

I've just been sent a link to this site by my cousin's son. My dad is Brian Appleton who used to go to St Georges and Whelley Middle School. If anyone remembers him and wants me to pass a message on, please get in touch. He's still living in Billinge but retired from the police about 13 years ago.

Comment by: Yatesy (Wigan, UK) on 15th December 2008

Bloo lad glad to hear your having a great time in Oz. All is forgiven. Get back soon if only to drown out this plastic Greenough Streeter Ju Ju. I'm sure its Bu Bu in drag. Sorry I mean disguise. And Ju Ju if your a proper Greenougher which school did you go to - St Georges or St Mary's?

Comment by: Linda Cubby nee Broxson (Wigan, England) on 14th December 2008

I worked at maidwells from 1964 to 1970 when i left to get married. We were given the job of sewing pockets on aprons and once we could sew them on straight you went onto overalls and then shift dresses at dinner time we would run into wigan get some material run back cut a dress out sew it and wear it that night to go dancing at the emp or the court hall.Those were the days when you had a new dress and a night out for £1.

Comment by: juju (wigan, england) on 14th December 2008

to yatesy you have made my point. enough said.

Comment by: Yatesy (Wigan, UK) on 14th December 2008

Yeah. You have so much integrity you havent got the guts to use your name. Go boil your head.

Comment by: juju (wigan, england) on 13th December 2008

I was brought up in Greenough St and I have to say that most of the comments have nothing to do with "memories of" A lot of them are childish drivel. Suggestion, use the site as was intended or keep off

Comment by: celia fairhurst (wigan, lancashire) on 10th December 2008

I worked for a while at Madewell in Greenough street, does anyone remember it? They made overalls, pinnies and sportswear. Jack Berry I think it was, was the Manager a lovely man I only stayed there a few weeks becasue |I was not fast enough to be on the conveyer belt, so I went to Andersons in Scholes where I did a spot of hemming on sheets and the like.

Comment by: bloo (wigan, england) on 9th December 2008

G'day poms, bloo is doin ok walkin Sunrise Beach every mornin at 7 b*****t I hear you say, but its true, sun up is 4-15 by 6 its hot, oh ! sorry it just slipped out I heard your havin a brrrrrrr! time back there but dont worry I,m thinkin of Yawl Oh! and by the by Aussie Pies put ours tro shame they are bloody good I mean it I hate to say it but its true, I now realise how CRAP the pies are in England. Oh! and I pulled a Sheila last tuesday but she dumped me thursday cos I was always callin her Sheila her real name was ethel anyway I hope your doin ok back in dear ol Blighty,shovel some more coal on the fire and bank it up for the night. alive an surfin Bloo.

Comment by: Terry Dainty (Wigan, England) on 8th December 2008

I tnink Bloo doesnt write anymore cos them owd gals from the sewing circle or whatever it was was put him off. You know when he was doing his dirty rymes.

Comment by: Yatesy (Wigan, UK) on 7th December 2008

Are you Norma Charnock?

Comment by: N. Charnock (Wigan, UK) on 5th December 2008

Well said Sam.

Comment by: S. Bass (Wigan, UK) on 1st December 2008

Are you numpties for real. Cliff is not toast. He's not kicked the bucket. He's not fallen off his perch. He's not a dead parrot. He just aint brown bread. Rumours of his demise are exagerated.Get a life. Cliffs got his and he's kicking .. but not the bucket.

Comment by: R. Silcock (Wigan, England) on 27th November 2008

I heard Cliff Higham moved to Walkden Avenue.

Comment by: Joe Green (Wigan, UK) on 26th November 2008

I saw Cliff Higham talking to Sam Bass near the Brocket a few months ago, he didnt have his zimmer frame with him.

Comment by: Cat Thompson (Wigan, UK) on 23rd November 2008

I saw this poor old chap pottering down Wigan Lane on a zimmer. I am sure it was Cliff Higham. He didnt say hello so I am not sure.

Comment by: Pat Robinson (Atherton, UK) on 22nd November 2008

Are you sure Cliff Higham is still around. Last time I saw him in Wigan Lane he looked a bit dodgy. Said hello but he didnt seem to know me.

Comment by: Terry Jones (Leyland, UK) on 19th November 2008

L. Banks --Cliff married one of Billy Blans girls. Suppose he could have hooked up with Kath since.

Comment by: L. Banks (Bolton, GB) on 19th November 2008

Isaw Kath Bridge the other day. Does anyone know, did she marry Cliff Higham?

Comment by: Yatesy (Wigan, UK) on 14th November 2008

Thankfully Bu Bu Sandside has retired from this site, However, if he ever has ideas of an after life, and given his aversion to Grammar School boys, he should take a look at Bloo aka Cliff Higham on the Wigan Grammar School page, in full regalia, and he will give up all desire of wanting to return to this site. Nice one Bloo.

Comment by: M. Gormley (Wigan, GB) on 9th November 2008

suprised little bernard is famous he was always quiet at st marys. saw him a few times when he was steward at beech hill club. if I.d known he was famus I would of got his autograph.

Comment by: cliff (bloo) (wigan, still the same) on 8th November 2008

woohoo!cant wait, you didnt say what time I dont get the Radio Times these days, credit crunch an all that. No doubt it will be worth watchin our Bernard he boy who collected pennies for the poor unfortunate folk , down by the duggie shakin his can, good for him he done well.

Comment by: Lanky Entertanes (Burscough, GB) on 8th November 2008

************* WATCH THIS SPACE ************** A treat for all his fans and admirers, reknowned Wigan thespian Bernard "Curly" Dowdall stars in "Apparitions" on BBC TV this coming Thursday. I will be giving my critique on the quality of his performance. Maude Boyler.

Comment by: Lanky Entertanes (Burscough, GB) on 8th November 2008

*********** BREAKING NEWS *********** Bernard Dowdall famous Wigan actor who recently senationally publicly sacked his agent has reputedly turned down a pantomine role in Puff in Boots. He feared type casting, after starring as Bottom in Midsummer Nights Dream he was offered the part of the rear end of the pantomine horse.

Comment by: maralyn roberts (wigan, uk) on 8th November 2008

Don't forget the scratchings.

Comment by: bloo (wigan, eng, gb uk) on 6th November 2008

chips an pea wet, Mc Nabs? best chippy in Wigan an district.

Comment by: Ken Jones (Wigan, GB) on 4th November 2008

Mines a wet mixture and a fish and put plenty of vinegar on Mrs McNab.

Comment by: Jon Walker (Wigan, Uk) on 1st November 2008

RIK. Dogger sometimes calls himself Bloo or Bloomoon or cliff.h and probably more that I don't know about like deggs or cisco or lone pine he's got loads o names. Don't confuse him with Boo Boo who is another nutter.

Comment by: Rik Unsworth (Ilkley, UK) on 30th October 2008

I'm new to this site, looks like fun but who is Dogger Bloo?

Comment by: Beatnik Fly (Aspull Wigan, GB) on 27th October 2008

"Get outa that kitchen and rattle those pots an pans - roll my braekfast cos I'm a hungry man" yeah Bloo man - you gotta appologise - do the right thing dude..come on man .. no sweat. "I said shake rattle & rolll..

Comment by: Bernards Agent (Merseyside, UK) on 27th October 2008

I would like to thank all Bernard Dowdalls fans and supporters especially during recent weeks. As a reward we can remind you that he appears on ITV in November in the thriller "Apparitions". You can also see him future major productions, such as, Guy Ritchies Sherlock Holmes. On your behalf I wish Bernard continued succes and add that we are very honoured to do so.

Comment by: M. Roper (England, UK) on 27th October 2008

Two wrongs dont make a right Tez. You need to keep up standards if the site is not to become a toilet wall.

Comment by: Tez Dainty (Wigan, England) on 27th October 2008

Listen all you tubes , if dogger bloo hadnt wrote that poem then Bu Bu sandside would still be writing his loousy poetry and bragging about his duck pond boat and sailor suit. Bloo may be daft but at least he got rid of Bu. Any way Bu never appologised to Mona , did he , so why should the dogger appolologise to Bu.

Comment by: cisco kid (lone pines wigan, uk) on 25th October 2008

yeah old dogger bloos out of order

Comment by: John Walker (Wigan, UK) on 25th October 2008

Dogger Bloo owes Boo Boo Sandside an apology.

Comment by: M. Roper (Wigan, UK) on 24th October 2008

Dogger Bloo isnt a very nice chap.

Comment by: bloo (windsor st, england) on 23rd October 2008

shut up, get in the kitchen an rattle them Pots n Pans.

Comment by: Maude Barrington (Standish, Wigan, Great Britain) on 23rd October 2008

Here! Here! to that.

Comment by: M. Roper (Wigan, UK) on 23rd October 2008

Its much nicer reading about nice evocative memories rather than Dogger Bloos dodgy limericks.

Comment by: C. Glass (Wigan, UK) on 21st October 2008

I remember there was often a chesnut brazier on the bridge where Curly Dowdall collected for the poor kids on match days.

Comment by: M. Cheers (Wigan, UK) on 21st October 2008

My most vivid memory of Greenough St was probably one dark December night when a bloke was selling roast chesnuts from a brazier. On a freezing cold night thre's nothing like roasting your chesnuts against an open fire.

Comment by: cliff H (windsor st, england) on 21st October 2008

Dennis old boy, I saw the full version in the Forum 'funnies'on here by some lad calls his self bloo-moon, anyway is wasn,t that rude for grown ups in here.

Comment by: Dennis Chapman (Wigan, England) on 20th October 2008

Not on this site Dogger old boy! Interested parties should check

Comment by: cliff (bloo) (windsor st, eng, gb uk) on 19th October 2008

oh ok Dennis, buts its the one I heard my granpa tell my granma when they thought I wans,t listenin, I just wus 12 yrs old it made me smile coz it rhymed.come tell the real version.

Comment by: Dennis Chapman (Wigan, UK) on 19th October 2008

That limerick of Dogger Bloos is not original. I've heard it loads of times. But he told it wrong.