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Park Collieries, 1948 to 1959

A book by Fred Foster.

Fred's recollections from 1948 to 1959.

I've split the book into sections, some are large. Select a section below to read some interesting tales.

Section 1
   Starting Work at the Pit

Section 2
   Training for Underground
   Starting Work Underground

Section 3
   Seneley Green Drift
   Face Training

Section 4
   The Eastern European Influx of Labour
   No 2 Pit Bottom Circuit
   A Collier at Last!
   Drilling for a Living
   Shotfiring Training at Ravenhead Colliery

Section 5
   The Prototype Anderton Shearer
   An Official at Last
   Afternoon Shift with the Rippers

Section 6
   The First Face in the Ravine Mine
   Characters that Worked at Stones's

Section 7
   Pulsed Infusion Shotfiring
   No 1 Pit Mouthing