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Posted by: John Davies from Airdrie

Comments: Moved to Calgary 42 years ago and now retired and living in Airdrie, Alberta for last fourteen years. Lived in Swinley area of Wigan for 15 years and then Highfield for 4 years. Teacher at Marus Bridge Middle School for 7 years, and 1 year before that at Pem Girls Sec Mod.

I miss: Friends who are still there. Good times in Saracens Head (now gone) on Wigan Lane. Pies and fish and chips. Playing football in Mesnes Park, and going to the Plantations.

Posted by: Frances Hall from Whitehorse, Yukon

Comments: Married to John Hall who was born in Wigan, me in Bolton moved to Hong Kong then to Calgary, Alberta, Canada then to Whitehorse, Yukon where we retired.

I miss: Makinson's arcade and the market (that was)

Posted by: Avril Cottam from Lawrencetown

Comments: Gidlow Houses Retired Maiden name Taylor. Went to Gidlow Girls school Married in 1957

I miss: Pork pies

Posted by: Kathy Walsh(Heath) from St.Catharines

Comments: Hi. I lived in Chorley from 1969 to 1972

I miss: Gibson Russell and Adler. Worked there. Friends.

Posted by: Ken Roocroft from Ajax

Comments: Was born in Aspull in 1933, School was Aspull Methodist, work was apprenticed at Horwich loco Works, Mining at John Pit Parkside and Dairy Pit. Tupperware and then to Canada in 1969. Crouse Hinds (Cooper Industries) and self employed. Retired.

I miss: I guess what all Wiganers miss, pies, steak puddings, fish and chips and peas, and a decent pint. Wigan has a smell of its own it steeps you in nostalgia, its a feeling in your bones, Wig World Is fantastic.

Posted by: Jean Priestley (nee Reid) from Niagara Falls

Comments: I was born In 1926 and lived on Booth Street. I married Harry Priestley in 1952 and moved to Canada in 1954. I now live with my daughter Julie and son-in-law Steve in Niagara Falls but we keep in touch with my childhood best friend's son Nigel and daughter-in-law Karen.

I miss: I miss my friends from so long ago, the shops and the lovely walks I used to take

Posted by: Frances Hall from Whitehorse

Comments: We lived in Worsley Mesnes then moved to Hong Kong, them to Calgary and now are settled (I hope) in Whitehorse, Yukon, not too far from the Arctic. Its lovely and clean, wide open spaces and more bears than people.

I miss: The old Market. Makinson's arcade. Being close to my relatives. Cake shops with real cream.

Posted by: Ruth from Fernie, BC

Comments: Moved to Fernie BC two years ago. Originally from Swinley

I miss: family, friends, Basmati, Pies, going on a day trip to manchester, john bull, tudor, charity shops,

Posted by: Helen Rogers(Hampson) from Pickering.Ontario

Comments: Hi, Moved from U.K. in 1967,Husband and 2 small kids. First to Hamilton then Niagara Falls, Retired now live in Pickering. 3 kids and 7 Grandkids. Swim, Table Tennis, ,Now live in Apt.Used to garden.2 new knees.Was in U.K. in June this year.

I miss: Family and friends although was only 4 when moved to Runcorn

Posted by: Margaret Ralphs (makinson) from Smithville

Comments: I lived in ince and went to rose bridge we left ince in 1966 and moved to Ashton in makerfield and went cansfield high I moved to canada in 1993

I miss: I miss pies puddings the British sence of humour and the local pub I also miss miss my mam and sister

Posted by: Helen Rogers from Pickering.Ontario

Comments: I was born in Wigan,Lancs in the 30's I am retired, and have 3 children and 7 Grandkids. Family names \ WALKDEN and HAMPSON Sister Pauline who lives in Helsby Cheshire. Grandad's James Walkden and Frederick Hampson.

I miss: Mainly Relatives as we left when I was 4 to move to Runcorn Cheshire ame to Canada in 1967

Posted by: Glenda Chadwick Wilton from Edmonton

Comments: Born In Abram. Mum still lives in the house I was born in. Went to Abram C.E. School and then to Golborne County Girls School. Moves to Alberta, Canada in 1980 Now retired and like to get out of the Canadian winters and go stay on our sailboat in Belize and Guatemala.

I miss: Wigan is home to me. My Mum and cousins are all there. We still like to do the old traditional Wigan meals, fish and chips and meat pies. We are blessed to be able to get English beer here even on tap but the "pubs" are not the same as in Wigan.

Posted by: Kenneth Roocroft from Pickering,

Comments: Was born in Aspull, lived in and around Wigan until I was about 38 then, my wife and I plus two kids emigrated to Canada, enjoy Sequence Dancing, received a certificate of appreciation from City of Toronto for our dedication to teaching and supporting Sequence Dancing in and around Toronto. Love to go back to Wigan, but I am now suffering from severe back problems.

I miss: The smell of Wigan, pies, beer, the scenery, the lot.

Posted by: m. hindley from Vancouver

Comments: Lived on Gidlow Lane - went to Beech hill primary, then to WGHS. Emigrated to the US in 1962 and then to Vancouver in 1965.

I miss: For all you pie-lovers out there - you should know that Wigan pie-making (Pooles, etc) is now to be taught in schools! Here's a website

Posted by: Lee Merricks from Etobicoke,Toronto

Comments: I was born in Billinge Hospital 1980 raised in Ashton -In -Makerfield, On Woodedge and went to St Edmund Arrowsmith High School, I am a football (Soccer Coach) and 32

I miss: Family Obviously.... Watching the Latics, Walking down to Ashton through Skitters woods, Boxing night fancy dress on Kings St and the many carvery's mmmmm

Posted by: Philip Moseley from Kenora, Ontario

Comments: Lived in Lower Ince went to St Marys school and Spring view school

I miss: Pies beer and fish and chips

Posted by: Pat & Dave Kelly from Oshawa,Ontario

Comments: Email WAS

I miss:

Posted by: David Selby from Langley, B.C.

Comments: Lived at Gidlow Ave, as a child, Formby, in my teens Worked on McKinnons farm & pulp mill in Alberni B.C. Then to Auckland, Ranui (NZ) and back to West Vancouver in 1967. Worked as Land Surveyor then at Vancouver International Airport. Retired in 1996

I miss: Not too much ! Maybe Uncle Joe's Mint Balls, soggy fish & chips & Smith's Potato Chips.

Posted by: Stu L from Toronto

Comments: Grew up in beech hill, will be back there one day.

I miss: The local, the people, the latics and the craic

Posted by: ian gregson from Vancouver

Comments: I have been living in Vancouver since 1981, been back lots of times for reunions of all sorts. Always interested in hearing from Wiganners. I'm a big Northern Soul fan and started East Van Soul Club here a few years back

I miss: Wigan Casino and Mr M's, pies and the lassies of Wigan

Posted by: Diane Wilde from Victoria, BC

Comments: Used to live in Salford, on Sutton Flats, wondered if there was a Brian Yates who lived on the Flats also, mothers name was May.

I miss:

Posted by: Jim Jervis from Powell River B.C.

Comments: I'm already listed here but here's some extra info. Born 5th Feb '39 Hindley . All Saints Infants and Primary schools then HAGS until 1955. Keystone Paint as apprentice electrician' Guitarist with Monaco Band until 1960 when called-up in RAF until 1962. On demob, did 2 yrs at De- Havilland Lostock in West block. Then into Lancs Constab until takeover my GMP. Served in Little Hulton, Golborne, Ince and SOCO for last 5 yrs at Wigan DHQ. Invalided out in 1990. Emigrated to B.C. in 2005. Just finished our dream home which I designed. A rancher (bungalow) of 2450 sq ft with elevated panoramic views of Pacific ocean and snow capped peaks of Vancouver Island. Cost of living here isn't cheap anymore but the quality of life is exceptional. I have two younger brothers Graham and John who attended Argyle St Secondary and still live in Hindley.

I miss: One or two close friends.

Posted by: Christine Bradley(nee Mather) from Lansdowne Ontario

Comments: Park Rd.near Mesnes Park---handy for shopping/night life---no car needed!Emigrated 1988--had own Bakery---nothing learnt at High School---more thanks to friend lynne Jackson....!!!

I miss: Market...gradely folk!;beer ;sense of humour....!!!

Posted by: Steve Pulford from Vancouver

Comments: Born and raised in Higher Ince, woke up one Sunday morning and decided I wanted a two days later I left for Canada and I've been here almost 18 years.

I miss: Rugby, English pubs, betting shops, and of course PIES

Posted by: maragret jones from toronto

Comments: used to live in lower ince ,went to cardinal newman school 1964to 1968 my maiden name was davies,i now live in toronto canada since 1981 ,we have 3 great children and a great life

I miss:

Posted by: tommy jackson from ingersoll ontario

Comments: used to live in higher ince brother alan,sisters,sheila,vera went to rose bridge school.lived in new springs then aspull came over to canada in 2004 to be with sons and grandchildren

I miss: still miss greenhalch pies and cream cakes and a thick slice ofwarburtons bread

Posted by: Jonathan Roby from Winnipeg

Comments: I'm originally from orrell, moved here 10 years ago. I'm a computer programmer at the university.

I miss: everything (i think) :)

Posted by: Chris Harvey from Oakville

Comments: Lived in Hindley Green until 1967 - lived in Long Lane and went to St. John's Primary school and then Hindley and Abram Grammar school (became Park High) then have moved around the world - Zambia, South Africa and then Canada. Worked in Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mexico, Scotland, Spain, Hungary - in gold, silver, copper, cobalt etc mining and in marble and limestone quarrying. Married to Eileen (nee Ellison) of Hindley in 1967 - 3 daughters and 6 grandchildren - all in Canada. Mother is 89 lives in Puerto de la Cruz, Canary Islands.

I miss: Soccer, Rugby League, English beers ( now getting some in Canada) Wigan pies especially Pork Pies ex Wigan Market, family etc.

Posted by: james myers from leroy saskatchewan

Comments: used to live at marsh green am a truck driver now driving a grain truck in saskatchewan and alberta

I miss: babies yed chips and curry

Posted by: Ken Roocroft from Pickering,(Nr Toronto)

Comments: I was born in Aspull, married and lived in Wigan, came to Canada in 1969, now retired, go back to Wigan each year and do some sequence dancing.

I miss: The countryside is unique as well as the pies and pints.It has a different feel about it.

Posted by: Tony & Doreen Potter from Burlington

Comments: We lived at Crestwood Ave, Marus Bridge Wigan from 1970 - 1972. We loved Wigan, and the Red & White Corp'n Buses. Sorry we had to leave. Moved to Canada in 1975. Now both Retired.

I miss: The friendly people, the excellent Bus service.

Posted by: Freda Fransen (nee Bradley) from Richmond, British Columbia

Comments: I was brought up in Hindley, married Philip Fransen Jan 9/65 and emigrated to Canada three days later. I trained in Wigan as a professional hairdresser with Nora Webster.

I miss: I have been in Canada much longer that I was in Wigan. I do remember the Emp (Empire and Court Hall) where we spent many weekends dancing.

Posted by: Bryan Chadwick from Ontario

Comments: Born in Farnworth but spent some a lot af time train spotting on Wigan Wallgate station.As I got older saterday nights in the pubs wits some frinds who lived in Wigan.

I miss: Pies Pubs Beer

Posted by: Colin Burgess from Vineland Ontario

Comments: Had complaints that my comments on this site were out of date because my email address has changed and they found me on facebook. My email is now Am retired living in Vineland Ontario Canada. In good heath so far. Love downhill skiing and long distance cycling. Been married 38 years to Sheila an American I met when living in Pougkeepsie NY when on assignment for IBM UK. Have two kids - Stephen, married to Lisa, and Allison who is going out with Kevin. No grand kids yet. Was born in 1941 and lived for 28 years at Gathurst Rd. in Orrell just steps from the Old Engine. Went to Upholland Grammar School, 1952 to 1959. Love to hear from anyone who wants to contact me.

I miss: Pies, my old friends, and the friendliness of the people.

Posted by: janet n steve from saskatoon

Comments: born and bred in Halifax. moved about alot till i met the most amazing southern bloke, my hubby. litrally just moved to Toonie cananda. i am a truck driver but at mo stay home mum lol.

I miss: fish chips mushy peas, decent nightclub, cheese and onion crisps. real non smoked back bacon, u have no idea how hard it is to get anything here not smoked!!! black pudding and people who understand me.

Posted by: Michael Parkinson from Nipigon,Ontario

Comments: Lived at 1, Shap Gate,Norley Hall. Went to Abraham Guest. Was a regular at the Stag at Orrell Post. Also a member of Wigan Auto Club.

I miss: Iget back once in a while so get to get my fill of decent beer etc. Do miss the great sense of humour though.

Posted by: tommy jackson from ingersoll,ontario



Posted by: julie lowe from grimsby

Comments: used to live in hindley went to mornington high school came out to canada about 4.5 years ago .Married a lad from the local catholic school name of David Lowe. loving life here wish we did it sooner.

I miss: not a lot just friends and family

Posted by: Les Morris from Bobcaygeon Ontario

Comments: Most of my youth around Worsely Hall Estate, Sherwood Dr area, Joinery & carpentry, Married (46 years now) to a wonderful lass, Sylvia Ashton from Hindley, moved there, we have 3 great children. Then moved my family to Canada in 1975, now retired and living peacefully alongside a picturesque river

I miss: I didn't think i missed much but after being introduced to Wiganworld i can't stay off my pc. What a fantastic site for ex-pats to be reminded of their youth. cakes, vanilla slices cream butterflies, custard pies,parkin danish bacon , Lancashire cheese, steak & kidney pies, thur nor us gud here us thi are awom My carefree teenage years (but who doesn't) Tetley's bitter, (Made me pee anywhere but where i should have) But proud as i am of my heritage i love my life here in Canada, there's wonderful people here too, (they just cownt speyke gradely lahk thi do in wiggin

Posted by: Sylvia Morris from Bobcaygeon, Ontario

Comments: I used to live in Hindley was born on Chapel Green Rd. Married in 1963 to Les Morris from Pemberton Came to Canada in 1975. We ame now retired and love the place where we live, very peaceful and by a river leading into a big lake ( Pigeon Lake )

I miss: Just came back from visit to my home town so now not too much that I miss, because I tried all of them and not the same as when I left

Posted by: Peter Fitzpatrick from KelownaBritish Columbia

Comments: Lived in Hindley untill 1967 when I came to Canada.I played drums in "Fingers"& 0ther pubs with Ken Gubbins on piano-the best boogie pianist that Wigan produced.Retired now-drank myself into AA Boy didn't I like Almonds bitter &Tetleys, Greenals-Heck, I liked it all!Does anyone remember me? I would like to hear from you!

I miss:

Posted by: les morris from bobcaygeon ontario

Comments: spent my youth around Pemberton , was schooled at St Marks, Newtown then Highfield S.M until 1958 worked as a joiner for W C Gore in pemberton. moved to Hindley when married then to Canada in 1975

I miss: you , and anyone else who cares to send e/mail, friendly folk who con speyke gradely

Posted by: John Davies from Calgary

Comments: Working in mortgage financing. Lived in Swinley area of Wigan for 25 years and then 5 years in Highfield. I was a schoolteacher for 7 years at Marus Bridge Middle School. between 1971-78

I miss:

Posted by: jeff puckering from coombes vancover island

Comments: morris st scholes wigan moved to canada in 1994 never looked back self emp

I miss: rugby food rugby beer rugby mates and RUGBY

Posted by: Colin Poole from Oshawa, Canada

Comments: Born in Beech Hill, Wigan raised in Poolstock Lane across from the petrol station, then joined the army. Moved to Dundee Scotland then back to Wigan.

I miss: I miss Wigan plenty, the beer, pies. I missed the pies that much that i took a picture of a tray of them, just to remind me what they looked like lol, you think I'm sad, well your right. I also muss the Karaoke nights when I used get druck and sing like Elvis. Well I thought I did. lol

Posted by: Karl Dubkov from Toronto

Comments: Mike Walker how old are you and were did u live in Golborne.Im from Golborne and have been in Canada 8 years now.Best country in the world.

I miss:

Posted by: Mike Walker from Calgary

Comments: Born in Manchester but lived in Golborne since I was three (most of my life). Moved out here in 2004 with Joanne (she is a true Wiganer born in Billinge Hospital).

I miss: Yep! Pies, real bacon butties, vanilla slices from Pimbletts and a proper pint from any pub next to a canal.

Posted by: Kate from Vancouver

Comments: I used to called Kath Wilson and I lived on Naylor Farm Ave. Shevington, went to Shevington Sec. Mod. Wigan and Preston School of Art. Worked as a Window Dresser. Moved to Canada in '73

I miss: Northern sense of humour and the blunt friendliness. I love living in B.C and I can buy lots of English stuff here so I don't miss it, but I do miss not knowing what happened to all my old friends. I've been back to Shevy and Wigan many times so my two daughters grew up knowing their Grandparents. Miss going to the Pub on Christmas Day, they are closed here.

Posted by: Ann Mills-McEwan, nee Mills from Kanata , Ottawa, Ontario

Comments: Went to All Saints Primary School, Mornington Rd High School, then Hindley and Abram Grammer for 2 years. Lived in the midlands then Knutsford, Cheshire. Married with 2 teenage children one at Ottawa University. Got fed up with the crowds, the crime and the weather so moved here in 2004. Canadians are generally lovely but it can be really boring here. Everywhere is so far from everywhere else and flights are V. expensive. Canadians think nothing of driving for 2or 3 days! Won't move back to UK though really miss it.

I miss: The pies, obviously. Tried to make them myself but not the same - too much meat probably! The social life, Wiganers way with words and their bluntness. Are there any ex-Wiganers in this neck of the woods?

Posted by: philippa macbride (Wilson) from london

Comments: moved to Canada in 1981 to the frozen north - Thunder Bay, where I lived for 10yrs. Moved to Sudbury On. in 1991 then on to London in 2002. Born in Wrightington (went to St. Josephs ) then Haigh and on to Leyland. Went to Notre Dame Convent. Many happy memories of Wigan and area and always go back for a visit when I am in England to visit my family. Parents are still in Wrightington.

I miss: Butter pies,cheese and onion pies Lancashire cheese Uncle Joes (my daughters love them) Barm cakes Haigh Plantations