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Posted by: David Simm from Northbrook

Comments: 3985 Gregory Dr

I miss: Pies, Fish n chips, old market hall, The Arcade. Wigan RLFC

Posted by: John Fisher from Buford, Georgia

Comments: Moved to Africa in the seventies and then to the US in the 80's. I am the corporate liaison engineer at LG Electronics, a Korean company for commercial products.

I miss: Miss pudding chips and mushy peas. Miss riding my motorbike and going camping with my riding mates. Miss the bike meetings at Rivvy Barn.

Posted by: Michael D. McLoughlin from Cleveland, Ohio

Comments: Originally from Bryn, near Ashton. Moved to Cleveland when I was about 7 with my parents. I am a retired automotive engineer still living in Ohio. I was just over to visit family and friends last September. Sayed for a whole month, had a fantastic time!

I miss: Really miss the steak pies and real fish & chips!

Posted by: Gillian Rothwell Rose from Tequesta, Florida

Comments: I lived on Hayes Rd in Orrell and attended St.Johns Secondary Modern. I left school in 1959. Work at Heinz Food. Came to America at the age of 18. I have just got my first book published. THE POISON GLEN BY Gillian Rothwell Rose. Available on ebooks friends. Beatrice Pennington, Barbara Cotton, Johnny Atherton, Alan Norris

I miss: My mother and sister and Chips and Meat and Potatoe pies.

Posted by: Lynn Brearley from knightdale

Comments: Retired l write poetry. Have been an artist and graphic designer most of my life. Didn't want to emigrate bad decision by my American husband. This place is backwards.. NC

I miss:

Posted by: Brian from Leominster

Comments: Originally from Aspull Went to Rivington and Blackrod Grammar, University of Liverpool Moved to US in 1984 I am a structural engineer and currently working as Director of Project and Program management at the University of Connecticut

I miss: Everything .......especially the beautiful countryside in England

Posted by: jim kershaw from st augustine

Comments: we live on a boat in isa,travelling south to bahamas this summer.

I miss: friggin brigadiers

Posted by: Rosalind Evans from Mechanicsville Md

Comments: I lived in Whelley. My grandparents owned the BP station there. Left in 1968 to return to America.

I miss: Everything.

Posted by: Steve Pegram from Chicago

Comments: I lived in Hawkley Hall, my first school was Poolstock Lane C of E then Marus Bridge Middle School, I finished at Whitley High School in 1977. I now live in Chicago, life is good. If you remeber me please send me an email, it would be good to hear from old friends.

I miss: Fish and Chips, Wigan Casino, Rugby. My all time true love from school!

Posted by: Vicki Sherwin (was Murray) from Westport Massachusetts

Comments: I graduated Deanery High in 1982. I traveled around for a few years and settled in Massachusetts. I would love to hear from people I went to school with or grew up with from the Springfield area. Please get in touch if you knew me.Let me know your maiden name to jog my memory or

I miss: I miss watching Wigan Rugby

Posted by: David A. Simm from Northbrook,

Comments: I grew up on Ormskirk Road, Newtown, Wigan. Started my career with McConnell News Service in Addison Chambers, Wallgate and photographed many great occasions in Wigan, including three cup finals at Wembley Stadium. Covered the Wigan Observer Queen Of Industry Pageant throughout. I left Wigan in 1984 as Wigan Metro Borough Council were making impossible for town centre business to survive in readiness for their compulsory purchase to renovate the market hall.

I miss: Certainly I do miss Poole's Steak pies, Greenhalgh's Steak 'n' Kidney pies. I miss Jimmy Chong's Chippy, of course I miss photographing Rugby and the many friends I made along the way

Posted by: Gordon Brown from Austin Texas

Comments: Browns off licence, corner of Ormskirk Road and Scot Lane

I miss: rugby, pale skin, ever present buses, caustic humor.

Posted by: Lesley Humphrey from Houston, Texas

Comments: Eyyup y'awl! I've been in the USA for 30 years now, and grew up in Standish. I come back twice a year to visit family and friends, and am planning to buy a small house around Wigan. Yes, I'll be coming to Wigan for my holidays! I'm a painter, married to fab husband Larry, and have 3 children, 25, 23, and 21. My maiden name was McHugh

I miss: Fantastic, genuine people; The Boars Head Pub, & Prospect Brewery; The view of Rivington through my bedroom window; Painting with friends at Haigh Country Park; Walks along the canal and old railway lines; Gents pies and Pepper Lane Chippy... I could go on...

Posted by: Ian Thomas Buckley from Cypress, Texas

Comments: I was brought up in Beech Hill. Moved to Dundee in 1996. Moved to Skelmersdale in 2004. In 2007 moved out to Texas where I am now the North American Technical Transfer Manager for a company that manufactures buoyancy products for the offshore oil and gas industry.

I miss: Definately miss the pies, a good pint of bitter and fish, chips and mushy peas. Most of all miss watching the "Cherry and Whites"

Posted by: Antony John Davies from Tucson

Comments: I used to live in Stubshaw Cross. Born Goldbourne Road in 1958. Son of Leslie and Audrey Davies. Looking for any relatives..please contact!

I miss: Uncle Joe's mint balls.

Posted by: Anne Moran from St. Louis

Comments: My mother grew up on Teck Street. She attended St Patrick's School and remembers playing on the roof of the school, which was their playground. At age eleven, she attended Notre Dame as did her cousin and best friend, Bridget Sharkey. When war was declared on September 3, 1939, she left school and joined the Report and Control Center, the Wigan war room. She later joined the police and worked for Paul Foster, the Chief of Police. She left the police force in 1947 and joined her American husband in Germany. She eventually moved to St. Louis, Missouri, and has seven children, thirteen grandchildren and one great-child.

I miss:

Posted by: Pauline Unsworth from Boston

Comments: Born 1942 Lived at 117 Chestnut Rd,Whelley Went to Whelley school, SRN at RAE Infirmary Wigan , SCM at Mill Rd Matrnity Liverpool. TO Boston 1965. retired this year from Mass General hospital where I worked at a midwife, 3 children 1 grandchild

I miss: FOG- I remember walking home from work trying to follow the curb up scholes Meat and potato pies . Santus big juicy lollipops, Maltesers.

Posted by: Tony McHugh from Mebane, North Carolina

Comments: Lived at Orrell Post in the mid 50's and moved back to Heywood in the late 50's I attended school at St John's and Thomas More. Worked as a salesman for Leesona and was transferred to North Carolina in 1986. Now retired

I miss: I miss Wigan rugby, crown green bowling and a good pint.

Posted by: Arthur Blinkhorn from Logan OHIO

Comments: Lookin for anyone i might know there

I miss:

Posted by: Doreen E Connelly Halliwell from Thomasville NC

Comments: I used to live in Beech Hill but I moved to America in 1976 and no longer work, my husband passed away in 2009.

I miss: I love visiting Wigan I even like the rain and the sausage rolls and pubs I would like to say Hi to anyone that remembers me I had a brother named David if there is a person named John Ward I remember from when I was very young I would love to hear from anyone.

Posted by: Howard Phillips from Los Angeles

Comments: Lived in Platt Bridge, Walthew Lane from 1949-1955. My dad owned the barber shop on Walthew Lane. I went to Saint Nathaniels. Immigrated to Australia and have lived in USA for past 50 years. Retired executive with local government in the USA.

I miss: Pork Pies, Tripe and Chips.

Posted by: Ian Barkley from Boise, Idaho

Comments: I used to live down Fulbeck Ave. Moved to the USA in 2004 to get married. Work from home for a company in Seattle as there IT guy. Huge College football (American football) fan and travel as much as i can to see the Boise State Broncos play. Check out the 2007 fiesta bowl game for the greatest sporting event ever!

I miss: Pie's!!! and a nice hand pulled pint. Though unknown to England the USA has a great microbrew industry so I am swamped with great beers, even have a place a few miles from my house that make there own :) Miss family and friends of course.

Posted by: Ann Cronin from Santa Ana California

Comments: Born in Liverpool, lived at 68 Market Street,Conroy and Sons, until I was 5 years of age. Moved with my Mum, Patricia Conroy Giles and Dad William Giles to California with younger brother Edmund in 1955. Visited my Nana, Hannah Conroy often. Met and married Alan Cronin, his parents Edna and Joe ran the Wheatsheaf Hotel in Standish 1969. Alan passed away in 2001. We have two sons, Edmund and William, and a five year old grandson Alan James.

I miss: Market Day. A feeling of community. Friends and family.

Posted by: Dorothy Morris from Sterling, Virginia

Comments: I used to live in Worsley Mesnes and I moved to the US permanently in 1974. I am currently retired and living in Sterling, Virginia where I tap dance 3 times a week and line dance 4 times a week. I am active in a local British club where we have approx 42 members whome are from all over the UK.

I miss: Fish & Chips in newspaper.

Posted by: Sue Hays (Nee Singleton) from Tempe AZ

Comments: last lived in whelley (corsock drive) long long time ago, mum and dad and brother are still there, went to st cathrines, whelley middle(no one wants to admit going there for some reason) :-) and the Deanery High left in 85! Im a digital artist, working with fractals, photo manipulation and I'm a semi pro photographer as well! you can see my work on deviantart. screen name English-Rose08. came over to tempe to get married, and married my wonderful husband on valentines day this year!

I miss: things I miss are pie and mushy peas! cannot find a decent pie in the states! good chocolate, they have cadburys here but not the same! Miss my family most of all

Posted by: Rosalind Tyler from Mechanicsville, Maryland

Comments: My grandparents owned the BP station in Whelley and we lived across the street. Went to Gidlow Girls School. Moved back to the states in 1968, but left my heart in England.

I miss: Everything

Posted by: Nolan Brookes from Port Richey, Florida

Comments: I used to live in Billinge but went to school at the Deanery from 1987-1992. I now work from a large restaurant company doing QA for their computer programs. I am 33 and came over to the states in 1994. Feel free to shoot me an email.

I miss: I miss the tight bonds that I had with my friends and football being a game that is played with your feet. I miss real pubs and I miss the chippies and pie shops down the street.

Posted by: Michael Cameron Morters from Gainesville, Georgia

Comments: I lived in Sinclair Place,Worsley Hall until 1971 when I emigrated to South Africa with my wife Doreen and Son(then 5)Andrew. Attended St.Cuthberts and then onto St.Thomas More -sorry to see it's no longer there. Lived in S.A.for 6-1/2years then came on to America where we have lived since 1977. Now retired, I decided to write a book and missing Wigan as much as I did,chose to write about my childhood and the antics we got up to. Couldn't miss the opportunity to recall some of my time at S & S Motors where I served my apprenticeship. If you're interested in Wigan -of course you are - and love pies, check out my book -called Pie, Chips and Peas Please - at

I miss: Pies of course. Wigan humour Uncle Joe's Mint Balls

Posted by: Michael Cameron Morters from Gainesville, Georgia

Comments: I was born and raised in Wigan and lived in Worsley Hall until I was 24 years old. That was in 1971 when I decided to emigrate with my wife, Doreen and son, Andrew to South Africa where we lived until 1977. We then made another move to America where we still live, in Gainesville,Georgia. Andrew is now 42 and has a wonderful wife, Brooke and we have to 2 fabulous grandkids, Sarah 8 and Gavin 6. I attended St.Cuthbert's School and then St.Thomas More. I served my apprenticeship with S & S Motors in Crompton St.and for the two years previous to leaving Wigan, worked for Hawker Syddeley Dynamics in Bolton. As you get older, you start to think back on the 'good old times' and somehow seem to relish them much more than you did at that time. So.....about 5 years ago, I decided to write a book, which at last is finished,about my 'antics' whilst growing up. If you'd like to check it out, it's called "Pie, Chips and Pease.....Please" go to so you can see what I'm on about. Here's my E-mail address I'd love to hear from you.

I miss: Pie,Chips and Peas ...of course. A good pint, Uncle Joe's Mintballs, eccles cakes and of course Wiganers.

Posted by: adele megown from tampa

Comments: Lived in Shevington and Standish Lower Ground, went to St Peters School and worked at Wigan Infirmary. Moved to the USA 1990. Mum and Dad are Marg and Joe Hammond and brother is Wayne.

I miss: Miss Mum, dad wayne friends and family, miss chips peas and gravy, treacle toffee and parkin. Don't miss mi brolly blowing inside out, or mottled legs from standing too close to the fire.

Posted by: adele megown from tampa

Comments: Lived in Standish Lower Ground, now live in Tampa Florida, left Wigan in 1990, went to St Peters school and worked at wigan infirmary.

I miss: Miss my mum, dad,brother and friends, miss chips, peas and gravy, parkin and treacle toffee. things I don't miss: mi brolly blowing inside out, mottled legs from standing too close to the fire.

Posted by: Gillian O'Donnell from Sonoma, CALIFORNIA

Comments: Used to live in Goose Green. Moved to California in 1988 and love it. Met my husband in 1994. He is in the Architecture field and I teach art and cooking classes. We have a son and daughter and live in the lovely wine country.

I miss: mum and sisters, family, friends. Sausage rolls. Cheese and Onion pasties, Wigan Market, good pubs and of course... the chippy.

Posted by: Diane Miller Downey from Carlsbad, CA

Comments: I lived in Wigan from 1971 until 1981. We lived in the Hawkley Hall estate in Aldrich Close. I attended school at Worsley Mense Primary, Marus Bridge Midle, and Whitely High. I left when my family moved to Sandbach, Cheshire. Now living in the USA

I miss: School friends, my history and biology teachers at Whitley High and the old high street

Posted by: George from Los Angeles, California

Comments: Used to live in quaint Skelmersdale all those years ago, time has passed by and have been fortunate to have travelled to many places. Currently live in Los Angeles, California. This is home now....

I miss: what I miss, Ahh yes - The Friday Rock Nights @ Maximes in Wigan.. Loved those times and loved the ladies that went there too.. Julie and Wendy, I still think about you !! God damn they where gorgeous ! Bunch of us used to go there every Friday, had some great times, the music, the atmosphere and of course the Air Guitaring.. Still do it to this day.. LOL. Anyways, if anyone remembers me and wants to drop me a line, would be nice to hear what you have been doing over these years... KEEP ON ROCKIN !!! George...

Posted by: Margie Harding from Marietta. Ga

Comments: Born in Bryn Wigan.Left the area in 1941 to join the ATS,marrieda RAF man and moved to Gloucester in 1946.Came to the USA in 1968 with my husband and 2 of my sons. Left 2 in the UK where they still are. I am now retired,my husband died 11 years ago.

I miss: Just miss the people and also real chips and fish and litle oval pork pies. Just miss my own country as it was not as it is now!!!

Posted by: Karen Thomas from Inver Grove Heights, MN

Comments: Lived 13 years in Huntington Beach, Ca. Moved here and love it. Like the changing of the seasons. Married with 4 kids. Originially from Whitley, wigan and went to Whitley High School.

I miss: Miss the pubs and the night life. Miss cheese and onion pasties. Miss my family, definietly don't miss the weather.

Posted by: Beverley Harter(Derbyshire) from Palm Harbor, Florida

Comments: We moved here in 2006 from Hindley Green, Went to Hindley Secondary Modern and St Johns Hindley Green. Got sick of the crap weather and boring lifestyle. I am working as a nurse out here. Hard to make friends out here.

I miss: Friends, Family, especially our daughter Jennifer. Meat pies, can't say I miss much esle really.

Posted by: tinalynaugh from kenilworth

Comments: Grew-up in downallgreen

I miss: pubs,chip shop,bakery ,bear

Posted by: tina lewis from kenilworth nj

Comments: as a child I grew-up in downall my 20ts moved to Italy for 3 yrs.Then moved to usa, wear I still live.I now work with sp.ed.children in the school.

I miss: things I miss!the pubs,fish&chips,chocolate,pies and the bakery.

Posted by: Margaret White from Jacksonville Florida

Comments: Bryn Retired

I miss: Family Chippy brit tv friends

Posted by: Elaine from Philadelphia PA

Comments: Used to live in Springfield, moved to Pennsylvania in 2005

I miss: Beer, pies, bread, butchers shops

Posted by: peter cliff from dayton ohio

Comments: does anybody remember the cliff kids who lived on beechhill lane Steve Peter Rosanne and john please e-mail

I miss: the people and the holidays also the food

Posted by: Alan Dean from Los Angeles

Comments: I was browt up in Orrell, i' Beechwood Cresunt. A moved te Brooklands drive un then moved t'america i' 2 theysund un 6. I'm an engineer wi a company mekkin kitchun units. A'm ere wit wife un 3 step kids. My son still lives i Gowburn.

I miss: A gud wiigin accent, rugby, Moor road, Gaskell chippy, rain, folk u r us daft as a brush. Chattin in't pub wi't mates. Meemawin latics fans. Babies yed an peys. Terkish delite, Northern So, Folk in't street. Aw mi sistus un ther childer, my cusuns, antys un uncles. Owd mon a cud goo on fer ever. An of course mi son Brett, get thi backside eywt ere mon. Aw wenches luv us wigginers.

Posted by: Michael Cameron Morters from Gainesville, Georgia

Comments: I have lived here in Gainesville,Ga. USA for 30 years and before that in South Africa for 6 and a half years,then originally Wigan for 25 years. That makes me pretty old eh? I lived in Sinclair Place, Worsley Hall for 25 years then moved on. My wife, Doreen and I are now retired and have two great grandchildren -Sarah 7 and Gavin 5. I have almost finished writing a book that I've been contemplating writing for a long time, and decided to call it "PIES, CHIPS AND PEAS" I had such a good time growing up in Wigan that I thought I'd share them with anyone who might be interested, and what could taste better than Pies, Chips and Peas?

I miss: Pies, Chip and Peas. The wonderful Wigan people and their warmth and humour.

Posted by: Steve Hart from Sarasota

Comments: Used to live in Ashton with my wife Sue and son Alex. We have been in Florida since 2004 and although the sunshine is great we are missing home terribly. Christmas just isn't the same here. Brits are the best!!

I miss: Friends and family more than ever. Nightlife and sense of humor, pubs, British TV. Donner Kebabs, Steak Pudding and Chips, Pork Scratchings. Asda Prices and Free Health Care!! Remember the grass isn't always greener.

Posted by: Robert Winstanley from Mooresville, NC

Comments: Born in Waltham Ave, Beech Hill. Brother Chris, sister Anne. Went to Beech Hill and Gidlow schools. Attended Wigan Mining and Tech Collage. Worked at English Tools/Gullick/Parks Forge Married a girl from Pemberton, Rita Ainscough and had 2 boys, John and Richard. Now live in the Greater Charlotte, NC area - Mooresville, NC - home to NASCAR racing. That's where I do lots of business.

I miss: Puddins, pies and fish and chips. The English pub and cool sleeping weather!!!!

Posted by: Maureen {Riding}Bahr from Pittsburgh, Pa.

Comments: Born and grew up down Back Lane, Shevington Moor. Went to St Josephs RC school, until age 13, then went to Shevington Secondary. Came to the USA via New York in 1964, as a Mothers Helper. Met and married my husband wayne 1968, in San francisco

I miss: Family!! Wigan is not the place I left. I can't help but wonder where the good manners went to.. I am proud to tell people that I am from Lancashire,and3eqjl my memories of the Shevington Moor area.Especially those long evening walks with Mum and Dad....

Posted by: Mike Morters from Gainesville, Georgia

Comments: Lived in Sinclair Place,Worsley Hall. Emigrated to South Africa then to U.S,A.where my Wife and I live.Also living here,we have one son Andrew and daughter- in -law Brooke,two grandchildren Sarah and Gavin.

I miss: Of course We miss the 'normal' things i.e. the food and English humour. I have been trying to write a book about my 'growing up' in Wigan and it's almost finished. I decided to title it PIE , CHIPS AND PEAS. (Mmmmmmmm -delish eh?)


Comments: lIVERPOOL 7, FAIRFIELD. I am an English warbride. I married an American GI in 1945. Moved to the states in 46. I have two children and two grandchildren.

I miss: Visiting friends

Posted by: frank rowley from virginia

Comments: i was born and raised in leigh and have lived around the leigh bolton wigan area all my life i of course miss my hollands pies fish and chips and my local pubs

I miss: