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History of Wigan   (Help with ancient and recent history.)

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John Wood & Sons Ltd
I am from the Peak District Mines Historical Society in Derbyshire, we study most types of...
Boswedden 3 1,013 Sticky!
King Street Wigan - Heritage Action Zone
Please follow the link for information on "King Street -The Street that Was" https://em...
Ozzydog 2 352 Sticky!
Wigan Borough Heritage Action Zone
Please follow the link to find out more about the Heritage Action Zones in Wigan and Tylde...
Ozzydog 2 294 Sticky!
Back Scholes
Hi Does anyone have any information about a place called Back Scholes? I had done old f...
JGWilson83 - 398 26th Feb 2024, 11:53
The Park Show
Hello Can anyone help with memories, or even facts!, about The Park Show. Hoping to incl...
psharp17 6 467 18th Jan 2024, 12:08
Pub in Coppull Lane
Does anyone have any positive info here? Long ago when I was a youngster my dad (who orig...
JR 7 468 31st Dec 2023, 18:23
Macfarlane's/ Mcfarlanes Foundry
Does anyone know anything about this foundry in Wigan? Only reference I can find is to a S...
flaggy delf 14 3,719 24th Nov 2023, 06:48
Perkin Warbeck
1/5th Battalion Manchester Regiment WW1
To all I am writing a book on the 1/5th Manchester Battallion. To help write the book I...
gingerfreak 6 874 11th Nov 2023, 18:27
James 747
My interest is Alfred Evans of Hindley Green who worked as Cashier at Kirkpatricks and I a...
646abs.Tony - 161 2nd Oct 2023, 20:11
Wigan Newspaper Archives for 1937.
My cousin sent me a copy of a newspaper cutting of his grandmother's obituary which featur...
Winstanley 8 673 2nd Aug 2023, 22:20
mine shafts
Depending which books you read it is estimated that there were 3/5 thousand mine shafts in...
PeterP 9 480 3rd Jul 2023, 18:20
Wigan history - storm of 923AD
I wonder if anyone can shed light on this. In David Sinclair's History of Wigan Vol. 1 (1...
JR 8 719 25th Apr 2023, 16:55
Old Wigan memorabilia charity sale
*For Charity* I have got some early 1900’s medicine and beer bottles, very rare and vint...
JakeDawber23 - 249 22nd Feb 2023, 01:02
I have tried to find out via Wigan Council just who owns and is responsible for the mainte...
GOLDEN BEAR 16 771 8th Feb 2023, 18:14
Well i see after nearly a century i noticed they have bulldozed my very first school Highf...
GOLDEN BEAR 5 407 15th Jan 2023, 15:57
What is the oldest house/hall/building in Wigan
With recent news of Haigh Hall being refurbished I wondered if it is the oldest building i...
blackrodweaver 56 7,340 26th Dec 2022, 13:44
highfield infants school
Just thought i would ask to see if anyone on here went to to the infants school highfield ...
GOLDEN BEAR 8 1,653 27th Oct 2022, 15:40
Market Hall Clock
Was it presereved? [url=http://www.wiganworld.co.uk/album/photo.php?opt=5&id=1400&galle...
dostaf 9 2,538 23rd Oct 2022, 20:28
jo anne
Marsh Green pub
When I was a youngster, there was a pub opposite the bottom shops at Marsh Green. This wou...
JR 5 929 24th Jun 2022, 18:07
Can anyone tell me what the big house next to the back entrance to Gidlow girls school in ...
avcott 1 686 1st Jun 2022, 21:55