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I am trying to put together a history of the Speedway in Wigan in 1947, 1952 and 1960. Has...
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Did Someone Mention a Slaughter?
Hahaha I wonder if chatty was one of the 100s who left at half time lol
neverstill 4 78 24th Oct 2021, 19:46
Don GB
Mind The Gap!
Six points behind THE CHAMPIONS Seven points behind Liverpool Eight points behind Chel...
Don GB 1 40 24th Oct 2021, 18:29
Only two days to go
Only two days to go until the ten year anniversary of the absolute battering of trafford b...
Don GB 14 270 24th Oct 2021, 18:23
Don GB
Come on, all together now, you all no the song!
Well I never felt more like singing the BLUES etc, etc, etc,..........and
Don GB 52 626 24th Oct 2021, 18:12
Don GB
OLE ???
After watching OLE 'S INTERVIEW ON SKY SPORT'S ,I have to tip my hat to him when asked que...
GOLDEN BEAR 12 144 24th Oct 2021, 18:00
Tiger cat
Please help missing persons alert............
Can you help? I'm getting increasingly concerned for the whereabouts of a once regular ...
chatty 83 2,768 24th Oct 2021, 17:53
Don GB
I find it very strange chatty and his
Cronies have never slaughtered united for holding warm weather camps in Dubai ! Hypocrisy ...
neverstill - 30 24th Oct 2021, 13:33
Rugby signings
I see Saints have signed a big centre from Leeds…Just wish Wigan tried to sign someone w...
roylew 16 227 24th Oct 2021, 13:08
peter g
Whups chatty
Anything to say about Beckham being the face of Qatar? Thowt not you hypocrites
neverstill - 11 24th Oct 2021, 13:03
How can other clubs block a teams sponsor?
But we all know who the loudest skriker was! Pathetic they weren't Skriking when they was ...
neverstill 9 229 22nd Oct 2021, 23:42
Will the United fans boycott
Their club should they allow their players to go to the world cup in Qatar seeing as it's ...
neverstill 8 141 22nd Oct 2021, 11:44
Well i am very amazed at the lack of comments on here about last Saturday's game v Newc...
GOLDEN BEAR 50 661 21st Oct 2021, 23:45
Exactly who owns M.U.F.C?
Manchester United have confirmed that Kevin and Edward Glazer have sold 9.5million shares ...
Don GB 37 343 21st Oct 2021, 15:32
I see that Steve Bruce has left Newcastle by mutual agreement, i do feel for him for i be...
GOLDEN BEAR 8 130 21st Oct 2021, 11:59
Hard luck LATIC'S a slip to a 2-1 loss last night i have not been able to find a report on...
GOLDEN BEAR 2 72 21st Oct 2021, 09:55
WN1 Standisher
THE CHAMPIONS thread..............................
At the start of the last three games I suggested that two PL points away against title con...
Don GB 19 317 20th Oct 2021, 18:16
As soon as sulky returns
His minions rush from under their stones and start being mouthy lol not one has asked him ...
neverstill 1 70 20th Oct 2021, 14:29
Geordies reaction after new owners first match
How was the game pet?” “Shite.” “Want me to put yer tea towel in the wash?” ...
fossil 3 136 19th Oct 2021, 23:42
Bolton away
The day has come, we lock horns again in the League with Bolton Wanderers. A massive game ...
WN1 Standisher 26 482 19th Oct 2021, 22:15
WN1 Standisher
Heard the sad news at the week-end about the sad loss of a truly great ALL BLACK RUGBY U...
GOLDEN BEAR 2 119 18th Oct 2021, 23:51
He plays on the left he plays on the right..
that boy Ronaldo makes Newcastle look shi.. Who writes his scripts?
chatty 30 518 17th Oct 2021, 13:07
Do you know why ole will never cut it at united?
The man still thinks Ferguson is in charge,why else would he keep calling Ferguson the gaf...
neverstill 1 81 17th Oct 2021, 00:05
Well here we are again it's Countdown Time for ne OLE I predict by the start of the month ...
GOLDEN BEAR 7 200 16th Oct 2021, 10:01
chatty you win, i'm outta here
i will never post in the sports section again.. 0years sorry but for my own sanity i ha...
laughing gravy 210 3,854 15th Oct 2021, 14:39
I see the team with the most to lose
Have gone skrikin Ng to the PL over Newcastle's takeove no wonder fans are always skrikin ...
neverstill 34 333 14th Oct 2021, 23:52
I will have to plead my ignorance with this latest bit of news about the WARRIORS new coac...
GOLDEN BEAR 22 530 14th Oct 2021, 21:24
baker boy
Rugby final
If the second half is as good as the first we are in for a cracker.
Tiger cat 13 338 14th Oct 2021, 21:21
baker boy
Injuries to W/C/PLAYERS ?
I have just read more bad /good news depending your views about VARANE picking up a groin ...
GOLDEN BEAR 7 132 14th Oct 2021, 17:33
Can anyone tell me,, have we got a " Shortage of Referee's and Linesmen " I see that the...
GOLDEN BEAR 15 310 14th Oct 2021, 15:00
Congratulations United............................
..................................................................................... W...
Don GB 38 535 13th Oct 2021, 13:46
peter g
Three Sisters GO-CARTING ??
Last night i went to visit the Three Sister's GO-CARTING , My G/son travelled down from La...
GOLDEN BEAR 11 255 11th Oct 2021, 20:30
Well did ant of our CONNOISSEURS watch last night's game against ANDORRA 0-----5 I sup...
GOLDEN BEAR - 62 10th Oct 2021, 15:48
The glazer's cream another 137 million
Yet city's owners are bad for the game according to some!
neverstill 51 515 10th Oct 2021, 14:23
The Finishing ........
...... [url=""]Shot!
tonker 2 73 10th Oct 2021, 13:27
Dr Marcus Rashford
Thoroughly deserved well done young man.
neverstill 1 77 8th Oct 2021, 11:43
It may be coincidence but
Brendan Rodgers has been seen in Manchester is the fat lady clearing her voice? For the be...
neverstill 1 99 8th Oct 2021, 11:42
I was just wondering what if any some WWs think about the test match series against Austra...
GOLDEN BEAR 2 79 7th Oct 2021, 17:13
Do they ever learn ?
Another van/lorry stuck under the railway bridge on Prescott Street. How many is that this...
WN1 Standisher 2 68 7th Oct 2021, 16:28
Apart from Wigan Rugby and Latics
I've done posting on this sports section, Manchester Utd and Manchester City have taken ov...
peter g 6 179 7th Oct 2021, 16:22
Rashy is back
Great news for the millions of global utd fans . Rashy is back and scored in his come bac...
grimshaw 6 157 7th Oct 2021, 11:51