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Posted by: Valerie Bibby from Perth

Comments: Used to live in St Paul's Ave, Goose Green. Moved to Perth in 1993. Currently working for Wonder Walls

I miss: I miss the fact that I cant go to these places I'm now finding on Ancestry that my family lived. You now have a great resource library I'd love to see.

Posted by: Fiona Rimmer-Booth from Adelaide

Comments: I lived in Standish and Springfield before I emigrated. Went to Shevington High School (left 2005). Would love to connect with any Wiganers here in Adelaide for a coffee or a glass of wine, any age or gender!

I miss: Butter pies, Quavers and Maureen's chippy.

Posted by: Patrick Emmerson from Pinjarra

Comments: I used to live in Apply Bridge and worked at Chisnall Hall Colliery, I emigrated to Australia and moved to Kalgoorlie in Western Australia, I traveled the world working in mines after Kal, I am looking for any one that has any JPG Photos of Chisnell Hall

I miss: My last position before retirement was in Turkey and I travelled to the UK and visited Wigan, I was in a pub on the high street and they had a picture of Gidlow secondary modern which I attended for my first 2 years of high school; I got talking to a couple of guys and they were there at the same time; I always enjoyed the pies and have a photo of a car sticker that stated that (No Pies were left in the vehicle overnight) which proofed that humour is still alive and well in Wigan and I still call it my first home even after living in Aus for 54 years

Posted by: Carole Winstanley (Ross) from Cranbourne North Victoria

Comments: I used to live on Norley Hall Estate, my parents were Anne & Bill Winstanley and I have a brother named Geoff. I went to All Saints school and left in 1965. I went to work as a Junior Secretary at Dunlop, on Pimbo Industrial Estate, Skelmersdale. This year, 2018 in May/June/July I was fortunate enough to spend some time in Dubai and Singapore and a month in the UK visiting family and friends.

I miss: I miss all of my wonderful family, and have this year spent time with my cousins and their grand-children, it was fabulous. We visited a lot of restaurants in and around Wigan, and we couldn't believe the temperatures were around 32C every day. We also spent time in the beautiful Lake District and stayed at Keswick

Posted by: David Roberts from Cootharaba Sunshine Coast

Comments: Lived in Kitt Green, went to Up Holland Grammar, college in Bangor. Taught in Colchester for 1 year and emigrated in 1970. tTaught in South Australia until 2006, now retired. Moved to Queensland this year.

I miss: Not much as only have a few cousins left there. Perhaps the Rugby. When I really think about it.

Posted by: Denise Ann Baxter from Perth

Comments: Moved to Australia in 1970, from Long Lane, Hindley Green. Went to Sacred Heart Primary and Cardinal Newman shs.

I miss: shopping, friendly people and fish and chips

Posted by: Carole Anne Winstanley from Melbourne Victoria

Comments: Norley Hall Estate is where I used to live in Avon Road. I went to All Saints C of E in Frog Lane until I left school. I have very fond memories of Wigan and always look up this site.

I miss: Other than family and friends, I miss Uncle Joe's Mint Balls, fish and chips and steak puddings. I also miss shopping in Marks and Spencers. Cough Candy and Licorice Tablet are also a must. I am coming over in May 2018 for 6 weeks, hopefully I will run into some old friends too.

Posted by: Alan Law from Mudgeeraba/Qld

Comments: Born in Worsley Hall , dragged up in Norley Hall ,settled in (Scot Lane area - Newtown ) Moved to St Helens 'Wife dragged me away 1968! ' Emigrated to Australia in 1974 .

I miss: My family , my mates , live entertainment in the Wmc n Lab. clubs . Wigan RL live games . Wigan warmth n sense of humour .

Posted by: Janet Redman ( nee Rittenberg) from Adelaide

Comments: I was born in Billinge (1966) and lived in Ellesmere st, Ashton in Makerfield until I was 8 yrs old. Emmigrated to Adelaide in 1974 and haven't been back. I went to RL Hughes school.

I miss: Would love to hear from anyone who knew us or went to the same school.

Posted by: Carole Anne Winstanley from Melbourne

Comments: My name is now Carole Ross. I lives in Avon Road, on the Norley Hall Estate. I now live in Melbourne Australia. I have 2 daughters Kelly (39) and Jane 38, and between them they have given me 5 beautiful grand-children.

I miss: I have lives in Australia since I migrated here 48 years ago. There are still lots of things I miss about Wigan but always the first thing that springs to mind after family and friends are UNCLE JOE'S MINTBALLS AND THAT SUGARY COUGH CANDY - YUMMY

Posted by: Samantha Edmondson from Melbourne

Comments: Went to Byrchall High School Ashton in Makerfield, left in 1991. Lived in Pemberton for 12 years up to getting a job out here and moving with a suitcase 2 and a half years ago (Jan 2013). Been back to Wigan once at Easter and have another trip planned in a few weeks time to take my (Australian) other half to meet the parents! Living just north of the CBD, loving nearly everything about life out here (the cold winters came as a bit of a surprise - you never see frost on Neighbours!)

I miss: Family, my dog, 1 hour flights to another country, Chips and gravy, 4am kebabs, Pemps (though it closed down long before I left), 10pm sunsets.

Posted by: Jim NDT from Fremantle

Comments: Moved to Fremantle Western Australia. Working in NDT in the Oil and GAS AND Offshore/ subsea. From Wigan, and brought up with engineering at Park Webb/ Gullicks

I miss: Cheap beer, pies, babbies yeds, Lobbys, Good Ham and bacon. Of course the weather

Posted by: Craig Fillingham from Melbourne

Comments: Lived in Swinley born in Highfield. MOved out for the second time 2013.Living in Chelsea Melbourne with my family.

I miss: Pudding Chips and Gravy. Latics and fiends and niece and nephew

Posted by: graham thomas smith from redcliffe

Comments: used to live 178 ormskirk road newtown wigan went to st marks junior school then highfield secondary modern school worked at wc gores joinery pemberton then emmigrated to queensland australia 1965 now a qualified builder would like to get in touch with john catterall laurence & margret turner who I used to be friends with growing up

I miss: just got back from a visit to wigan in august this year and caught up with friends I went to school with 50 years ago also went to see my old home sad to say it has sat empty for 10 years and was badley run down. things I miss about wigan old friends wigan fair uncle joes mint balls

Posted by: Ian Connell from Beverley

Comments: Brought up in Norley Hall, emigrated to Western Australia 2007. Live in the middle of nowhere in the WA Wheatbelt !

I miss: Things I miss ? Everything !

Posted by: Eric Gray from Elizabeth South Australia

Comments: We lived in New Springs Near Wigan, My wife and I moved to Salisbury South Australia in February 1958 with our 2 year old son, sailing from Tilbury on the good ship Oronsay work was plentiful then and I had no trouble getting work. We also have an Aussie son. I have been retired since 1994.

I miss: The things we have missed most are Going to the Wigan RLFC games and eating fish and chips on the way home. we have been back to the old country 5 times including a full European tour.

Posted by: Rhea Veivers from Queensland

Comments: I lived in Billinge, moved to Queensland March 2013, no far :-)

I miss: Miss proper chips n mushy peas!

Posted by: Pat Rogers from Boronia

Comments: Smith Street, Higher Ince. Came to Melbourne with parents and siblings mid 1960s. Retired for 9 years and loving it. My husband and I do a lot of caravanning and love hitching up and travelling around Australia. Travelled to Wigan several times to catch up with relatives. Love visiting and always feel at home there.

I miss: The people. The Lanacashire dialect, particularly when spoken by the older generatiion.

Posted by: Steph Keen was Halliwell from Perth

Comments: Lived in Standish until 2006 then moved with hubby and boys to Adelaide. Moved to Perth in 2008. Love it here but miss family and friends very much.

I miss: Greenhalghs meat and potato pies, steak puddings, decent curry and decent Chinese take away.

Posted by: michael stuart davies from Donvale/Melbourne

Comments: used to live at 52 Barnsley St till 1957.Attended Gidlow Second Modern 1952/56. moved to Pemberton Worked for Thomas and Fosters Tailors also worked for Baron the Butchers in Gidlow Lane 55/56,then got married moved to Abram, then Warrington moved to Australia early 1966.Became a Teacher of Textiles at the Melbourne Collage of Textiles in 1976. Retired in 96.Wrote a number of Books on Pattern Making and Design for the TAFE education department. Would love to hear from any one from Gidlow school or from Barons the butchers. Used to be intouch with people from Thomas and Fosters but sadly they pass on. Any one intouch with Margret or Phillis who worked at Barons in the 50S or Alan.

I miss: Weather snow in winter, rain in summer . Wigan Park I miss, used to play there most evening in summer. cakes shops. Cycled to Southport along the canal paths in school hols.was a monitar at the Ritz on a Saturday

Posted by: Jean davies from Melbourne

Comments: I used to live in Abram, then moved to Warrington. Left England 1966 to live in Melbourne . I am married . I am now retired

I miss: Family and friends

Posted by: Andrew Glenn from NSW

Comments: Lived my final years in Highfield then Perth WA now living in NSW.

I miss: The social scene and the pies.

Posted by: Kieron Warburton from Perth

Comments: Appley Bridge, Behind Dicky Arms. Left There When I Joined The Para's in 1992. Now Telecoms Australia.

I miss: The Fairy Glenn, spent most my Life, Especially Fox Hill. Graham's Buthchers, Parbold Hill Ice Cream, Pooles Pies, Most of all my DAD!.

Posted by: barbara downie from rowville victoria

Comments: smith st at the top of belle green lane left in 1960 to emigrate to aust. divorced and retired

I miss: was only 11 when i left so the beer is not an something i miss just miss wigan itself.

Posted by: Billy Flanagan from Katherine

Comments: I used to live In ashton In Makerfield with my wife Andrea who was from Pemberton. We moved to the Gold Coast ten years ago and are steadily working our way around Australia, we live in Katherine now. Would love to meet footy fans from all divisions areas to watch the game with.

I miss: Footy banter, pub banter, family, chips/fish/peas/fish bits/curry sauce/ and bean wet. Eurpoean easy access. Old Trafford. JJB/DW stadium, Gresty Road & The Gay Meadow. Teams I follwed when I was a student. Footy on when I'm awake.

Posted by: Christine McGugan from Tweed Coast

Comments: I went to St. Pat's in the mid-late 50s. We lived in Teck St. Moved to Upholland in '61. Went to St. Theresa's Roby Mill then St. Peters Orrell. Left UK Dec.'66. Looking to contact old school friends, Ann Connor was my best friend at St. Pat's. She had 2 sisters, Eileen & Sheila. Kenneth Brown was another friend, he lived in (Cambridge St?) then his family moved to Pemberton, I think. His mum and mine were old friends. Anne Rigby was my best friend at St. Peters.

I miss:

Posted by: Jeff Atherton from Coffs Harbour

Comments: Lived Ruskin Ave Worsley Mesnes. Born 1943.Left Wigan 1966. Moved to Ausralia. Now retired.Been married to Marion for 47 years. Have 2 daughters. Wendy lives in Manchester married to a pom. If anyone remembers me please contact.

I miss: Still miss my family. And the pubs.

Posted by: Mark Leigh from Sydney

Comments: Live in Cremorne. Moved out here August 2010. Working for Leighton Contractors.

I miss:

Posted by: graham thomas smith from redcliffe

Comments: 180 ormskirk road newtown wigan left 1965 for queenslandAustralia builder by trade went to st marks primary & junior school then highfield boys school did part apprentiship with w.c. gore pemberton & bill whitton builders.

I miss: pork pies fish & chips with mushy peas wigan warriors

Posted by: kathy brennan from adelaide

Comments: HAGS, Hindley, Ashton, 1971, retired Aquatic Instructor, widowed

I miss: Wigan folk club & my musician friends

Posted by: Kathryn Grayson nee Blackburn from Baldivis, Perth

Comments: Used to live in Lord street, then Mesnes Road. Went to St Johns then St Mary's then St John Fisher till 1989. Worked at shearings till I did my nursing. Moved to Australia in 2009 for health and wealth reasons. Love it here. Married John Grayson 17 years ago. He lived on Southlands Ave, Standish and went to Standish High. One daughter Bethany. Two cocker spaniels.

I miss: Meat and potato pies, cheese and onion pasties and pies, babbies yed (steak puddings), tescos, dream topping, cheap cars (flipping expensive here)

Posted by: Elizabeth Rose Kearvell from Adelaide

Comments: Used to live in Pepper Lane and moved to Adelaide in 1964 with my parents and two sisters, Am married to Keith and have been for 41 years and have three children. ( Jo Hayes posted on here is one of my sisters so hi Jo!!! ) I love it here, have never been back, too busy getting on with life running our small bricklaying business and enjoying Australia.

I miss: If I missed anything may be it would be the Wigan Fair on the market car park. My parents had a stall under the entrance next to Boltons Fish stall. The fair was great, toffee apples and fairy floss and the smell of diesel from the rides. Cheers all!!!

Posted by: Andrew Gregory from Newcastle NSW

Comments: Lived on Holly Road in Aspull, moved away at 22 to various ports of call and settled in Australia 10 or so years ago.

I miss: Pies, pasties, babys yeds, chips and gravy, and a good pint of bitter

Posted by: Fred tinsley from Melbourne

Comments: My first belated post despite leaving for Oz back in 84.Typing this sitting in my sister Julies kitchen in Winstanley on a trip home to visit the folks -parents Fred senior and Ethel still going despite advancing years.DAd is ex Heinz.As for me ex St Cuthberts and John Rigby Orrell as is brother Paul who joined me in Melbourne where we both raised our families.

I miss: used to say I only missed the peole but reappraised this time around and see the place in a better light.walked the canal to Haigh HAll heaps of greenbelt around town foods on the improve --needed to- and coffee that's drinkable can be like steak puds always welcome.

Posted by: Valerie Bolton from Sydney

Comments: I lived in Marsh Green until 1974. went to school at Gidlow High School. Living in Sydney with 2 children and 2 grandchildren. would love to hear from anyone.

I miss: I miss chips and mushy peas!!

Posted by: Eileen Hundley from Mandurah W.A.

Comments: I was born in Taylor Street wallgate Wigan in 1942. Worked as a nurse Retired now came to live here in OZ in 2011 to be with family with my lovely husband Doug we love the lifestyle here

I miss: I miss Tescos,Marks, and our friends and family .

Posted by: colin walsh linda walsh [bithell][whitfield from uppper coomera gold coast

Comments: colin used to live at the top of hodges street was married to joan gallagher 31yrs now married to linda lived on the gold coast for 8 yrs this time i worked for wigan corporation of and on over the years we now have a patio and carport business

I miss: dont think i realy miss anything pudding chips and peas where my fav

Posted by: Frank Haydock from Darwin NT

Comments: I used to live in Standish near Pepper Lane. Went to St Maries School, left school in 1952, Worked at Chisnel Hall Coliery.Left Standish in 1960 when I joined the army. Moved to London 1961. Emigrated to Darwin 1977. Lived here ever since

I miss: Meat Pies of course. Town Centre Empress Ballroom , the Ritz. and Mesnes Park, riding my bike to Blackpool

Posted by: Irene Thompson nee White from Orange NSW

Comments: Was born Christopher Home 1942. Lived Hodges St Beech Hill till 51 then Hindley. Father John White Army Stores.Grandma Eatock had Penny bazaar. Went to Beech Hill Primary then All Saints Hindley(old building) the H.A.G.S and on to Durham. Came to Oz in 68. Lived in Kempsey. Married Ian a local and then to Sydney. Have a boy and twins boy and girl. Retired to Orange.

I miss: Have been back and Wigan's ruined. Miss bluebells in Borsdane Wood, proper chips and mushy peas, meat and potato pies and potato cakes, barm cakes and Aniseed rock, dandelion and burdock. And oh what I'd give to have a conversation with someone who speaks English with a real gradely accent.Real Christmas and the smell of coal smoke.

Posted by: Barbara Mercer from Canberra

Comments: now retired, been in Australia over 40 years. Lived in Barnsley Street as a young person

I miss: Uncle Joes, mint balls, pork pies

Posted by: Melbourne sSimpson from Perth

Comments: Station cottages Red Rock moved australia 1986 he world Best place in t

I miss: Nothing it sucks

Posted by: christine davies(Corless) from wigan

Comments: lived in vine st whelley, once married moved to Springfield, then a small move to Oz!!-been here for the last 17 yrs. have been nursing for 35 yrs 2 beautifull girls, and a good husband-gary married for 27 yrs.

I miss: my friends, the british numour and steak and kidney puddings!!

Posted by: Andrew Penk from Adelaide

Comments: Lived in central drive shevington went to shevy secondary school moved to Adelaide 2007, work for myself renovating peoples homes lots of work too much red tape.Riding motorbike in Adelaide hills in spring temp just right.

I miss: Miss Alex and Daniel and mum and dad and all the mates i left behind .Fish and chips from pepper lane pies proper black pudding,beer in the proper pubs you know who you are and generally having a good whinge on a friday night down the pub putting the world to rights football politics taking the piss etc etc.Big country Aus but i feel hemmed in strange that one? Trouble is I think I came here to late in life but heah thers always the blast to Phillip Island.

Posted by: Jayne Lloyd - Corless from Adelaide

Comments: From Bamfurlong attended byrchall high school left in 1985. Moved to Adelaide in 1993. I live on Hindmarsh Island now which is just lovely but I am a wiganer at heart

I miss: I miss my family, the bryn hall, the meat and potatoe pies from greggs, the chippy and just bumping in to people that you grew up with or went to school with.


Comments: I lived in Kitt Green. Went to Lamberhead Green Secondery Modern in the late 1940s. Lived in Eccles Rd. till 1956.Would like contact any body who remembers me. I am now retired in Australia.

I miss: Wigan rugby.latics.old school friends & mates.Atmosphere of a Lancashire Pub. Pork Pies.& of course Wigan Pier

Posted by: Lynda from Perth

Comments: I used to live in Golborne but was born in Stubshaw CrossI came to Western Australia in 1973 with my husband Jimmy(James Leigh) who was born in Abram I run my own catering business have 3 grown up children and 4 grandchildren

I miss: The Market and the people

Posted by: Barry Naylor from Muswellbrook

Comments: An Abram lad for the first 16 years of my life,

I miss: since then been abroad mostly, now am in Oz, I miss the pubs, the accent, and of course the food, pub food lol...

Posted by: Christine Geeves (nee Hinks) from Manly Vale, NSW

Comments: I lived in Higher Ince with my grandmother until I was about 12 and then moved to Worsley Mesnes until I came to Aus in 1967. I went to Rose Bridge Sec Mod Girls School. I am 63 yrs old and work as a secretary at Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney

I miss: Good fish and chips and mushy peas

Posted by: Brbara Mercer from Canberra

Comments: Lived in Barnsley St, went to GHS,left Wigan in 1959,left UK in l964

I miss: Pies, uncle Joes Mint Balls

Posted by: June Cherrington from Brisbane

Comments: Lived in Marsh Green, Goose Green then Darlington Sreet. Went to Gidlow School, worked at Wigan telephone exchange. Moved to Aust 1973 married 3 children 4 grandchildren.

I miss: Fish and chips, childhood haunts.