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The Wigan Directory of 1869, Winstanley

WINSTANLEY township, which comprises an area of nearly three square miles, is surrounded by the townships of Orrell, Pemberton, Ashton and Billinge. It is mostly occupied by the fine park of Meyrick Banckes, Esq., whose residence, Winstanley Hall, is within it. There are coal pits in the eastern part of the township. There are neither public houses nor schools within its boundaries, though access is easy to the neighbouring townships. The population in 1861 was 633, or about one person to every three acres. Chadwick Green is partly in this and the neighbouring township of Billinge.

Abbot John, farmer
Alker Robert, farmer
Ashall Ann, farmer
Ashall Mary, farmer
Ashton James, farmer
Banckes Meyrick, Esq., Winstanley Hall
Barton William, farmer
Cliff John, farmer
Daniels Thomas, nail manufacturer
Davenport John, farmer
Dearden Edward, farmer
Dearden William, farmer
Ellison Edward, farmer
Fairbrother James, farmer
Fairclough William, farmer
Fouracre Samuel, farmer
Halliwell Thomas, gamekeeper
Hodson James & Co., farmers
Laithwaite Sarah, farmer
Latham Thomas, farmer
Longton Thomas, corn miller
Moyers James, farmer
Moyers Richard, farmer
Nicholson John, farmer
Nicholson Peter, farmer
Shortrede Thomas, agent to Meyrick Bankes, Esq., coal proprietor
Tasker Thomas, farmer
Turner Henry, farmer and stone quarry master

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