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The Wigan Directory of 1869, Wigan, U-V-W-Y

Wigan, U-V-W-Y

Union Insurance Co., W. S. France, Church gates, agent
United Kingdom Electric Telegraph Co., 20 King street
Unsworth James, joiner, 48 Upper Morris street
Uttley Thomas, hairdresser, 61 Wigan lane
Vale Elizabeth, milliner, 12 Green street
Valiant William, engineer, &c. (Baker & Valiant), Ashton
Varcoe John, solicitor's clerk, 37 Harrogate
Vaughan George, wire worker, &c., Whelley and 133 Scholes
Veale John, beer retailer, 1 Queen's head yard
Vose Samuel, coach maker, 3 Marylebone place
Waddington James, tailor, &c. (J. & R. Waddington), Harrogate street
Waddington James & Robert, tailors and drapers, 6 Market place
Waddington Jonathon, oil, &c., manufacturer (J. & W. Waddington), Wigan lane
Waddington Mary Ann, fancy repository, 23 Wallgate
Waddington Robert, tailor, (J. & R. Waddington), 6 Market place
Waddington William, wine and spirit merchant, Black Horse Inn, 4 Market place; residence, Mesnes terrace
Wainwright Thomas, Wesleyan schoolmaster, Dicconson street
Walker William, wine merchant, 4 and 6 Wiend
WALES WILLIAM, hairdresser, perfumer, &c., 57 Standishgate
Walker Alfred, grocer, &c., 30 Market place; house, 134 Frog lane
Walker John, engineer and iron merchant, 15 Wallgate - warehouse, Queen street; residence, 17 Dicconson street
Walker Thomas Ascroft, land and mine surveyor, 15 Wallgate; residence, 17 Dicconson street
Walker William, shopkeeper, Newhall street
Walker William, traveller, Britannia bridge
Wall Thomas, printer, bookseller, publisher of the Wigan Observer, (on Fridays and Saturdays,) postmaster, stamp distributor, and agent for the Liverpool & London and Globe Insurance Co., 27 Wallgate
Wallace John, cashier, Poolstock lane
Walls Henry, junr., land and mine surveyor, 8 King street; house, Castle hill, Hindley
Walls John, clerk, 15 Darlington street
Wallwork Thomas, boiler inspector, Poolstock lane
Walmesley Mrs., Westwood house
Walmesley Giles, pattern maker, Bottling wood
Walmesley Alice, eating house, 12 Hallgate
Walmesley Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 40 Queen street
Walmesley Herman, Esq., Gidlow lane
Walmesley Hugh, cotton spinner, (Strickland and Walmesley) Water heys
Walmesley Rev. John, 121 Standishgate
Walmesley Margaret, shoemaker, 36 Scholes
Walmesley Richard, accountant and arbitrator, assurance, commission, estate, &c. agent, Lansdowne terrace
Walsh Ann, Red Lion Inn, 117 Chapel lane
Walsh James, butcher, Millgate
Walsh Sarah, butcher, Fleece yard
Walsh William, butcher, 99 Scholes
Warburton John, shopkeeper and china dealer, 150 and 152 Scholes
Ward Peter, draper, hosier, milliner, &c. 28 Scholes
Wardrop Miss Christina, 26 Charles street
Wareing George, beer retailer, Whelley
Waring Betty, shopkeeper, 7 Upper Morris street
Waring Richard, beer retailer, 190 Scholes
Warwick Miss Maryann, Springfield street
Watkinson Robert, carter, 36 Victoria street
Watmough William, book keeper, 25 Poolstock lane
Webb Rev. Arthur Henry, (Surrogate) Wigan lane
Weedall T. B., cotton spinner, (T. B. Weedall and Co,) Acton's walk
Weedall T. B. and Co. (late John Acton and Co.) cotton spinners, Chapel lane mills
Welch Joseph, butcher, 109 Standishgate
Westby James, fishmonger, 24 Wigan lane
Whaley Miss Esther, 29 Dicconson street
Whalley Rev. George, Poolstock lane
Whetwall A., hosier and shirtmaker, 29 Market place
Whitaker Henry, Esq., 143 Standishgate
White Charles, engineer, Upper Dicconson street
White Edward William, tailor and draper, 14 Wigan lane
White James, surgeon, 22 King street
Whitehead Thomas, shoemaker, 14 Harrogate street
Whiteside Richard, Royal Hotel, 1 Standishgate
Whitfield James, ironmonger, &c. 52 Market place; house 30 Dicconson street
Whittaker Frederick, clerk, 10 Harrogate street
Whittaker James, book keeper, 45 Queen street
Whyte Rev. E., 93 Standishgate
Widdows James, tallow chandler, 85 Millgate
Widdows James, book keeper, 7 St. Thomas' street
Wigan and Whiston Coal Co. Limited, coal proprietors, Whelley
Wigan Coal and Iron Co. Limited, coal proprietors and iron manufacturers, Wigan
Wigan Conservative and Constitutional Association, King street; John Woodhall, secretary
Wigan Dispensary, King street; J. Macloghlin, house surgeon
Wigan Gas Co. Works, Chapel lane; R. Sayer, manager, T. Smith, secretary, W. Wigan, collector
Wigan Newspaper and Printing Co. Limited, publishers of the Wigan Examiner (on Fridays and Saturdays), Lea's court, Market place; William Gregory, manager
Wigan Observer Office, 27 Wallgate; T. Wall publisher
Wigan Provident Benefit Building Society, 8 King street; Thomas Hawett, jun., solicitor
Wigan William, collector for Wigan Gas Co. 3 St. Thomas' street
Wigan Edward, bricklayer, Frog lane
Wignal William, engineer, 1 Poolstock lane
Wilding Walter W., tobacconist, 5 Standishgate; house Birkett bank
Wilkinson Ann, Ropemakers' Arms Inn, 3 Caroline street
Wilkinson Joseph, shoemaker, 20 New square
Wilkinson Mr. Thomas, 3 Chapel lane
Wilkinson Thomas, ropemaker and furniture dealer, 172 Wallgate
Wilkinson Thomas, blacksmith, 117 Wallgate
Wilkinson William, blacksmith, Queen street
Wilkinson William, ironfounder, Holme house foundry; house 27 Scarisbrick street
Willan Sarah, shopkeeper, 39 Wallgate
Willgoose Mrs. Margaret, 29 Charles street
Williams and Lamb, oil and grease manufacturers, 16 King street; works Miry lane and Wallgate
Williams David A., schoolmaster, (St. Catherine's) Scholefield lane
Williams Henry, coachsmith, 116 Great George street
Williams John, clogger, 117 Wallgate
Williams John, coach builder, Wallgate
Williams Jonathon, traveller, 29 Harrogate street
Williams Miles, oil distiller, &c. (Williams and Lamb) Pagefield
Wilson and Harwood, pawnbrokers, clothiers, jewellers and general salesmen, 28 Market place
Wilson Mrs. Ann, Poolstock lane
Wilson Joseph, builder and timber merchant, 20 Caroline street
Wilson Joseph, draper, Charles street
Wilson Maryann, dressmaker, 54 Hallgate
Wilson Robert, travelling draper, 18 Wigan lane
Wilson Thomas, pawnbroker, (Wilson & Harwood) Monument terrace
Windle James, clogger, 105 Wigan lane
Winnard Alexander, tinplate worker, 86 Wallgate
Winnard Alexander, watchmaker, &c. 73 Standishgate
Winnard James, Legs of Man Inn, Market place
Winnard Joseph Taylor, surgeon, 28 Standishgate
Winnard William, builder and contractor, 186 Wallgate
Winstanley Catherine, shopkeeper, 147 Scholes
Winstanley James, joiner, 144 Frog lane
Winstanley John, brassfounder, &c. Caledonian foundry, Queen street; house 132 Chapel lane
Winstanley Lawrence, White Hart Inn, 24 Wellington street
Winstanley Robert, surgeon, 65 Standishgate
Winstanley William, furniture dealer, 174 Wallgate
Winterburn Rev. William, 32 Dicconson street
Wise William, shopkeeper, 122 Great George street
Wolfendale Thomas, clogger, 35 Scholes
Wolstenholme Charles, painter, &c. 60 Queen street
Wolstenholme Matthew, mining engineer and surveyor, 20 King street; residence Spring bank house, Ince
Wood Mrs. Ann, householder, 104 Standishgate
Wood Ann, householder, 106 Chapel lane
Wood Ann, shopkeeper, 56 Boyswell lane
Wood Charles, chemist, 21 Market place; residence Monument house, Wigan lane
Wood Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 176 Wallgate
Wood Elizabeth and Amelia, milliners and baby linen warehouse, 21 Millgate
Wood James, clerk, Wigan lane
Wood James, shopkeeper, 38 Chapel lane
Wood James, shopkeeper, 8 Wood street
Wood James Alexander, commission agent, 119 Wigan lane
Wood John, clogger, 71 Darlington street
Wood John & Co., cotton spinners and manufacturers, Pennyhurst mill
Wood Joseph, shopkeeper, 136 Frog lane
Wood Mrs. Mary, 11 Scarisbrick street
Wood Mrs. Michael, Wigan lane
Wood Thomas, butcher, 26 Market place; house Bellingham terrace
Wood Thomas, cooper and beer retailer, 67 Millgate
Wood William, joiner and builder, Fleece yard
Woodcock E. H., Esq., solicitor, (Part and Woodcock) Bellingham terrace
Woodcock Henry, Esq., banker, (Thomas Woodcock, Sons and Eckersley) Bank house
Woodcock Herbert S., Esq., The Elms
Woodcock Thomas, Sons and Eckersley, bankers, Wigan bank, 4 Standishgate
Woodger James, upholsterer, Pagefield
Woodhall John, agent for the Queen and Accident Insurance offices, and secretary for the Conservative Association, 52 Caroline street
Woods Henry, clothes dealer, 73 Millgate
Woods John, iron turner, 18 Shelmerdine street
Woods John, pawnbroker, 60 Scholes; house 18 Lower Morris street
Woods John, stonemason, 79 Great George street
Woods John, shopkeeper, 49 Queen street
Woods Mr. Thomas, Clifton street
Woods William, veterinary surgeon, 26 Standishgate
Woods William and Son, cotton spinners, Trencherfield Mill
Woodward Richard, shopkeeper, 22 School lane
Woolstencroft John, hairdresser, perfumer, and proprietor of the celebrated Hydroptikon, 9 Wiend
Woosey James, shopkeeper, 43 Scholes
Woosnam John, shopkeeper, 84 Scholes
Worsley Robert, painter, plasterer and house agent, Standishgate
Worswick James, Painters' Arms, 54 Princess street
Worswick John, billposter, 42 Chapel lane
Worthington Charles, shopkeeper, 39 Queen street
Worthington Edward, ropemaker, 100 Chapel lane
Worthington George, painter, 7 Charles street
Worthington George, ironmoulder, 37 Queen street
Worthington William, veterinary surgeon, Calendar place, Wallgate
Worthington William, engine tenter, 9 Upper Morris street
Wrigglesworth William, assistant ironmonger, 30 Charles street
Wright Catherine, beer retailer, Scholes
Wright Egerton Leigh, solicitor, vestry clerk, agent to Roger Leigh, Esq., and to the Lancashire Insurance Co. 24 King street; residence Hindley hall, Aspull
Wright Henry, Esq., Whelley house
Wright Isaac, grocer and provision dealer, baker, &c. 41 Millgate; residence, 18 Marsden square
Wright James, inspector, 19 Addison street
Wright John, wheelwright, 28 Harrogate street
Wright Joseph, travelling draper, 13 Caroline street
Wright Robert, accountant and agent for the Consolidated Life Assurance Co. 4 Cross keys yard
Wright Robert, master of St. George's school, Church street
Wright Thomas, wheelwright, &c. 157 Wallgate; house 5 St. Thomas' street
Wright William, auctioneer and valuer, 4 Cross keys yard
Yates John, collector of district rates, 26 Primrose hill
Yates Richard, beer retailer, Pottery
Yates William, shopkeeper, 55 Miry lane
Yorkshire Fire and Life Office, 23 King street; W. Leader, agent
Young James, plasterer, painter, &c. 85 Standishgate
Young James, White Swan Inn, 120 Scholes
Young John, B.A., second master of grammar school, Rodney street; residence Monument terrace
Young John, engineer, 29 Scarisbrick street
Young Richard, shoemaker, 44 Chapel lane

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