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The Wigan Directory of 1869, Wigan, T

Wigan, T

Taberner John, station-master (L. & N. W. Station) ; house, 54 Caroline street
Taberner John, tailor, 6 Harrogate street
Talbot Joseph, shopkeeper, top of Scholes
Tarbuck George, nail, bolt, and screw maker, Bottling wood
Tarbuck James, moulder, 69 Wigan lane
Tarbuck James, bolt, &c., maker, Bottling wood
Tarbuck Joseph, bolt and screw manufacturer, 123 Wigan lane
Tarbuck William, solicitor's clerk, Upper Dicconson street
Tarbuck William, bolt, &c. maker, 10 Bottling wood
Tasker James, beer retailer, 47 Miry lane
Tattersall Henry, draper, 72 Millgate
Taylor E. and J., tailors and drapers, 4 King street
Taylor Henry, gardener, 1 Marylebone place
Taylor Mrs. Elizabeth, Rodney street
Taylor James, joiner, 30 Chapel lane
Taylor Frederick H., bookkeeper, 13 Marsden square
Taylor J., collector, Government Tax office, Standishgate place
Taylor James, Fox Inn, 137 Chapel lane
Taylor James, Mount Pleasant Inn, 72 Scholefield lane
Taylor James, painter and tripe dresser, 138 Wallgate
Taylor James, Esq., Whitley hall
Taylor James, quarry master (J. Taylor & Son), Water heys
Taylor James, junr., engineer, &c., Water heys foundry; residence, Hill cottage
Taylor James & Son, quarry masters, &c., Water heys and Colinfield quarries
Taylor John, shopkeeper, 94 Whelley
Taylor John, shopkeeper, 34 Hallgate
Taylor John, Vine Inn, 45 Caroline street
Taylor John, painter, 16 Great George street
Taylor John, painter, 38 Pool street, Poolstock
Taylor Joseph & Sarah, shopkeepers, Pottery
Taylor Matthew, pointsman, 15 Great George street
Taylor Nicholas, Roebuck Inn, 41 Standishgate
Taylor Richard, cotton spinner (Thomas Taylor & Brother), Woodfield
Taylor Richard, shopkeeper, 53 Wigan lane
Taylor Richard, beer retailer, 1 Millgate
Taylor Mr. Samuel, Swinley lane
Taylor Thomas, tripe dresser, 42 Millgate
Taylor Thomas, M.A., master of Grammar School, Rodney street; residence, Bellingham terrace
Taylor Thomas, Bricklayers' Arms Inn, 29 Hallgate
Taylor Thomas, quarrymaster (James Taylor & Son), Water heys
Taylor Thomas & Brother, cotton spinners, Victoria mills, Wallgate
Taylor Thomas Frederick, solicitor, 11 Standishgate; residence, Highfield house, Pemberton
Taylor William, shopkeeper, 45 Wigan lane
Taylor William, shopkeeper, 7 Bishopgate
Teare Thomas, shopkeeper, 140 Wallgate
Theatre Royal, King street; Forster & Sons, lessees
Thomas Jonathon, boot and shoe maker, Whelley
Thomas Joseph, furniture dealer, 50 Standishgate
Thomas Martha, shopkeeper, 79 Scholes
Thomas William, earthenware dealer, 57 Wigan lane
Thomas William, draper and joiner, 21 Wellington street
Thompson & Co., iron and steel merchants, wholesale agents for blasting powder and fuse, 14 Millgate; William Chalk, manager
Thompson Andrew, travelling draper, 166 Wallgate
Thompson Francis, shopkeeper, 164 Scholes
Thompson James, shopkeeper, 54 School street
Thompson Peter, clogger, 25 Birkett bank
Thompson Mr. Robert, Thornhill, Standish
Thompson Mr. William, 9 Rodney street
Thornton John, wheelwright, Wheat sheaf yard
Tickle Hugh, draper, 22 Hallgate
Tickle John, ironfounder (Tickle Brothers & Addison), Clayton street
Tickle Brothers & Addison, iron and brass founders, Vulcan Foundry, Clayton street
Tickle Samuel, ironfounder (Tickle Brothers & Addison), Clayton street
Timms Joseph, bricksetter, 19 Upper Morris street
Timms Mrs. Mary, 13 Charles street
Tinsley Henry, painter, 23 Upper Morris street
Tinsley Isaac, chair bottomer, 88 Queen street
Tinsley Ralph, painter, Clifton street
Tipping William, cotton spinner, Henhurst bridge
Tohill Henry, shopkeeper, 39 Hallgate
Top Thomas, rent collector, 13 Addison street
Topping James, beer retailer, Cherry gardens
Topping Peter, brewer, 3 Shelmerdine street
Topping Robert, clogger, 2½ Market place; house 74 Wigan lane
Topping Thomas, Fox and Goose Inn, 37 Wigan lane
Topping Thomas, engine tenter, 4 Swinley lane
Topping William, Bankes's Arms Inn, 81 Wallgate
Trickett John, farmer, Poolstock
Turner Alice, china dealer, 69 Wallgate
Turner Charles, coal proprietor, Mesnes colliery
Turner James, beer retailer, 56 Standishgate
Turner Thomas, brickmaker, Pagefield
Turtle G., chimney sweeper, Warrington lane
Twist John, pointsman, 3 Poolstock lane
Twist David, platelayer, 64 Clayton street
Tyrer Frederick, Shovel and Broom Inn, 20 Scholes
Tyrer James, bookseller, stationer, printer, dealer in paper hangings and picture frame maker, 11 Wallgate; house, 17 Rodney street
Tyrer Jonathon, Von Blucher Inn, Whelley
Tyrer Thomas, Grey Horse Inn, 86 Whelley

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