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The Wigan Directory of 1869, Wigan, S

Wigan, S

Salmon Richard, book keeper, 1 St. Thomas' street
Sanders Catherine, beer retailer, 80 Frog lane
Sanderson Richard, stoker, 7 Foy street
Sandiford John, outside porter, 75 Darlington street
Savings' Bank, Standishgate; William Strickland, secretary
Sawbridge Henry, butcher, 7 Wiend
Sayer Richard, gas manager, Chapel lane
Scales and Salter, boot and shoemakers, 36 Market place; B. Elsworth, manager
Scarle Robert, King's Arms Inn, 88 Scholes
Schofield George, confectioner, 146 Wallgate
Schofield James, boot and shoemaker, 75 Wallgate
Scholes George, beer retailer, 8 Hallgate
Scholes John and Co. boiler makers, Seven Stars boiler works, Wallgate
Scott Edward, solicitor, and agent for the Pelican and Royal Insurance offices, 35 Standishgate; residence Wellfield
Scott Henry, boot and shoemaker, 22 Millgate
Scott John, builder, &c. Clarence yard; residence Upper Dicconson street
Scott John, parcel porter, 1 Addison street
Scott John, travelling draper, 15 Caroline street
Scottish Equitable Insurance Co.; T. Milligan, Upper Dicconson street, agent
Scottish Imperial Insurance Co. Caroline street; James Lowe, agent
Scottish National Insurance Co.; L. R. Rowbottom, Bretherton's row, agent
Scottish Provident Institution Life Office, 1 Rowbottom square; J. Caldwell, agent
Scottish Provincial Insurance Co.; Thomas Hawett, 8 King street, agent
Scottish Union Insurance Co.; agent W. Gee, 26 King street
Scottish Widows' Fund Life Assurance Office, 28 King street; W. Leader, agent
Seddon E. M. and E., shopkeepers, 13 Green street
Seddon James, turner and fitter, 11 Green street
Seddon John, pawnbroker, 100 Wallgate; residence The Firs, Aspull
Seddon John, beer retailer, 30 Lord street
Settle John, grocer and provision dealer, 48 Scholes
Seward James, day school, 23 Church street
Seymour Thomas, cooper, 11 Upper Morris street
Sharples Hugh, clogger and draper, 150 Wallgate
Sharples Richard, shopkeeper, 154 Scholes
Sharrock Richard, potato dealer, 55 Queen street
Sharrock Thomas, fitter, Swinley lane
Shaw Elizabeth, hosier and draper, 98 Wallgate
Shaw Francis, bobbin turner, 84 Hallgate
Shaw George Vickers, skinner and leather dresser, Hallgate
Shaw Joseph, earthenware dealer, 27 Birkett bank
Shaw Thomas, banker's clerk, Bank court
Shaw William, blacksmith, 6 Marylebone place
Shaw William M., butcher, 124 Scholes
Sheen James, tailor, 5 Queen's head yard
Shelmerdine Richard, Raven Inn, 5 Wallgate
Shepherd Charles Dunbar, surgeon, (Daglish & Shepherd) 23 Standishgate
Shepherd Richard, butcher, 110 Scholes
Sherrington Henry, pigeon fancier, 70 Standishgate
Siddell Mrs. Jane, 4 Bank terrace
Shimeld Henry, meter maker, 5 Foy street
Silcock John, Woolpack Inn, 34 Millgate
Simm Gilbert Smith, goods agent, Lindsay terrace, Poolstock lane
Simm Thomas, overlooker, 15 Charles street
Simm William, chief constable, Borough Police offices, King street
Simpkin James, boot and shoemaker, 38 Standishgate
Simpkin John, shopkeeper, 78 Hallgate
Simpkin Samuel, shopkeeper, 70 Spring gardens
Simpson Robert, Crown and Anchor Inn, 58 Queen street
Simpson Thomas, beer retailer, 6 Clayton street
Sims Edmund, joiner, 16 Harrogate street
Siney Catherine, shopkeeper, 30 Lime street
Slader William, clerk, 31 Poolstock lane
Slavan John, beer retailer, 98 Hardybutts
Smalley James, tailor and draper, 72 Scholes
Smallshaw Francis, clogger, 95 Scholes
Smalley Samuel, tinplate worker, 6 Queen's head yard
Smalley John, chandler, 8 Queen's head yard
Smallshaw John, Martland Bridge Inn, Martland bridge
Smethurst Christopher, Bridge Inn, 143 Chapel lane
Smirk John, blacksmith, 93 Hallgate
Smirk Sarah, milliner, 93 Hallgate
Smith Edward, provision dealer, 54 Wallgate
Smith Elijah, brewer, 12 Great George street
Smith Henry, pork butcher and provision dealer, 10 and 12 Wiend; house 83 Millgate
Smith James, diaper and damask manufacturer, Scholes bridge mill; house 3 Belvoir street
Smith James, shopkeeper, 188 Scholes
Smith James, bricklayer, Whelley
Smith James, shopkeeper, 121 Wigan lane
Smith John, secretary of the Mechanics' Institution, King street; house Bank terrace
Smith John, seedsman and florist, 113 Standishgate
Smith John, assistant grocer, 13 Harrogate street
Smith Margaret, shopkeeper, 52 Standishgate
Smith Richard, shoemaker, 68 Wigan lane
Smith Richard, grocer, 42 Market place
Smith Robert, printer, Bold Arms, Standishgate
Smith Mrs. Susannah, 49 Great George street
Smith Thomas, draper, &c., 20 Millgate; house 25 Dicconson street
Smith William, labourer, 64 Millgate
Smith Mr. William, 9 Charles street
Snape Charles, Esq., Thornhill, Standish
Sovereign Life Assurance Co., 80 Wallgate; Thomas Johnson, agent
Spencer James, grocer, baker, and miller, 119 and 121 Scholes
Spencer James, junr., grocer, &c., 78 Scholes
Staley Harriet, confectioner, 36 Darlington street
Stamp Office, 27 Wallgate; Thomas Wall, distributor
Standish Abraham, tailor and draper, 13 Millgate; house 9 Foy street
Standish Henry, shopkeeper, 13 Upper Morris street
Starr James, bookseller &c., Queen street
Steam Boiler Insurance Co., William Leech, 20 King street, agent
Steigmeier Gustave, teacher of music, 101 Standishgate
Stephen John, brickmaker, Pagefield Inn, 162 Gidlow lane
Stephenson Thomas, tailor, 60 Hardybutts
Stocks Frederick B., baker, &c., Upper Morris street
Stones James, grocer, &c. 114 Scholes and top of Scholes
Stopford James, shopkeeper, 231 Scholes
Stopforth John, shopkeeper, 2 Duke street
Stout Robert, tailor and draper, Christian Knowledge Society's depot, 23 Rodney street
Strafford William, brass finisher, 11 York street
Strickland and Walmsley, cotton spinners, Water heys
Strickland James, shopkeeper, 127 Great George street
Strickland William, cotton spinner (Strickland & Walmesley), 96 Standishgate
Stringfellow Moses, Nag's Head Inn, 74 Great George street
Strowger and Son, printers and stationers, 22 Scholes
Stuart Thomas, pawnbroker and clothier, 86 Scholes; residence, Old Elms, Wigan lane
Stuart Ellen, ropemaker, stationer, &c., 120 Wallgate
Stuart Henry, engineer & ironfounder, Waterloo Foundry, School common; house, Darlington street
Stuart Joseph, smallware dealer, 39 Wigan lane
Stuart Mary Ellen, milliner, Darlington street
Sumner Henry, cashier, Swinley lane
Sun Insurance Co., Mayhew & Son, 20 Standishgate, agents
Superintendant Registrar's & Deputy Coroner's Office, 25 King street
Surveyor of Taxes Office, 33 King street; D. Thomas, surveyor
Sutherland George, watchman, 7 Shelmerdine street
Sutherland James, tailor, Frog lane
Sutton Luke, beer retailer, 86 Wigan lane
Sutton Peter, shopkeeper, 127 Standishgate
SWALES ELIJAH, watch and clock maker, jeweller, &c., 56 Wallgate
Swarbrick Mrs. Mary, 2 Bank terrace, near Water heys
Sweetman John M., chemist and druggist, 49 Standishgate
Swift Allan, Clarence hotel, 50 Wallgate
Swift Charles, shopkeeper, 3 Hope street
Swift Charles, Clock Face Inn, 47 Scholes
Swift Robert, greengrocer, 2 Hope street
Swift Mrs. Ellen, Percival place, 103 Millgate
Swift Ellen, dressmaker, 8 Green street
Swift Joseph, clogger, 46 Scholes and 13 Market place

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