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The Wigan Directory of 1869, Wigan, P-Q

Wigan, P-Q

Park Henry, iron merchant, (William Park and Co.) Lower Whitley
Park John, solicitor and insurance agent, 8 Wiend
Park Robert, manufacturer of forgings, School Common forge; house 11 Dicconson street
Park William, iron merchant, (W. Park & Co.) New lodge, Wigan lane
Park William and Co. iron merchants, 15 Wiend
Parker Elizabeth, straw bonnet maker, 31 Queen street
Parker James, clerk, 1 Lower Freckleton
Parker Richard, forester, 31 Queen street
Parker William, master of St. Thomas's school, Caroline street
Parkinson Adam, beer retailer, 122 Schofield lane
Parkinson Isaac, tinplate worker, 66 Millgate
Parkinson John, underlooker, 138 Frog lane
Parkinson John, plasterer, 61 Caroline street
Parkinson William, shopkeeper, 74 Hallgate
Parkinson William, King of Prussia Inn, 26 Hallgate
Parr William, joiner, 12 Shelmerdine street
Parratt Walter, professor of music, Springfield street
Parsons Oswald, dentist, 10 King street
Part and Woodcock, solicitors, 36 King street
Part Samuel, currier, (W. H. and S. Part) Whelley
Part Thomas, solicitor, perpetual commissioner, registrar of County Courts at Wigan and Chorley, clerk to county and borough magistrates, (Part and Woodcock) Astley hall, Chorley
Part Thomas R., general ironmonger and nail warehouse, 39 Market place; residence College farm, Orrell
Part W. H. and S., curriers, 13 Wiend
Part William Henry, currier, (W. H. and S. Part) Percival place, 109 Millgate
Patterson Mary Ann, milliner, tobacconist, and register office for servants, 40 Darlington street
Patterson William Acres, boot and shoe maker, 40 Darlington street
Paxton James, shopkeeper, Whelley
Peace Maskell William, solicitor, perpetual commissioner, and commissioner for affidavits in Chancery and Common Law Courts, town clerk, clerk to Local Board of Health, law clerk to the South Lancashire and Cheshire Coal Association, secretary to the Lancashire Union Railways Co., agent to the Standard Life and Manchester Fire Assurance Co.'s, 2 McClure's court, Standishgate; residence Greenhill
Pearson Mrs. Elizabeth, 10 Wigan lane
Pearson W. and Son, auctioneers, valuers, house, estate and insurance agents, 11 Standishgate
Pearson W., (executors of) booksellers, stationers, printers, &c. 11 Standishgate
Pearson William, hatter, 32 Church street
Peck and Co. manufacturers of railway oil covers, &c. 78 Wallgate
Peck Son and Co. manufacturers, Weir bridge mill
Peers The Misses, Wigan lane
Peers John, clerk, 27 Charles street
Peers William, shopkeeper, 37 Charles street
Peers William, bookseller, stationer, printer, and agent to the City of Glasgow Assurance Co. 91 Standishgate
Pelican Life Assurance Co.; agents Thomas Part, 36 King street, and E. Scott, 35 Standishgate
Pender B. and M., milliners, 12 Standishgate
Pendlebury Edward, hairdresser and tobacconist, 37 Millgate
Pendlebury Esther, dressmaker, Whelley
Pendlebury John, general draper, 7 Standishgate
Pennington Francis, Wheat Sheaf Inn, 71 Wallgate
PEPPER MILL BRASS FOUNDRY CO. brass founders, copper smiths, &c. Pepper mill, Darlington street
Pepper Patrick, shopkeeper, 14 Wellington street
Perrins Isaac, mining engineer and surveyor, 31 Standishgate, residence Elmfield
Perry Lewis Winnard, shopkeeper, 163 Scholes
Peterkin John, family grocer and tea dealer, 33 Market place, and 115 Scholes
Phoenix Insurance Office, 35 King street; Ackerley and Son, agents
Pierce David, fishmonger, Wallgate, and 57 Queen street
Pilkington James, shopkeeper, 120 Frog lane
Pilkington James, butcher, 113 Scholes
Pilkington James, engine fitter, 11 New square
Pilkington John, carter, 15 Upper Morris street
Pilkington Robert, clogger, 1 Duke street
Pilkington William, shopkeeper, 104 Wigan lane
Pilkington William, shopkeeper, shoemaker and clogger, 27 Hallgate
Pilkington William, china dealer, 99 Wigan lane
Pilling John, book keeper, 16 New square
PILLING OSWALD J., house, estate, coal, insurance agent, &c. New square, Standishgate
Pinder Rev. Edward, 35 Dicconson street
Pitcher John, butcher, Pig market
Platt James, auctioneer, Southport, and 2 Standishgate
Platt James, clerk, Clifton street
PLATT RICHARD, bookseller, stationer, printer, bookbinder, music seller, dealer in pianofortes, ordnance map agency, 2 Standishgate; works: Bank court; residence Marsden square
Platt Robert, shopkeeper, 1 Swinley lane
Platt William, grocer, &c. (W. Platt and Son) 116 Standishgate
Platt William, junr., (W. Platt & Son,) 43 Standishgate
Platt William and Son, grocers, flour and provision dealers, 43 Standishgate
Polding Peter, chemist, 8 Market place
Polding William, Britannia Inn, Warrington lane
Pollard Henry, grocer and provision dealer, 26 Scholes
Pollard John, hat manufacturer, 14 Standishgate
Pollard Margaret, Commercial Inn, Market place
Poole Frederick, printer, 124 Great George street
Poole A. G., confectioner, 68 Wallgate
Pope John, pattern maker, 233 Scholes
Pope John, tea dealer, Rodney street
Post Office, King street; Thomas Wall, postmaster
Postlethwaite John, butcher, Marsh lane
Postlethwaite Robert, butcher, 54 and 67 Standishgate
Potter James, cabinetmaker, &c. 11 Scholes
Powell William, tailor, 10 Great George street
Prescott Elijah, brickmaker, Frog lane
Prescott George, beer retailer, 142 Hardybutts
Prescott Henry, beer retailer, 83 Chapel lane
Prescott William, beer retailer, 204 Scholes
Preston John, engineer and iron founder, Chapel lane
Preston John, builder, Church street saw mills; house Upper Dicconson street
Prestt Edward, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 18 Rodney street; residence 10 William street
Prestt John, master carter, 14 William street
Procter Mrs. Jane, 42 Dicconson street
Procter Mr. Richard, 44 Dicconson street
Procter Richard and William, curriers, 61 Standishgate
Proe James, draper, 140 Scholes
Proe Samuel, tailor, Douglas street
Proe Samuel, jun., tailor, 77 Darlington street
Proe Thomas, tailor and draper, 120 Millgate
Provincial Insurance Co., 114 Standishgate; R. Hay, agent
Prudential Assurance Co.; T. Laithwaite, 8 Harrogate street, and J. Manchester, 12 Lower Morris street, agents
Pugh Mary, draper and milliner, 74 Scholes
Pye Thomas, shopkeeper, 57 Vauxhall road
Queen's Building Society (of Manchester), 23 King street; W. Leader, solicitor
Queen Insurance Co.; John Woodhall, 32 Caroline street, agent

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