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The Wigan Directory of 1869, Wigan, M

Wigan, M

McArdle Patrick, shopkeeper, 37 Hardybutts
McAvoy Edward, butcher, 123 Scholes
McAvoy Thomas, butcher, 19 Upper Morris street
McAvoy William, butcher, 91 Scholes
McClure Mrs., 20 Marsden square
McClure John, draper, &c. (Evans & McClure), Acton's terrace, Upper Dicconson street
McClure Samuel, assistant grocer, 12 Marsden square
McConnel Thomas, travelling draper, 15 Queen street
McCormick Rev. Hugh Nugent, 88 Hardybutts
McCurdy Denis, pawnbroker and Roman Catholic schoolmaster, (St. Mary's. Standishgate), 23 Wiend
McDermot Edward, confectioner, 1 Hope street
McDougall Rev. William, 34 Charles street
McEwen Chatherine, day school, 85 Standishgate
McFarlin John, overlooker, 108 Hardybutts
McGeorge Robert, travelling draper, 18 Dicconson street
McGirl James, beer retailer, 103 Hardybutts
McGirl Thomas, shopkeeper, 60 Lime street
McGuane Patrick, beer retailer, 59 Schofield lane
McGuire and Burns, cork cutters, 6 Warrington lane
Mack John, cabinet maker, 41 Great George street
McKenna Peter, Cotton Tree Inn, and shopkeeper, 51 Hardybutts
McKerrow John, travelling draper, 8 Queen street
McKerrow William, travelling draper, 24 Church street
McKerry Daniel, district agent for the National Weekly Life Assurance Co., 64 Queen street
McLachlin Isabella, Three Tuns Inn, 18 Wiend
McMahon Mary Agnes, dressmaker, 3 Queen's head yard
McNab John, fish curer, &c. 51 Scholes
McNaught William, travelling draper, 11 St. Thomas' street
McNulty James, shoemaker, 10 Scholes
Magrath James, shopkeeper, 21 School street
Magraw Mark, tailor, 27 Queen street
Makin James, bricksetter, 3 Makin's yard, Millgate
Makinson George, assistant ironmonger, 33 Charles street
Makinson James, shopkeeper, Whelly
Makinson James, bricklayer, Poolstock lane
Makinson Richard, travelling draper, 93 Millgate
Makinson William, flagger and slater, Millgate
Manchester and County Bank limited (Branch), King street; Wright Gee, manager
Manchester and Liverpool District Bank (Branch), King street; John Muir Dunlop, manager, A. P. Frazer, accountant
Manchester (Fire) Insurance Co.; M. W. Peace, 5 Standishgate, agent
Manchester John, assurance agent, 12 Lower Morris street
Manley Edward, shopkeeper, 22 Wellington street
Margates William E., engineer, Pagefield
Marsden Mrs. Catherine, 134 Wigan Lane
Marsden James, wholesale clothier, 1 and 3 Wallgate
Marsden John, house agent, Water heys
Marsden Joshua, joiner and builder, Whelly saw mill
Marsden Richard, underlooker, 2 Swinley lane
Marsden Sibyl, Angel Inn, 93 Scholes
Marsden William, artificial limb maker, 20 Lower Morris street
Marsden William James, book keeper, grocer and insurance agent, 24 Caroline street
Marsh George, shopkeeper, 40 Whelley
Marsh James, shopkeeper, 87 Queen street
Marsh John, shopkeeper, 87 Queen street
Marsh Joseph, tailor, 5 Duke street
Marsh Thomas, shopkeeper, 122 Chapel lane
Marsh William, baker and provision dealer, 144 Chapel lane
Marshall Thomas, Esq., The Larches
Martin John, chemist, 138 Scholes
Martincroft Richard, painter and gilder, 9 Clarence yard
Martlew Catherine, confectioner, 96 Wallgate
Martlew Robert, cab proprietor, &c. (R. Martlew & Sons), 16 Millgate
Martlew Robert and Sons, cab proprietors, smiths, &c. Minorca Hotel yard, Millgate, and Labe Ends, Haigh
Martlew Sarah, confectioner, 2 Market place
Martlew Thomas, blacksmith, 71 Millgate
Mason Isaac, Seven Stars Inn, Wallgate
Mason James, shopkeeper, 167 Scholes
Mason John, shopkeeper, Stanley street
Mason Jonah W., linen draper, &c. 6 Standishgate
Mason William, teacher of music, 14 New square
Masters William, auctioneer, &c. (W. S. Masters & Son) 85 Standishgate
Masters W. S. and Son, auctioneers and appraisers, 85 Standishgate
Mather John, chemist, 108 Scholes
Mather Richard, shoemaker, 5 Harrogate street
Matthewman George A., hair cutter, perfumer, &c. 18 Standishgate
Matthews Richard, shopkeeper, 26 Patrick's row
Mattinson Miss Annie, boarding school, 23 Dicconson street
Mawdsley Ellen, shopkeeper, 43 Princess street
Mawdesley William, master carter, top of Scholes
Mawson James, shopkeeper, 40 Whelley
Maxwell Alexander, Bridge Inn, 95 Millgate
Mayhew and Sons, solicitors, and agents to the Sun Fire and Life office, 20 Standishgate
Mayhew Arthur, solicitor and commissioner for affidavits, (Mayhew and Sons) Lulworth house, Southport
Mayhew Horace, mining engineer, 11 Standishgate
Mayhew John, solicitor, commissioner to administer oaths, and clerk of peace for the borough, (Mayhew & Sons) Lulworth house, Southport
Mayhew Walter, solicitor, perpetual commissioner, and commissioner for affidavits, (Mayhew and Sons) Woodlands
Meaden Samuel, hosier and draper, 1 Market place
Mears Henry, watchmaker, 67 Scholes
Mears Joseph, tailor, 79 Queen street
Medical and General Insurance Co.; J. Park, 8 Wiend, agent
Mee Joseph, shopkeeper, 40 Princess street
Meek George, draper, &c. (Joseph Meek and Sons) 17 Wallgate
Meek Joseph, draper, &c. (Joseph Meek and Sons) 17 Wallgate
MEEK JOSEPH AND SONS, linen drapers, silk mercers, milliners, house furnishers, &c. 17 and 19 Wallgate
Meek William, draper, &c. (Joseph Meek and Sons) 17 Wallgate
Meglaughlin John and Son, butter and egg merchants, Barnes' court, Queen street; James Hutchinson, agent
Melling Edward, wheelwright, 6 New square
Melling William, forge master, (Ince Forge Company) 11 Birkett bank
Middlehurst Mrs. Isabella, Mesnes terrace
Middleton Robert, striker, 34 Victoria street
Millard James, hardware dealer, &c. 118 Millgate
Millard Lucy, photographic artist, 4 Hope street
Millard William, shoemaker, 8 New square
Miller William, bricklayer, 20 Church street
Milligan Thomas, coal and insurance agent, Upper Dicconson street
Millington William, shopkeeper, 157 Scholes
Millington William, shopkeeper, 54 Boyswell lane
Mills Abraham, butcher, Fleece yard
Milner Thomas, watchmaker, 46 Market place; house, Upper Dicconson street
Milner Thomas, White Lion Inn, 2 Hallgate
Mitchell Edward, fishmonger, Scholes
Mitton Miles, Globe Inn, 24 Hallgate
Mitton William, butcher, Market place; house 17 Wiend
Molony Martin, egg and butcher dealer, 1 Union street
Molteni and Son, manufacturers of looking glasses, picture frames, barometers, &c. 41 Wallgate
Molyneux Joseph, grocer, Church gates; house 19 Darlington street
Molyneux Levi, shopkeeper, 130 Wigan lane
Molyneux Peter, collier, 2 Fairclough street
Molyneux William, pattern maker, 11 Charles street
Monk and Wigan, joiners, Frog lane
Monk William, joiner, (Monk and Wigan) 146 Frog Lane
Monks Elisha Hodkinson, surgeon, 160 Scholes
Monks Enoch Hodkinson, grocer and provision dealer, 85 Millgate
Moon John, policeman, 20 Harrogate street
Moon Oliver, Rising Sun Inn, 79 Hallgate
Moore Amos, butcher, 4 Darlington street
Moore and Lamb, cotton spinners, Sovereign mill, Warrington lane
Moore Ellen, infants' school, 90 Great George street
Moorfield Henry, joiner, Pagefield
Moorfield James and Peter, brickmakers, Frog lane
Moorfield William, brickmaker, Frog lane
Morgan Ebenezer, book keeper, Poolstock lane
Morgans Morgan, shopkeeper, 69 Queen street
Morris James, beer retailer, 30 Scholes
Morris John Grant, coal proprietor, Rose bridge, and Douglas bank collieries; William Bryham, manager
Morris Thomas, brewer, (Robinson & Co.) Fairhurst hall, Wrightington
Morris William, shoeing smith, 30 Church street
Mort James, agent to the Philanthropic Burial Society, 106 Great George street
Morton James, cab proprietor, 3 Marylebone place
Morton James, clothes dealer, 73 Scholes
Moss Phoebe, shopkeeper, 2 Marsh lane
Mounsey Thomas, beer retailer, 11 Great George street
Munro G. & Co., wine, spirit, ale and porter merchants, 10 Millgate
Murphy John, draper, and district agent for the Royal Liver Friendly Society, 73 Darlington street
Murphy Patrick, provision dealer, 15 Scholes
Murray Archibald, Inland Revenue officer, 21 Charles street
Myers Thomas, assistant pawnbroker, 36 Harrogate street
Myler Patrick, butcher, 2 Crofters' Arms yard

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