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The Wigan Directory of 1869, Ince-in-Makerfield

INCE-IN-MAKERFIELD, is a township in the parish of Wigan, touching the south-east boundary of the borough. This district supplies the greatest quantities of Cannel and King coal, and most extensive collieries are worked within the township. There are also forges and foundries where spades, edge tools, and other iron goods are made; and the large works and iron furnaces of the Wigan Coal and Iron Company are situated at Kirkless Hall. The coal-pits, coke-ovens, furnaces, forges, foundries, chemical, and other works constitute Ince a miniature "Black Country." The Lancashire and Yorkshire and the London and North Western Railways pass through, and the Ince Cemetery, and a larger cemetery for Wigan Borough are in the south-west of the township, to the windward of most of the works, and are very pleasantly situated. The old Hall of Ince, a timbered building, is now used as the offices for one of the large collieries. Ince is constituted an ecclesiastical district, and has a handsome new church, besides Dissenting chapels. The population of Ince in 1861 was 8,266, now largely increased.

Ainscow Charles, Royal Hotel, Manchester road
Ainscow Charles and Thomas, clog and shoemakers, Manchester road
Ashton William, clockmaker, Manchester road
Ashurst Henry, underlooker, Ince Green lane
Atherton James, beer retailer, Manchester road
Atherton James, underlooker, Ince Green lane
Atherton Richard, shopkeeper, Manchester road
Atherton Robert, Bay Horse, Manchester road
Atherton Thomas, clog and shoemaker, Manchester road
Baldwin Daniel, underlooker, Amberswood common
Banks Robert, beer retailer, Bellegreen lane
Baron John, shopkeeper, Long Broom street
Baron Matthew, shopkeeper, Manchester road
Barton William, beer retailer, Manchester road
Battersby Daniel, farmer and colliery manager
Battersby James, Ince Hall Inn, Warrington road
Belshaw Thomas, clog and shoemaker, Manchester road
Bennison Benjamin, shopkeeper, Manchester road
Benison William, shopkeeper, Manchester road
Berry Richard, shopkeeper, Britannia bridge
Bibby John B., chemist, druggist and dentist, near the Toll bar, Manchester road
Bimson James, iron founder, spade, &c., manufacturer, Clarington brook forge
Bimson James, jun., (forge manager) Clarington brook house
Bimson John, grocer and provision dealer, Manchester road
Blundell Jonathon and Sons, coal proprietors; office, Pemberton
Boardman Thomas, brickmaker
Bolton Emmanuel, smallware dealer, Manchester road
Boot Rev. Samuel, Woodland villas, Ince Green lane
Bowe Gordon, bank clerk, Anderton terrace, Lower Ince
Bradshaw James, watchmaker, Manchester road
Brandwood James, iron moulder, Anderton terrace
Brayton John G., surgeon, Manchester road, and Market street, Hindley
Brierley Martha S., stationer, Manchester road
Brimilow Thomas, beer retailer, Long Broom street
Brown Daniel, shopkeeper and beer retailer, Manchester road
Brown George, boot and shoemaker, Manchester road
Brown George, beer retailer, Petticoat lane
Brown George, shopkeeper, Ince Green lane
Brown James, earthenware dealer, Warrington road
Brown Peter, beer retailer, Bellevue lane
Bryham Mr. Thomas, Rose bridge
Bryham William, colliery manager, Rose bridge
Bushell James, shopkeeper, Amberswood common
Caldwell George, managing director to the Moss hall Coal Co., Moss hall
Caldwell Mrs., farmer, Bellegreen lane
Calvert George, broker and hardware dealer, Manchester road
Cartwright William, shopkeeper, Ince Green lane
Chadwick Edward, butcher, Manchester road
Chamberlain Elizabeth, earthenware dealer, Warrington road
Chamberlain Richard, plumber, Warrington road; shop, Bishopgate, Wigan
Charnock Richard, shopkeeper and beer retailer, Warrington road
Christopher Richard, Esq., Ince Green lane
Christopher Mr. Richard, jun., Spring view
Close George, tailor, Newhall street
Cooper Joseph, shopkeeper, Long Broom street
County Constabulary Station, Manchester road; William Ellison, superintendent
Crank Richard, shopkeeper, Ince Green lane
Crompton and Shawcross, coal proprietors, Birkett bank, and Firtree house collieries
Crompton John, rate &c. collector, Manchester road
Crompton William, coal proprietor, (Crompton & Schawcross) Firtree house
Daniels Thomas, shopkeeper, Bellegreen lane
Dawber Ralph, woollen draper, (Carr & Dawber) Anderton terrace
Dean Henry, schoolmaster, Hall of Ince school, Warrington road
Dean John and Co., slate merchants, Rose bridge
Dickinson Ralph, police inspector, Manchester road
Dingley George, locomotive superintendent, Warrington road
Dobb William, book keeper
Dootson James, beer retailer, Bellegreen lane
Ellison John, beer retailer, Amberswood common
Englishby Thomas, shopkeeper, Warrington road
Fairhurst Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Manchester road
Fairhurst John, shopkeeper, Manchester road
Fairhurst Thomas, beer retailer, Bellegreen lane
Farrimond Thomas, underlooker, Arley terrace, Lower Ince
Farrington Joseph, clogger, near Britannia bridge, Lower Ince
Fergie Rev. Thomas Francis, Manchester road
Fisher Henry, beer retailer, Ince Green lane
Forshaw Edward, beer retailer, Warrington road
Garrett John, manufacturing chemist
Garrod John, registrar, Wigan cemetery, Lower Ince
Gaskell Hugh, butcher, Manchester road
Gaskell Thomas, butcher, Ince Green lane
Gerrard Daniel, shopkeeper, Bellegreen lane
Gerrard John, shopkeeper, Ince Green lane
Gerrard Thomas, Crown Inn, Manchester road
Gerrard William, secretary to the Ince hall Coal and Cannel Co., Ince hall
Gidlow James, cotton spinner, Newhall mills
Gidlow Thomas, coal proprietor, Hosier house, and Ladies' lane collieries
Gill John, shopkeeper, Ince Green lane
Gill Thomas, shopkeeper, Warrington road
Gilroy George, manager to the Ince hall Coal and Cannel Co.; residence, Hindley house, Hindley
Gobbin Thomas, tailor, Rose bridge
Gostelow Henry, grocer, Manchester road
Green Thomas, shopkeeper, Warrington road
Green William, beer retailer and shopkeeper, Bellegreen lane
Greenhalgh John, shopkeeper, Warrington road
Gregory Henry, shopkeeper, Manchester road
Grime Robert, Shovel and Broom Inn, Manchester road
Grimshaw William, beer retailer, Ince Green lane
Hall Richard, surgeon, Manchester road
Halsall John, farmer, Warrington road
Hardman William, cashier, Woddland villas, Ince Green lane
Hatton Thomas, grocer and provision dealer, Warrington road
Haughton Thomas, engineer, Arley terrace, Lower Ince
Hayes Jane, shopkeeper, Manchester road
Hayes Sarah, milliner, Ince Green lane
Heaton Richard, underlooker, Woodland villas, Ince Green lane
Helm Edward, Bellevue Inn, Bellegreen lane
Hesketh John, shop and beer retailer, Long Broom street
Hesketh Margaret Ann, milliner, Ince Green lane
Hesketh William, plasterer, painter, &c., Manchester road
Higson John, Squirrel Inn, Manchester road
Hill John, shopkeeper, Warrington road
Hill George, railway inspector, Warrington road
Hilton James, surveyor, Ince Green lane
Hilton Peter, wheelwright, Warrington road
Hitchings Richard, beer retailer, Warrington road
Hoben William, police sergeant, Manchester road
Holding James, shopkeeper, Bellegreen lane
Horrocks John, clogger and shoemaker, Manchester road
Howard Elizabeth, White Swan Inn, Warrington road
Howarth Robert, farmer, Petticoat lane
Hughes Griffith, butcher, Manchester road
Hughes Mrs. Margaret, Woodland villas, Ince Green lane
Ince Cemetery, Warrington road; Robert Winstanley, jun., registrar
Ince Forge Company, manufacturers of forgings for locomotive, marine and stationary engines, iron ships, &c., Ince forge works
Ince Hall Coal and Cannel Company, coal proprietors, and coke burners, Ince; George Gilroy, manager; William Gerrard, secretary
Ingram Thomas, book keeper, Lower Ince
Johnson James, beer retailer, Bridgewater street
Johnson Peter, engineer, Hempfield house
Johnson Robert, grocer, Manchester road
Johnson Thomas, shopkeeper, Manchester road
Jones James, pawnbroker and outfitter, Manchester road
Jones Miss M. A., professor of music and French, Woodland villas, Ince Green lane
Jones Ralph, shopkeeper, Warrington road
Jones Robert, colliery viewer, Spring cottage, Warrington road
Kenyon Henry, shopkeeper, Long Broom street
King John, tailor, Manchester road
King William, coal agent, Woodland villas, Ince Green Lane
Knowles Adam, Railway Inn, Warrington road
Knowles Elizabeth, grocer and draper, Manchester road
Knowles Israel, colliery manager, Warrington road
Knowles Richard, national schoolmaster, Ince Green lane
Knowles Thomas, Esq., The Platts
Lancaster Joshia, Esq., Ince
Latham Henry, underlooker, Ince Green lane
Lawrence Eliza, Walmsley's Arms, Smithy green
Lawson John, shopkeeper, Manchester road
Lawton Peter, shopkeeper, Manchester road
Layland James, shopkeeper, Manchester road
Lea John and Sons, cotton spinners, Rose bridge mill
Lee Richard, beer retailer and brickmaker, Bellegreen lane
Leigh Richard, farmer
Leyland John, beer retailer, Lord street
Leyland Thomas, beer retailer, Common nook
Lilley William, shopkeeper and beer retailer, Ince Green lane
Liptrot E. and A., dressmakers, Manchester road
Livesey John Evan, hammerman, Anderton terrace, Lower Ince
Lomax Margaret, shopkeeper, Lloyd's row
Lowe Ralph, beer retailer, Warrington road
Lowe Peter, shopkeeper, Ince Green lane
Lower Ince Friendly Co-operative Society, grocers, Warrington road
Lucas John, shopkeeper and beer retailer, Ince Green lane
McAvoy Edward, butcher, Manchester road
McGowan William, book keeper, Cinnamon house
Marsden Alice, book depot, Manchester road
Mason James, shopkeeper, Warrington road
Mason Robert, sexton of Ince cemetery, Warrington road
Mawdsley Henry, shopkeeper, Ince Green lane
Melling Thomas, forge manager, Woodland villas
Melling Zacheus, engineer, Warrington road
Millington Mrs. Ann, Manchester road
Millington Mrs., beer retailer, Manchester road
Molyneux John, shopkeeper, Bellegreen lane
Molyneux Thomas, Bridge Inn, Amberswood common
Molyneux William, shopkeeper, Manchester road
Monks and Clementson, coal proprietors, Amberswood common
Monks E. and H., milliners and drapers, Manchester road
Monks Elisha, surgeon, Manchester road
Morris John Grant, coal proprietor, Rose bridge & Douglas bank collieries
Morris Robert, beer retailer, Caroline street
Morton William, grocer, Manchester road
Morton William, jun., grocer and provision dealer, Smithy green
Moss Hall Coal Company, coal proprietors, Moss hall, Ince; R. Christopher secretary, George Caldwell, managing director
Moss John, beer retailer, Warrington road
Naylor Robert, beer retailer, Bellegreen lane
Nichola William, coal agent, Ince Green lane
Occleshaw Margaret, shopkeeper, Long Broom street
Ormond George, farmer, Amberswood common
Orrell Elizabeth, farmer, Common nook
Orrell John, beer retailer, Petticoat lane
Orrell Samuel, shopkeeper, Manchester road
Owen Joseph, shopkeeper and beer retailer, Bellegreen lane
Pearson and Knowles, coal proprietors, Spring, Ince hall, Barley brook, Hindley hall and Moss collieries; offices, Warrington road
Pearson Thomas M., top manager, Arley terrace, Lower Ince
Peet Mary, Railway Inn, Ince Green lane
Percy Francis, furnace master, Kirkless hall
Peters William, beer retailer, Amberswood common
Pickard William, joiner & builder, Warrington road; residence, Anderton terrace
Pilkington Richard, beer retailer, Ince Green lane
Polding William, Old Hall Inn, Cemetery road
Preston William, clogger, Warrington road
Proe Samuel, grocer and provision dealer, Manchester road
Pulford William, beer retailer, Bellegreen lane
Ratcliff William, shopkeeper, Warrington road
Ratcliffe Robert, butcher, Warrington road
Ridyard John, stationer, Warrington road
Ridyard John, farmer, Fogg's farm
Rogers James, shop and beer retailer, Rose bridge
Roscoe Adam, shopkeeper, Petticoat lane
Rudd Robert, farmer
Ryan Michael Joseph, pawnbroker and outfitter, Manchester road
Seddon Margaret, earthenware dealer, Rose bridge
Sharples Mary, clogger, Manchester road
Simm James, shopkeeper, Manchester road
Smith David, overlooker, Anderton terrace, Lower Ince
Smith James, coal agent, Pennington house
Stephen John, Rose Bridge Inn, Rose bridge
Stephens Richard, shopkeeper, Manchester road
Stephenson William, surveyor, Ince Green lane
Swallow William, insurance agent, Anderton terrace, Lower Ince
Swift James, shopkeeper and beer retailer, Ince Green lane
Swift John, farmer, Moss hall
Taberner John, shopkeeper, Amberswood common
Taylor James, shopkeeper, Warrington road
Taylor Richard, farmer, Ince Green lane
Taylor Samuel, cashier, Ince Green lane
Taylor Thomas, underlooker, Rose bridge
Taylor Thomas, grocer, &c., Manchester road
Taylor William, shopkeeper, Ince Green lane
Trickett Joseph, shopkeeper and postmaster, Manchester road
Turner James, farmer, Bryn Moss side
Turner James, shopkeeper and beer retailer, Caroline street
Unsworth Joseph, beer retailer, Bellegreen lane
Unsworth Thomas, shopkeeper, Petticoat lane
Unsworth William, beer retailer, Petticoat lane
Valentine George, shopkeeper, Manchester road
Waddington J. & W., oil distillers and tarpaulin manufacturers
Waddington W., oil distiller, (J. & W. Waddington), Ince Green lane
Walker John, beer retailer, Manchester road
Walker William, shopkeeper, Bellegreen lane
Walls Daniel, clogger, Bellegreen lane
Walmsley Mrs., Westwood house
Walsh Peter, stonemason, Ince Green lane
Watmough James, shopkeeper, Manchester road
Watson Peter, clogger, Manchester road
Widdows James, farmer, Fir tree house
Wigan Alexander, shopkeeper, Manchester road
Wigan Cemetery, Warrington road; James Garrod, registrar
Wigan Coal and Iron Co., coal proprietors
Wigan John, beer retailer, Manchester road
Wilson Henry, beer retailer, Manchester road
Wilson Joseph, blacksmith, Stuart street
Wilkinson Thomas, beer retailer, Manchester road
Winstanley Robert, senr., relieving officer for Ince, Ashton, Aspull, Abram, Blackrod, Haigh and Hindley, and agent for the City of Glasgow Assurance Co.; Ince Green lane
Winstanley Robert, junr., clerk and registrar to the Ince Burial Board, Ince Green lane
Wolstenholme Mr. Matthew, Spring Branch house
Worthington Matthew, draper, Manchester road
Wray John, joiner and builder, Manchester road

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