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The Wigan Directory of 1869, Hindley

HINDLEY, a township, town, and parish, has a station on the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway, three miles from Wigan and seven from Bolton. It is in the deanery of Warrington, the archdeaconry of Liverpool, and the diocese of Chester, and South-West Division of the county. It was formerly a single street, forming the road from Wigan to Bolton, it has however recently greatly extended in other directions. It is stated that only four churches were consecrated in South Lancashire from 1660 to 1717, one of these being at Hindley. The present edifice (All Saints), however, dates from 1766, and there is a new church dedicated to St. Peter erected in 1864. The registers date from 1689. The living is in the gift of the Rector of Wigan. There are various congregations of Nonconformists, several of which also have schools. There are charities to the value of £85 distributed annually. There is a successful co-operative store here, connected with which is a newsroom and library, and a commodious hall, used for public meetings, lectures, &c. There are several cotton mills and many collieries in the district. The Earl of Ellesmere, Sir Humphrey de Trafford, Roger Leigh, Esq., Messrs. Hargreaves, and J. Walmsley, Esq., are the chief landowners. The area is four square miles, and the population, in 1861, was 8,477. The property is rated at £24,420. Hindley Green and Platt Bridge are hamlets, each having a station on the Wigan and Tyldesley Railway. The former is about one-and-a-half miles S.E., and the latter the same distance S.W. from Hindley town. Low Green adjoins Platt Bridge.

Ackers Alice, beer retailer, Chapel green
Ainscough Robert, bookkeeper, Lord street
Ainscow A. E., chief clerk (L. & N. W. Railway, Wigan), Lord street
Aldred John, shopkeeper, New road
Aldred Thomas, beer retailer, New road
Anderton William, shopkeeper and shoemaker, Castle hill
Anderton Mary, shopkeeper, Chapel green
Ascroft Miss, day school, Chapel green
Ashcroft Miss, boarding and day school, Chapel green
Ashurst Zachariah, beer retailer, Market street
Aspinall Isaac, bookkeeper, White house
Aspinall Samuel, chemist and grocer, Market street
Aspinall Thomas, beer retailer, Wigan road
Atherton Roger, beer retailer, Ladies' lane
Atherton Thomas, agent, New road
Atkinson William, butcher, Market street
Banks Richard, shoemaker, Frederick street
Baldwin Richard, shopkeeper, Hindley green
Barker J., plasterer and painter, Market street
Barratt Edward, tailor and draper, Market street
Battersby John, beer retailer, Stoney lane
Battersby Peter, mine surveyor, Ladies' lane
Baxendale William, beer retailer, Market street
Berkley Richard, cooper and beer retailer, Castle hill
Berry John, beer retailer, Castle hill
Bibby William, plasterer and painter, New road
Bithell Mary, shopkeeper, Bridge street
Bithell Ralph, beer retailer, Bridge street
Boardman Richard, shopkeeper, Wigan road
Boyers James, beer retailer, Castle hill
Bramwell Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Market street
Brayton J. G., surgeon, Market street, and Manchester road, Ince
Buckley Elizabeth, schoolmistress (Roman Catholic), Market street
Brown Joseph, shopkeeper and beer retailer, Wigan road
Bullough Margaret, milliner, Chapel lane
Bullough Thomas, pawnbroker, Bridge street
Bury Rev. Thomas A. (Catholic), Market street
Caldwell George, Leg of Mutton Inn, Wigan road
Carter Hugh, furniture and rag dealer, Frederick street
Chadwick John, shopkeeper, Market street
Chadwick Peter T., watchmaker, Market street
Chadwick William, shoemaker and clogger, Market street
Charnock Henry, shopkeeper, Stoney lane
Chisnall William, hairdresser, Market street
Clark John, surveyor, Lord street
Cook John, draper, Chapel green
Cooper Lambert, china dealer, Bridge street
Cooper William, furniture broker, Bridge street
Cowburn Thomas, builder, Ladies' lane
Dews Walter, Lord Nelson, Bridge street
Dickinson - inspector of police, Castle hill
Dickinson Samuel, furniture broker, Market street
Dixon Rev. John Jones, Ivy cottage
Dugan Patrick, shoemaker, Frederick street
Eatock Charles, chemist, grocer, and draper, Market street
Elliott Robert, farmer, Castle hill
Faunthorpe Joseph, national schoolmaster, Chapel green
Free Reading-room and Public Library, Market street
Gaskell Thomas, farmer, Brookhouse
Gee William, shoemaker, Bridge street
Gerrard Hugh, shopkeeper, Bridge street
Gerrard James, shopkeeper, Castle hill
Gerrard Thomas, draper, Castle hill
Gidlow Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Castle hill
Gidlow Hannah, Bull Inn, Castle hill
Gidlow Thomas, coal, cannel, and coke proprietor, Ladies' lane and Hosier house collieries
Gilroy George, Esq., Hindley house
Gorton Robert, beer retailer, Castle hill
Green Thomas, butcher, Bridge street
Green William, beer retailer, Chapel green
Gregory Roger, shopkeeper, Castle hill
Gregory Elisha, grocer, Market street
Grime Edward, draper and shoekeeper, Market street
Grime John, registrar of births and deaths for Hindley, Ince, and Abram, book and music seller, and Insurance agent, New road
Hampson Brothers, brickmakers, Wigan road
Hampson James, beer retailer, Castle hill
Hampson William, farmer, Pennygate
Hardman Thomas, beer retailer, Market street
Hargreaves Denis, shoe dealer, Market street
Hargreaves Mr. Thomas, Oakhurst
Harrison William, farmer, Lord street
Hart James, assistant overseer, clerk to the Local Board of Health and general agent, Market street
Hart William, shopkeeper
Hatton William, boot and shoe maker, Stoney lane
Haworth Robert, butcher, Market street
Hayes William, coal proprietor (Strangeways Hall Coal Company) Strangeways collieries; J. H. Johnson, manager
Headley J., shopkeeper, Wigan road
Heaton William, beer retailer, Chapel green
Henry George, manufacturer, Hindley mill
Heywood John, clerk in charge, Railway station
Higham Aaron, farmer, Higher barn
Hill Ellen, straw bonnet maker, Market street
Hill Samuel, secretary to Gas Company and insurance agent, Market street
Hilton Alice, shopkeeper, New road
Hilton James, beer retailer, Castle hill
Hilton John, dealer in colliers' tools, Castle hill
Hilton Thomas, clogger, Market street
Hindley Friendly Co-operative Society Limited, grocers, drapers, cloggers, ironmongers, &c., Market street
Hindley Gas, Coke, Meter, & Fitting Co. Limited, Wigan road
Hindley Twist Co., cotton spinners, Low mill
Hodkinson James, farmer, Alder Hayes
Hodkinson Mary Ann, beer retailer, Chapel lane
Holcroft Joseph, tin plate worker, Market street
Holding William, coal contractor, Ladies' lane
Holland William, beer retailer, Castle hill
Holme John, senr., farmer, Rotton row
Horton Samuel, chemist, druggist, &c., Market street
Howe John, grocer, Market street and Standishgate, Wigan
Hughes Mary, beer retailer and shopkeeper, New road
Hull Henry, shopkeeper, Bridge street
Hunter John, shopkeeper, Market street
Hurst Abraham, farmer
Ince Ellen, shopkeeper, Market street
Ingham Peter, shopkeeper, Wigan road
Isherwood Joseph, beer retailer, Market street
Jaggar John, Leigh Arms, Ladies' lane
Jenkinson J., shopkeeper, Chapel green
Jervase James, hardware dealer, Market street
Jenkinson Robert, shopkeeper, Chapel lane
Johnson Mr. James Henry, Strangeways
Jones John, insurance agent, New road
Jones Rev. Peter, Latchford house
Kearsley Alice, shopkeeper, Chapel lane
Kearsley Mary, shopkeeper, Castle hill
Kenyon Richard, confectioner, Market street
Kirk Joseph, surgeon, Market street
Latham Jacob, Bear's Paw, Market street
Lawson Henry, watchmaker, Lord street
Lee James, beer retailer, Market street
Leyland John, Esq., the Grange
Liptrot Johnson, slater and flagger, Ladies' lane
Littler Henry, Balmoral Hotel, Lord street
Livesey William, shopkeeper, Market street
Lloyd David, draper, Bridge street
Lonsdale Jane, milliner, Ladies' lane
Lowe James, shopkeeper, Castle hill
Lowe John, shopkeeper, Bridge street
Lowe Thomas, grocer and draper, Market street
Makinson James, pawnbroker, Bridge street
Makinson Evan, clogger, Ladies' lane
Makinson Gerrard, shopkeeper, Bridge street
Marsh Richard, beer retailer, New road
Marsh Robert, beer retailer, Chapel green
Marsh Robert, blacksmith, New road
Marsh William, washer cutter, Ladies' lane
Martlew Margaret, shopkeeper, Stoney lane
Mercer Eleanor, shopkeeper, Bosdane bridge
Miller William, watchmaker, Market street
Mort James, butcher, Bridge street
Mort John, shoemaker, Chapel green
Monks Hugh, shopkeeper, Castle hill
Monks John, Hand & Banner Inn, Chapel green
Monks Richard, beer retailer, Castle hill
Naylor James, beer retailer, Ladies' lane
Needham Joseph, shopkeeper, Ladies' lane
Nelson Mrs. Ann, Chapel green
Nelson William, shopkeeper, Ladies' lane
Newbold Rev. C. H., The Parsonage
Occleshaw John, Railway Inn, Ladies lane
Ormrod George, miller, Low corn mill
Ormrod Oliver, beer retailer, Deansdale
Parker Christopher, shopkeeper, Market street
Parkinson Ann, shopkeeper, Ladies' lane
Pendlebury Robert, hairdresser, Bridge street
Pendlebury Thomas, brazier and tinman, Market street
Pennington Alfred, cotton spinner and manufacturer, Worthington mills
Pennington Eleanor, stationer, &c., Market street
Pennington Mr. Richard, Hindley lodge
Pigot William, miner, Ladies' lane
Pilkington Betsy, ironmonger, Market street
Pilkington William, beer retailer, Market street
Pilkington William, ironmonger and wheelwright, Wigan road
Platt Elisha, shopkeeper, Castle hill
Platt John, land surveyor and insurance agent, Lord street
Potter Jesse, joiner and builder, Ladies lane
Prescott John, butcher and beer retailer, Market street
Public Hall, Market street
Rainford Ann, beer retailer, Ellesmere street
Reynolds John, surveyor, Ladies' lane
Riding Henry, farmer, Close lanes
Reading Room, Market street
Rigby Ann, smallware dealer, Market street
Rigby Elijah, agent for the Ince Hall Coal & Cannel Co., Castle hill
Rigby James, bookseller, stationer, and postmaster, Market street
Rigby John, shoemaker, Hindley common
Rigby Ralph, shopkeeper, Chapel lane
Rigby Thomas, beer retailer, Market street
Rigby William, grocer and draper, Ladies' lane
Rosbottom John, beer retailer and shopkeeper, Wigan road
Roschow James, beer retailer, Market street
Rothwell James, clogger, Market street
Royle George, shopkeeper, Market street
Ryan Margaret, milliner, Market street
RYAN MICHAEL JOSEPH, clothier, Market street
Scarborough Stephen, Bird i'th' Hand Inn, (and agent to the Duke of Bridgewater's trustees,) Wigan road
Sharples Mrs. Elizabeth, Marsh brook house
Sharrock John, shopkeeper, Castle hill
Sherratt Jabez, watchmaker, Market street
Shuttleworth Jospeh, shopkeeper, Ladies' lane
Shuttleworth Richard, Temperance Hotel, Ladies' lane
Slingsby Charles, chemist, grocer, and insurance agent, Bridge street
Smith Thomas, butcher, Castle hill
Stephen Henry, Wheat Sheaf, Stoney lane
Stephen John, beer retailer, Ladies' lane
Stott William, plumber, &c., Chapel green
Southworth Thomas, colliery manager, Laurel house
Strangeways Hall Coal Company (William Hayes), coal proprietors, Strangeways collieries; James Henry Johnson, manager
Taberner John, tailor, Bridge street
Tatley William, shopkeeper, Wigan road
Taylor Charles, beer retailer, Ladies' lane
Taylor Peter, shoemaker and clogger, Castle hill
Thornley Richard, beer retailer, Market street
Topping William, beer retailer, Ladies' lane
Turle Jabez, confectioner, Bridge street
Tyrer John, grocer and beer retailer, Wigan road
Unsworth Charles, traveller, Lord street
Unsworth John, beer retailer and blacksmith, Chapel green
Unsworth William, brewer, Lord street
Walker Joseph, beer retailer, Ladies' lane
Walls Charles, Cross Keys Inn, wheelwright, &c., Ladies' lane
Walls Daniel, shopkeeper, Chapel green
Walls Daniel & Son, joiners and builders, Three lane ends
Walls Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Chapel green
Walls Henry, Derby Arms, Castle hill
Walls Henry, junr., mine, &c., surveyor, Castle hill
Walton Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Market street
Warbutton George, butcher, bridge street
West John, butcher, Market street
Whaley Edward, beer retailer, Chapel green
Whittam Thomas Henry, butcher, Bridge street
Whittle Esau, shopkeeper, Market street
Wood John, shoemaker, Market street
Winnard William, shopkeeper, Frederick street

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