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The Wigan Directory of 1869, Wigan, F

Wigan, F

Fairbrother John, tailor, 2 Great George street
Fairbrother Thomas, beer retailer, 180 Wallgate
Fairbrother William, tinplate worker and ironmonger, 112 Wallgate
Fairclough Alice, milliner, 11 Rodney street
Fairclough Charles Horace, builder, (J. Fairclough and Son) White hall, Standish
Fairclough Mrs. Elizabeth, 18 Church street
Fairclough James, shopkeeper, 31 Vauxhall road
Fairclough James and Son, builders, King street
Fairclough James, builder, (J. Fairclough and Son) The Hollies
Fairclough John, builder and timber merchant, 121 Wallgate; residence Springfield house, Wigan lane
Fairclough Thomas, shopkeeper, 51 Caroline street
Fairfax George, clothes dealer, 1 Queen's Head yard
Fairhurst Elizabeth, Horse and Jockey Inn, 54 Scholes
Fairhurst James, King's Arms Inn, 88 Scholes
Fairhurst James, shopkeeper, 32 Wellington street
Fairhurst James, brewer, Warrington lane
Fairhurst James, Fleece Inn, 32 Market place
Fairhurst John, shopkeeper, 40 Wallgate
Fairhurst John, Weaver's Arms Inn, 69 Scholes
Fairhurst John, shopkeeper, 39 Spring gardens
FAIRHURST JOHN, grocer, baker and flour dealer, 40 Wallgate
Fairhurst John B., grocer, &c. Blackamoor, 16 and 18 Wallgate
Fairhurst Margaret, dressmaker, Lower Morris street
Fairhurst Maria, beer retailer, 61 Queen street
Fairhurst Robert, Belle Vue Inn, Woodhouse lane
Fairhurst Thomas, Golden Lion Inn, 7 Wallgate
Fairhurst William, Wheelwright's Arms Inn, 107 Scholes
Farmes James, china dealer, &c. 52 Scholes
Farmes Walter, Dicconson Arms Inn, 1 Dicconson street
Farnell Thomas A., Roman Catholic schoolmaster, Dicconson street; house Clifton street
Farnworth M., beer retailer, 61 Queen street
Farr Henry, coach builder, Commercial yard; residence Pagefield
Farrell Peter, smallware dealer, 76 Hallgate
Farrell William, confectioner and tobacconist, 79, and smallware dealer, 83 Wallgate
Farrimond Thomas, civil and mining engineer and inspector of mines, 20 King street
Farrington James, beer retailer, 130 Wallgate
Farrington John Robert, clogger, 47 Hardybutts
Farrington William, shoemaker, 87 Wigan lane
Faulkner William, butcher, Cowling's place
Fazackerley Thomas, shopkeeper, 40 Upper Morris street
Fenn Jonathon, shopkeeper, 61 Scholes
Fenwick Joseph, metal man, 130 Great George street
ffarington Mrs. Elizabeth, Marylebone
ffarington Richard Atherton, banker, (Thomas Woodcock, Sons and Eckersley) Springfield place
Fidler Edward, manager for Wigan and Whiston Coal Co. limited, 111 Platt lane
Fields John, tailor, 4 Queen's Head yard
Finch John, shopkeeper and rope maker, 79 Chapel lane
Finch Thomas, rope and twine maker, 130 Hardybutts
Finley Francis James, tailor, 1 Pitt street
Fisher Henry, shopkeeper, 32 John street
Fisher Ann, Princess of Wales Inn, Water heys
Fisher John, Rose and Thistle Inn, 111 Chapel lane
Fisher Moses, assistant collector of district rates, Bank cottage, Standishgate
Fisher Thomas, surgeon, 23 King street
Fisher William, banker's clerk, Bank cottage, Standishgate
Fisher William, clogger, 95 Wallgate
Fishwick Ann, butcher, 51 Wigan lane
Fishwick Henry, butcher, 81 Standishgate
Fishwick Samuel, butcher; stall Market place
Fishwick William, labourer, 12 Harrogate street
Fitzadam John T. Esq., Bellingham lodge
Fitzgerald Frederick, assistant draper, top of Scholes
Fleming John M., tailor and draper, 40 Hallgate
Fleming Robert, clothes dealer, 75 Millgate
Fletcher Thomas, tailor and draper, 100 Wallgate
Flint Henry, draftsman, 19 York street
Flint Henry, provision dealer, 2 Millgate; residence Mitchinson's yard
Foden John, butcher, Hope street
Fogg James, boot and shoemaker, 74 Wallgate
Fogg William, shoemaker, 44 Millgate
Foreman William, M.D., 108 Standishgate
Forshaw Edward, Harrogate Inn, Harrogate street
Forster Luke G., teacher of the cornet, 108 Millgate
Forster Robert, hosier, smallware dealer, and gunpowder agent, 108 Millgate
Foster Henry, shopkeeper, 108 Frog lane
Foster Thomas, shopkeeper, 34 Queen street
Foster Thomas, iron and furniture dealer, 111 Millgate
Foster Mary, butcher, 98 Scholes
Foulkes Mary, Woodman Inn, Bottlingwood
Fox Terence, engraver and printer, 1 Marsh lane
Foy John, commercial traveller, 136 Wigan lane
Foy Samuel, flagger and slate merchant, Railway yard, Wallgate; house 1 Foy street
Foy Thomas, flagger and slater, 32 Harrogate street
France Joseph, confectioner, 17 Millgate
FranceRobert, shopkeeper, 11 Mill street
France Thomas, provision dealer, 5 Hallgate
France Thomas F., plumber, Dicconson street
France William, shopkeeper, 78 Great George street
France William Stephen, solicitor and notary, insurance agent, &c. Church gates, Market place; residence Swinley hall
Francis Watkin, inland revenue officer, 35 Charles street
Fraser Alexander P., accountant, Manchester and Liverpool District bank, King street
French Henry, boarding and day school, 48 Millgate
Frost John, beer retailer, 96 Wigan lane

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