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The Wigan Directory of 1869, Wigan, D

Wigan, D

Dainty John, coal agent and cart owner, Caroline street and Henry street
Daniel and Green, manufacturers, Princess street
Daniel William, tailor and draper, 1 Darlington street
Daniels Joseph, painter, 9 Bottlingwood
Daniels Thomas, painter, Harrogate street
Daniels Thomas, shopkeeper, 24 Lower Morris street
Darbyshire John, book keeper, 3 Harrogate street
Darbyshire John, draper, 169 Scholes
Darbyshire William, beer retailer, 23 Darlington street
Darbyshire William, book keeper, 134 Chapel lane
Darbyshire William Joseph, corn and provision dealer and miller, Queen street and 108 Wallgate
Darlington Ralph, solicitor, coroner, clerk to the Wigan Gas Co., to the Ince, Hindley, and Westhoughton Turnpike Trust, and agent to the North British and Mercantile Insurance Co., 31 King street; residence Springfield
Darwell Joseph, shopkeeper, 27 Belvoir street
Davenport Eleanor, smallware dealer, 110 Millgate
Davenport James, overlooker, 23 Great George street
Davenport Samuel, watchmaker, 8 Scholes
Davenport Thomas, cabinetmaker, 89 Millgate
Davidson John, shopkeeper, 55 Millgate
Davidson John, joiner, Scholes; house 14 Chapel lane
Davies Daniel, hatter, 12 Wallgate
Davies John, master of National and Blue Coat School, Hallgate; residence 25 Scarisbrick street
Davies John, secretary (to the Wigan Coal and Iron Co. limited), Wigan lane
Dawber Alice, milliner, 6 Hope street
Dawber James, joiner, 29 Top croft
Dawber James E., clogger, 41 Wigan lane
Dawber John, loomer, 20 Bishopgate
Dawber Ralph, woollen draper, (Carr and Dawber) Anderton terrace, Ince
Dawber Thomas, clogger and shoe dealer, 83 Scholes
Dawson John, householder, 19 Chapel lane
Dawson Thomas, tailor & draper, 31 Standishgate; house 9 Darlington street
Deacon James, shopkeeper, 109 Chapel lane
Dean Brice Grant, plasterer, painter, &c. 36 Standishgate
Dean Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Poolstock lane
Dean George, painter, 3 Bishopgate
Dean James, beer retailer, Bottlingwood
Dean Thomas B., shopkeeper, shoemaker and clogger, 106 Frog lane
Dempsey Fanny, shopkeeper, 77 Scholes
Denn Patrick and John, flaggers, 66 Wigan lane
Dennett F. S., watchmaker, 130a Chapel lane
Dennett J., watchmaker, 7 Market place, and Commercial eating house, Cross keys yard
Dennis Thomas, shopkeeper, 1 Bottlingwood
Dennison Thomas, beer retailer, Darlington street
Derbyshire Thomas, shopkeeper, 22 Poolstock
Dewar William, travelling draper, 13 Queen street
Dewhurst Peter, beer retailer, 121 Wallgate
Dickenson Edward, wheelwright and furniture broker, 132 Wallgate
Di Pietro Rev. J. B., 93 Standishgate
Dickinson John, furniture dealer, 55 Scholes
Dickinson Rev. S. T. 10 Dicconson street
Dickinson Elijah, pattern maker, near Seven Stars Inn
Dickinson James, blacksmith, Hardybutts
Dickinson Robert, wire worker, &c. 159 Scholes
Dickinson Thomas, tripe dresser, 205 Scholes
Ditchfield Margaret, furniture dealer, 46 and 48 Wallgate
Dixon John, boot and shoemaker, 24 Standishgate
Dobson John, pointsman, 63 Caroline street
Donaldson Alice, householder, 57 Caroline street
Doria Mrs. Elizabeth, Monument terrace
Douglas Robert and Co. drapers, &c. 35 and 37 Standishgate
Downes Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 123 Great George street
Draper James, brass and bell founder, &c. New Pepper Mill brass foundry, Miry lane
Ducker James, beer retailer, Queen's Head yard
Duckworth Miss Ann, 10 Birkett bank
Duckworth Mr. George, 3 Great George street
Drew Rev. William, 29 Poolstock lane
Duff Edward, engineer, &c. Shakespere Inn, 39 King street
Dugdale Thomas George, Green Man Inn, 130 Standishgate, and photographer, 21 Standishgate
Duggin James, assurance agent, 102 Hardybutts
Dumbell James, Machine House Inn, 99 Wallgate
Dunlop John Muir, bank manager, Manchester and Liverpool District bank, King street
Dunsford George and Samuel, chemists and seedsmen, 56 Market place
Durnin Catherine A., milliner, 2 Wigan lane

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