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The Wigan Directory of 1869, Aspull

ASPULL is a township having an area of 1,879 acres, and in 1861 its population was 4,290; being at the rate of about 1,450 to the square mile. It contains the villages of Aspull, Aspull moor, Dicconson mill, and Pennington-green. In Aspull there is a marshy land or moor that is common land, but its limits are gradually being reduced by coal-pits and buildings. The Wigan Coal and Iron Co. are the principal coal owners, but Messrs. William Woods and Son (Henry Woods, Esq., M.P.) have cannel pits in the township. Lord Kingsdown built a church at Pennington-green in 1859, and the Roman Catholics, Wesleyans, and Independents also have places of worship in the township.

Ainscough John, beer retailer
Alker Nicholas, blacksmith
Alker Peter, shopkeeper
Arkwright Nathaniel, shopkeeper
Ascroft John, shopkeeper
Aspull Industrial & Provident Society, grocers, &c.
Atherton & Johnson, brewers and cab proprietors, Crown inn
Balfour James, farmer
Barton William, coal proprietor
Barkhill Coal Co., coal proprietors, Barkhill colliery
Brindle James, beer retailer
Chadwick Adam, shopkeeper
Chadwick Thomas, shoemaker
Cheetham John, beer retailer
Christopher John, draper
Clark William, master of Endowed school, registrar, &c.
Cliveley James, farmer
Cliveley Thomas, farmer
Collier John, shop and beerhouse
Dodgin Henry, shopkeeper
Ellison Mrs., Pennington green
Farrington John, farmer
Forshaw Richard, rag dealer
Gerard F. S., Esq., J.P., Aspull house
Gibson Henry, shop and beerseller
Golden John, beer retailer
Gore Robert, Red Lion Inn
Green James, beer retailer
Green Jonathon, house agent
Green Jonathon, jun., beer retailer
Green Thomas, grocer
Green William, builder, grocer, &c.
Gregory Giles, shopkeeper & wheelwright
Gregory Richard, blacksmith and farmer
Gregory Robert, manufacturer of green copperas, Aspull Copperas works, and Wiend, Wigan
Grundy Peter, farmer
Hall George, shop and shoemaker
Halton Henry, grocer, Top Locks
Halton Richard, baker, corn dealer, &c.
Hart Gerrard, beer retailer
Haydock Thomas, beer retailer
Hayes William, shopkeeper
Heald Rebecca, beer retailer
Heyes Sarah, beer retailer
Heyes William, shopkeeper
Hindley Friendly Co-operative Society, grocers
Holme John, beer retailer
Hope James, grocer and draper
Johnson Henry, farmer
Johnson James, shop and beerseller
Johnson Jonathon, shopkeeper
Johnson William, farmer
Jones George, fitter, Withington lane
Jones Rev. Henry (Catholic)
Knight William, grocer and beer retailer
Knowles William, shopkeeper
Lancaster Samuel, Esq., Moorland house
Latham Mrs., farmer
Latham Richard, farmer
Latham Thomas, shopkeeper
Lee Richard, farmer
Lee John, national schoolmaster
Leach Robert, wheelwright
Leigh John and Brothers, cotton spinners
Leigh John, cotton spinner (J. Leigh Brothers), Gidlow hall
Leigh John, shopkeeper
Leigh Roger, Esq., Hindley hall
Livesey Peter, shopkeeper
Livesey Robert, clogger
Lowe James, tailor
Makinson James, Packet House Inn
Makinson Richard, Running Horses
Mason Samuel, shopkeeper
Melbourn Elizabeth, Wesleyan schoolmistress
Melling Thomas, beer retailer
Molyneux John, farmer
Monks James, farmer
Moor William, shopkeeper and farmer
Moss Henry, shopkeeper
Moss Thomas, shop & beer retailer
Pendlebury Elias, clogger
Pendlebury John, shopkeeper
Pendlebury John, beer retailer
Pendlebury Thomas, beer retailer
Pennington John, shopkeeper
Phillips John, beer retailer
Pilkington Miles, clogger
Pimbley Daniel, saddler
Pope Matthew, shoemaker
Rawcliffe Henry, brewer, (John Summer & Co.) Culraven house
Read Charles, shopkeeper
Roberts Ann, shopkeeper
Seddon John, shopkeeper
Seddon John, beer retailer
Seddon Thomas, shopkeeper
Sharrock Jeremiah, clogger
Shaw James, farmer
Shepherd Alexander, Kirkless Hall Inn
Simm Elizabeth, beer retailer
Simm James, farmer
Simpkin Joseph, shopkeeper
Smith Peter, beer retailer
Southern George, beer retailer
Southern Isaac, beer retailer
Southern Ruth, shopkeeper
Stott Joseph, shopkeeper
Sumner Thomas, beer retailer
Smith James, farmer
Smith Peter, beer retailer
Tattley Moses, beer retailer
Taylor Elijah, shopkeeper
Taylor Thomas, farmer
Topping Wm., shop & beer retailer
Turner Benedict, beer retailer
Tyrer Nathan, Commercial Inn
Wall George, fent and tea dealer
Walls Daniel, shoemaker
Welsby Catherine, Catholic schoolmistress
Whittaker Henry, beer retailer
Wilcock John, clogger
Wigan Coal and Iron Co. Limited, coal proprietors
Woodward James, shopkeeper
Worrall Margaret, Gerard's Arms
Wright Egerton Leigh, Esq., Hindley hall

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