The Wigan Directory of 1881, Wigan, P-Q

Wigan, P-Q

Park Henry, iron merchant (William Park & Co.), and agent to the Yorkshire Insurance Co., Southport
Park John, baker, 51 Greenough street
Park William & Co., iron and steel merchants, 15 Wiend
Parker Absalom, moulder, 10 Leader street
Parker Hannah, householder, 23 Caroline st.
Parker James, solicitor's managing clerk, and agent to the Law Union Fire and Life Insurance Co., 26 Scarisbrick street
Parker John Banks, shopkeeper, 19 Chapel lane
Parker Thomas, grocer, 97 Scholes, and 69 Lime street
Parkes Samuel, newsagent and tobacconist, 20 Mesnes street, 55 Wallgate, and 39 Birkett Bank
Parkinson John, plasterer (livesey and Parkinson), 61 Caroline street
Parkinson John, shopkeeper, 30 Tipping street
Parkinson Joseph, White Hart Inn, Wellington street
Parkinson Margaret, tinplate worker, 66 Millgate
Parkinson T. & Cp., gingham, &c., manufacturers, Princess street
Parkinson Thomas, tinplate worker, 61 Millgate, and 99 Market Hall; house, 39 Harrogate street
Parkinson Thomas, manufacturer (T. Parkinson & Co.), 8 Poolstock lane
Parkinson William, shopkeeper, 74 Hallgate
Parr Clement, sawyer, 24 Lorne street
Parr Richard, Red Lion Inn, 14 Wiend
Parrock William, teacher of music, 60 Frog lane
Parr's Banking Co. Limited, Standishgate - Richard A. ffarington, Esq., J.P., manager
Parsons Rev. C. J., 9 New Market street
Parsons Charles, timekeeper, 43 Lorne st.
Parsons Henry, hairdresser, 84 Pool street
Parsons John Milner, dentist, 10 King st.
Parsons Walter, tailor's cutter, 47 Lorne street
Part, Woodcock & Co., solicitors, agents to the Law, Fire, the Legal and General Life, and the Pelican Insurance Companies, King street
Part Thomas, solicitor, clerk to county and borough magistrates (Part, Woodcock & Co.), Aldenham Lodge, Watford, Herts.
Peter Rev. C. D., 9 New Market street
Patterson Walter, oyster dealer, Fish Market
Patterson William Ackers, boot and shoe maker, 9 Darlington street
Pavey Elizabeth, householder, 4 Clifton st.
Paxton James, George & Dragon, 25 Whelley
Paxton Samuel, shopkeeper, 126 Scholes, and 22 Bolton street
Peace Ackerley & Co., solicitors, Leader's buildings, 31a King street
Peace Maskell William, solicitor (Peace, Ackerley & Co.), perpetual commissioner, and commissioner of the Supreme Court of Judicature, town clerk, clerk to the Wigan Urban Sanitary Authority, law clerk and secretary to the South Lancashire and Cheshire Coal Association, law clerk and secretary to the Mining Association of Great Britain, solicitor and secretary to the Wigan Coal and Iron Co. Limited, agent to the Standard Life, and Manchester Fire Insurance Cos., Leader's buildings, 31a King street; residence, Ashfield, Standish
Peacock Edward, gardener, 19 Woodhouse lane
Peak C. & Brothers, cattle food manufacturers, Commercial yard
Pearce & Co., wholesale fish, fruit, egg and potato merchants, 32 and 34 Wigan lane
Pearl Insurance Co., 20 Corporation st. - Robert Wellwood, agent
Pearson Alfred, Platelayers' Arms, Miry lane
Pearson Charles, fitter, 4 Leader street
Pearson William, hatter, 25 Great George street
Peck John H., solicitor, 12 & 13 Victoria buildings, King street, house, 39 Hoghton street, Southport
Peck Son & Co. manufacturers of ginghams, checks, &c., Weir Bridge mill
Peck William, grocers' assistant, 67 Caroline street
Peers William, bookseller, stationer and printer, 91 Standishgate
Peet George, wheelwright, 7 James street
Peet John, shopkeeper, 247a Scholes
Peet William, joiner, 22 Poolstock lane
Pelican Life Assurance Co. - Part, Woodcock & Co., King street; and George Henry Roberts, 31 King street, agents
Pemberton Solomon, shopkeeper, 22 Lime street
Pender B. & M., milliners, 12 Standishgate
Pendlebury Ellen, tobacconist, 37 Millgate
Pendlebury John, general draper, 21 Standishgate
Pendlebury John, shopkeeper, 27 Great George street
Penk John, clerk, 17 Poolstock lane
Penman John, shopkeeper, 60 Vauxhall rd.
Pennells Neslon, butcher, 32 Market Hall, house, Crofter's Arms yard
Pennington Mrs. Eleanor, 9 Douglas street
Penson Thomas, foreman, 81 Woodhouse lane
Peoples' Tea Company, tea dealers, 27 Market place - Joseph Ward, manager
Pepper Mill Brass Foundry Co., brass founders, copper smiths, &c., Darlington street
Pepper Patrick, shopkeeper, 28 Wellington street
Perrins Rogers & Dixon, mining engineers and surveyors, 19 King street
Perrins Mrs. Elizabeth, Elmfield, Wigan lane
Peterkin James D., grocer, 115 Scholes; house, 19 Hilton street
Peterkin John, family grocer and tea dealer, 31 Market place; house, Monument terrace, Wigan lane
Peters James, shopkeeper, 54 Miry lane
Peters Rachel, shopkeeper, 43 Wigan lane
Peters William Morris, timber merchant, Standishgate Saw Mills; house, Sandbrook Cottage, Upholland
Philanthropic Burial Society, 106 Great George street - James Mort, agent
Phillips Jonathan, pharmaceutical chemist, 60 Wallgate; house, Swinley road
Phillpots Joseph, sawyer, 80 Warrington lane
Pickard William, miners' agent, 7 New Market street
Piggin John, baker and provision dealer, 39 Millgate
Pilkington Adam, beer retailer, 34 Scholes
Pilkington James, shopkeeper, 120 Frog lane
Pilkington Thomas, shopkeeper, 52 Standishgate
Pilkington Thomas, joiner and hardware dealer, 156 Scholes
Pilling John, builder and timber merchant, 123 Wallgate; house, 11 Douglas street, Wigan lane
Pilling Walter, grocer and tea dealer, 9 Wiend
Pimblett Thomas, Bridge Inn, 139 Chapel lane
Pincock Peter, Robin Hood Inn, 73 Hallgate
Pinder Alfred, engine tenter, 73 Woodhouse lane
Platt Bonner, householder, 20 Swinley lane
Platt James, law stationer, 15 Victoria buildings, King street; house, 20 Holme street, Wigan lane
Platt James, householder, 31 Chapel lane
Platt John, clogger, 110 Wallgate
Platt Richard, bookseller, printer, bookbinder, music seller, and dealer in pianofortes, 2 Standishgate; works, Millgate; house, 12 Swinley road
Platt Richard, solicitor's clerk, 15 Douglas street
Platt Thomas, solicitor's clerk, 16 St. James' terrace
Platt William & Son, grocers, flour and provision dealers, 47 & 73 Standishgate, and 16 & 65 Market hall
Platt William Henry, plumber (Atherton and Platt), 33 Hallgate
Plover John, shopkeeper, 39 Cambridge st.
Polding Mrs. Ellen, 1 Wrightington street
Polding Mr. Peter, 23 Harrogate street
Pollard Henry, grocer and provision dealer, 26 Scholes
Pollard John, manufacturer of india-rubber and gutta-percha articles, leather and cotton belting &c., dealer in waterproof coats and leggings, portmanteaus, ladies' satchels, carpet and leather bags &c., and agent for the English and Scottish Boiler Insurance Co., 14 Standishgate
Pollard A. Z., ladies' school, 14 Standishgate
Pollard Margaret, Commercial Inn, Commercial yard
Poole Ann. G., confectioner, 68 Wallgate
Pope Elizabeth, newsagent, 138 Wallgate; house, 23 Caroline street
Pope John, tea dealer, 20 Rodney street
Poppleston Edwin, plumber, 85 Standishgate
Porter John, cart cover maker, 37 Hodson street
Porter Peter, hardware dealer, 19 Lime st.
Post Office, Rowbottom's yard, Wallgate - Joseph Wilson, postmaster
Potter Mrs. Harriet, 21 Wigan lane
Potter William, milk dealer, 57 Queen st.
Poulton Rev. John, 32 Dicconson street
Poulton John, brickmaker, 77 Woodhouse lane
Powell Thomas, engine tenter, 17 York st.
Prescott Elijah, contractor, Prescott's yard, Scholefield lane
Prescott George, drapers' assistant, 26 Greenough street
Prescott George, smallware dealer, 12 Market Hall
Prescott Thomas, Canal Coffee House Inn, 188 Wallgate
Preston John, builder, contractor, and timber merchant, Church st Saw Mills; house 19 Upper Dicconson street
Preston William, grocer, 54 Poolstock lane
Prestt James, carter, 36 Poolstock lane
Price Charlotte, householder, 38 Warrington lane
Price Rev. John, Round House, Whelley
Prince Samuel, shopkeeper, 77 Whelley
Procter Mrs. Jane, 42 Dicconson street
Procter Samuel, civil engineer (Haigh Foundry), Wigan lane
Proe James, draper (James Proe & Co.), Elmfield, Wigan lane
Proe James & Co., drapers and smallware dealers, 140 Scholes
Proe Samuel, coach and cab proprietor (Proe & Co.), 120 Millgate
Proe & Co., coach and cab proprietors, and funeral undertakers, Barrack yard, Wallgate
Provident Life Insurance Co., Parr's Bank, Standishgate - R. A. ffarington, agent
Provincial Life Insurance Co., Richards and Hall, 4 Victoria Buildings, King st.; Oliver Gee, 4 Mesnes street; and James Saunders, Blackrod, agents
Prudential Assurance Co., 1 Greenough street - J. Howarth, superintendent
Public Hall, King street
Pugh Mary, draper and milliner, 74 Scholes
Pye William, miner, 54 Lorne street
Quarmby Mr. Wm. Varley, 5 Church grove

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