Hope Street

Hope Street
This was a continuation of Woodcock street and went past the old bus station. Does anybody remember the old Public Weigh Bridge at the side of the old market hall (long before the old fruit market was built) and the fish shops behind British Home Stores? What was the name of the entry that ran down the side of BHS? The Wishbone Restaurant, Wheelan's Supermarket, this was the start of the JJB story for Mr Dave Wheelan. And of course the Salvation Army had it's rooms here.

Comment by: E.M. Finch nee Green (Baughton, Worcestershire) pre 2009.

I think the alley was just called HOPE ST does any one remember " Kanes " there, it was on the left as you walked up the side of Timpsons shop, you used to go up a wooden staircase where there were hundreds (lit:) of rolls of material if I remember right it was actually over the row of open fish stalls.

Comment by: Charles O'Leary (Scowles Irishmon, England) pre 2009.

If I remember correctly the entry at the side of BHS was not an entry. I think it was the first part of Hope Street and bore that name. On the opposite side to BHS was an old pub called the Three Crowns. I know there is some history connected to this pub about royalty but cannot for the life of me remember what it was. Maybe this little bit of info may jog someones memory? I believe it originally led to a long forgotten farmhouse and buildings.