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Comment by: Joe Wynn (Binham, Skelmersdale, England) pre 2009.

in answer to anne west.the lyric cinema is still standing only it has been used as by a company selling cleaning goods for some years now.

Comment by: bernard farrimond (wigan, uk) pre 2009.

we used to go to the ABCminors club on saturday mornings,and i rememberon my eighth or ninth birthday i was called up on stage and the whole audience ,about six hundred kids ,sang happy birthday to MEEE.i was also given a goody bag and a free pass to a normal show .which my mam used to take me to see BEN HUR .sorry to see the old ritz now being demolished

Comment by: Helen West nee Bradshaw (Binham, Norfolk, UK) pre 2009.

I used to go the the Lyric cinema in Upholland with my friend Carol Dickson, we used to sit in the back row & watch Flash Gordon, Roy Rogers & Tonto. Sometimes went on a Saturday evening with my sister Anne & we would walk home up the steps & over the hill to Hall Green & on to Holland Moor. Wonder if the Lyric is still there ?

Comment by: sandra (wigan, lancashire) pre 2009.

i went to the rex cinmea in hindley in 1952 i watched roy rodgers and trigger. the manarger give a prises for the best poam for the snack bar. which was called berties. thay sold fairy lolleys. so i enterd and this was the poam i sent in. ( bertie knows coues bertie cute that fairy lolleys taste of fruit) and i won. i get 5 shillings.

Comment by: Graham Kelly (Hindley, UK) pre 2009.

I still have clear and happy memories of the 3 picture houses that used to entertain Hindley people in the 50s and 60s. We had the "Palace", the "Vic", and finally the "Rex". On saturday mornings the local kids would attend the matinees and watch the heroes of the time, Hopalong Cassidy, The Rocket man ( how he managed to land on moving car roof at 200 mph, i will never know) and of course "Flash Gordon". It was hilarious when during the intermission they used to take a draw from the cinema ticket stubbs, and the winning row in the cinema all used to in an ice cream or lolly or something similar. As soon as the winning row was announced, scores of lads were seen to disappear from their own seats and slide along the floor, only to pop up again to sit 2 or sometimes 3 on seat, you could hear the woodwork creak under the strain, and the manager used to go ballistic. Good times and and good fun, where did it all go.........?

Comment by: veronica (westhoughton, Bolton) pre 2009.

Scholes Picture House couldn't be beaten. Toffee shop next door and only threepence to sit at the front and come out with a crick in the neck! All the hissing a booing at the baddies in the black hats. Hopalong Cassidy, Gabby Heyes, Jungle Jim and Tarzan. I remember having a crush on Buster Crabb (Flash Gordon) and having nightmares about the Clay Men!!! (I think it was the way they walked - and the way they had been changed from human beings into clay!!)

Comment by: Raytben (Tillamook, Oregon, USA) pre 2009.

I lived in Orrell and went to the Queens in Pemberton or the Majetic in Orrell. Came out after the show and we were the greatest cowboys riding the range down Moor Lane.