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Local Chronology, 1911.


Jan. 4.
Decision of the Wigan Council to re-establish the Pleasure Fair on the Market Square. - Annual Treat to Old Folks by the Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society.
Jan. 5.
Mr. H. Eckersley appointed Clerk to the Golborne District Council.
Jan. 7.
Abram Old Folk's Treat.
Jan. 10.
Death of Mrs. Alice Johnson, one of the first Lady Members of the Wigan Board of Guardians. - Performance at the Royal Court Theatre by the Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society in aid of the Pretoria Pit Disaster Fund. - Death of Mr. Thomas Belshaw, of Ince, in his 77th year.
Jan. 11.
Hindley Old People's Treat. - Tenth Annual Match of the Haigh, Aspull, and Blackrod Ploughing Society. - Public Presentation to Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Walsh at Lamberhead Green.
Jan. 14.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Branch of the United Kingdom Commercial Travellers' Association.
Jan. 18.
Licensed Victuallers' Ball. - Opening of Extensions to the Hindley and Abram Grammar School.
Jan. 21.
Death of Mr. Charles Wise, Wigan, Agent for the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company, aged 41 years.
Jan. 23.
Empire Ball in aid of the King Edward Memorial Fund.
Jan. 25.
Higher Ince Old Folk's Treat. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Temperance, Rescue, and Police Court Mission. - Lecture by Father Hugh Benson, M.A., at St. John's Hall. - Wigan Conservative Ball. - Third Annual Meeting of the Wigan Branch of the National League of the Blind.
Jan. 26.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Charity Organisation Society.
Jan. 28.
Annual Festival of the Wigan Co-operative Society.
Feb. 1.
Wigan Council reverse last month's decision regarding the Pleasure Fair. - Opening of the Independent Methodist Church, Kendal Street.
Feb. 2.
Annual Dinner of the Wigan Branch of the Lancashire Farmers' Association.
Feb. 6.
Death of the Rev. W. G. Proctor, Rector of Rufford, and a native of Wigan, aged 71 years.
Feb. 8.
Wigan Annual Brewsters Sessions. - Presentation to Mr. O. Cooke, Choirmaster, St. James's Mission Church.
Feb. 9.
Wigan County Annual Licensing Sessions.
Feb. 14.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Harmonic Male Voice Choir.
Feb. 15.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Branch of the Church Pastoral Aid Society.
Feb. 16.
Death of Mr. George Kennion Dury, son of the late Rev. E. A. Dury, in his 40th year.
Feb. 21.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Amateur Operatic Society. - Death of Mr. Oswald John Walmesley, Barrister, aged 65 years. - Trial of John James Macauley, Collier, Abram, at the Manchester Assizes, on a charge of feloniously wounding his wife.
Feb. 22.
Seventh Annual Dinner of the Wigan and District Working Men Butchers' Association. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan Subscription Bowling Club.
Feb. 23.
Grant of £500 to the Mayor from the Rates of the Borough to meet the Expenses in connection with the Coronation Celebration. - Conference of Temperance Workers in Hope Congregational School, under the auspices of the United Kingdom Alliance.
Feb. 25.
Presentation to Councillor W. Shaw, the Ince Labour Registration Agent.
Mar. 4.
Death of Mr. Edward McKnight, Chief Librarian of Chorley, and formerly Assistant Librarian at Wigan, in his thirty fourth year.
Mar. 6.
Adjourned Borough Licensing Sessions: four licences referred for Compensation. - Silver Anniversary of the Wigan Branch of the British Women's Temperance Association.
Mar. 7.
Local Government Board Inquiry at the Workhouse in regard to the death of a retired collier named Wm. Miller.
Mar. 9.
Adjourned County Licensing Sessions: three licences referred for Compensation. - Wigan Watch Committee resolved to grant one day of rest in seven for the force in April, 1913.
Mar. 10.
Local Theatrical Action - Benson v. Worswick and others - at Manchester Assizes.
Mar. 11.
Death of Mr. James Taberner, Pemberton, aged 77 years. - Presentation to Mr. Henry Twist, J.P., by the Wigan Labour Party and friends.
Mar. 13.
Death of Mr. Joseph Unsworth, Golborne, in his 54th year.
Mar. 14.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Swimming and Water Polo Club.
Mar. 15.
Bazaar at St. Patrick's Schools to raise funds for the erection of a memorial to the late Canon Sommer. - First Annual Dinner promoted by the Wigan and District Grocers' and Provision Dealers' Association.
Mar. 17.
The Bazaar at St. Patrick's opened by Mr. T. P. O'Connor, M.P. - Death of Mrs. James Taylor, formerly at Whitley Hall, in her 83rd year.
Mar. 19.
Irish Demonstration in the Royal Court Theatre. Speech by Mr. Swift MacNiel, M.P.
Mar. 20.
Death of Mr. James Ormrod, corn dealer, aged 54 years.
Mar. 21.
Cage Accident at Scot Lane Colliery, Blackrod. The Under Manager killed.
Mar. 22.
Wigan Independent Labour Party Bazaar.
Mar. 23.
Annual meeting of the Poor Children's Treat Committee. - Second Annual Meeting of the Wigan Liberal Association.
Mar. 25.
Mr. Keir Hardie, M.P., opened the Independent Labour Party Bazaar. - Annual Meeting of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
Mar. 27.
Baron de Forest's slander suit in the King's Bench Division.
April 2.
Census taken in Wigan and District.
April 4.
Dead body of a newly-born child found in a hat box in a house in Swinley Lane.
April 5.
Performance of "The Dream of Gerontius" by the Wigan and District Philharmonic Choir.
April 6.
Death of Mr. James Winstanley, "Father" of Orrehl District Council, in his 75th year.
April 8.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Miners' Permanent Relief Society. - Meeting in Wigan of the North West District Federation of the United Kingdom Commercial Travellers' Association.
April 10.
Death, at Southport, of Mr. James Mason, an old Wigan business man, in his 83rd year.
April 18.
Death of Miss Mary Speakman, Bryn, aged 92 years - the oldest woman in the Ashton district.
April 20.
Wigan Off-Licence Appeals at the Liverpool County Sessions.
April 22.
Opening of Scholes Labour Club.
April 24.
Poll on the question of whether the Wigan "Pleasure" Fair should be re-established on the Market Square. Result:- For, 4,714; against, 1,013. - Grandmaster Barnes, of the Independent Order of Oddfellows, Manchester Unity, visited the Duke of Wellington Lodge, Wigan.
April 26.
Principal Meeting of the Wigan Licensing Compensation Authority: Four Licences referred for Compensation. - Dr. Yamei Kin, a Chinese lady doctor, lectured in the Wesley Hall on the Opium traffic.
May 3.
Wigan Council decide that the "Pleasure" Fair be re-established on the Market Square.
May 4.
Commencement of Wigan Shopping Week. - Death of Mrs. Hutton, wife of the Rev. C. W. N. Hutton, Rector of Standish.
May 6.
May Day Labour Demonstration in Wigan.
May 18.
Housing Conference in the Old Council Chamber.
May 20.
Announcement that the Rev. W. Harris, B.A., B.D., had accepted a call to the Ashton Congregational Church.
May 22.
Strike at Douglas Bank Colliery.
May 24.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Grocers' and Provision Dealers' Association.
May 25.
Advance in the General District Rate.
May 27.
Special General Meeting of the Wigan and District Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
May 31.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Rugby Football Club.
June 1.
Announcement of the tragic death of Councillor Hugh Ross, Deputy Mayor of the Borough.
June 4.
Territorial Force leave for camp at Garstang.
June 10.
Conference in the Old Council Chamber on the Insurance Bill. - Lord and Lady Balcarres give a garden party at Haigh Hall to the members of Conservative Committees of the Chorley Parliamentary Division.
June 11.
Scarisbrick Street Baptist Sunday School Centenary Services.
June 14.
Death of the Rev. John Wood, formerly Vicar of Highfield, aged 83 years.
June 15.
Death of Mr. W. Mitchell, J.P., Golborne, in his 67th year.
June 19.
Coronation Honours: Mr. W. H. Lever made a Baronet; Knighthood conferred on Mr. T. R. Ellis, head of Ihe firm of Peace and Ellis, Wigan. - Annual Meeting of the Infirmary Subscribers and Governors.
June 22.
Coronation of King George V. and Queen Mary, celebrated in Wigan and District.
June 23.
Opening of the Wigan Parish Church Garden.
June 24.
Announcement that the Rev. W. Wentworth Scott had been appointed Vicar of Abram.
July 5.
Death of Mr. Frederick Byers, aged 82 years.
July 6.
Death of Mr. J. F. Dowswell, schoolmaster, aged 67 years.
July 7.
Charge against a Wigan midwife at the Liverpool Assizes: sentence, seven years' penal servitude.
July 14.
Death of Mr. J. H. Smith, J.P., Mining Engineer, aged 65 years.
July 17.
Death, in India, of Adjutant John St. Clair Darlington, aged 27 years, youngest son of the late Henry Darlington, of Wigan.
July 22.
Wigan and District Canine Society Show.
July 24.
General Booth in Wigan.
July 26.
Agricultural Show at Upholland.
July 27.
Laying the Foundation Stone of Scot Lane Council School, Newtown.
July 29.
Conservative Demonstration in Haigh Park. - Wigan Midwife's Case: Proceedings in the Court of Appeal. - Wigan Borough Quarter Sessions: Light criminal list.
Aug. 3.
Deputation of Pit Brow Girls to the Home Secretary to protest against the proposed legislative interference with their work.
Aug. 5.
Appointment of Junior Inspectors of Mines.
Aug. 6.
Death of Mr. Charles Bailey, Organist of Standish Church, aged 68 years.
Aug. 7.
Twenty-second Annual Show of the Winstanley and District Floral and Horticultural Society.
Aug. 8.
Death of Mr. William Worthington, veterinary surgeon, aged 70 years.
Aug. 14.
Death of Mr. T. R. Taylor, solicitor, aged 67 years.
Aug. 18.
Railway Strike: Mass Meeting of workers in Wigan. - Death of Mr. E. J. Grimshaw, Mining Engineer, in his 78th year.
Aug. 19.
Conservative Demonstrations in Haigh Park and Garswood Park.
Aug. 28.
Death of Mr. T. E. House, engineer, aged 48 years.
Sept. 8.
Death of the Rev. Robert Aikenhead, formerly Pastor of King Street Baptist Church, Wigan. - Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Band of Hope Union.
Sept. 9.
Death of Mrs. Bell, widow of the late Mr. Thomas Bell, in her 90th year.
Sept. 12.
Mr. Henry Twist, J.P., adopted Prospective Labour Candidate for the Borough.
Sept. 14.
Revision of the Borough Voting List.
Sept. 15.
Death of Mr. James Melling, aged 63 years.
Sept. 18.
Revision of the Ince Division Voting List.
Sept. 20.
Recognition Service at Ashton Congregational Church. - Lecture on "Japan and the Japanese," by Dr. W. Murray Cairns, at the Technical College.
Sept. 23.
The Closing of Pits at Haydock: Official statement published in the "Wigan Observer." - Wigan Infirmary Carnival.
Sept. 28.
Water Polo National Championship Final: Wigan v. Hyde Seal.
Sept. 30.
Opening of a New Reform Club in Wigan.
Oct. 1.
Letter read in St. Catharine's Church from the Vicar, Rev. Travers Stoney, resigning his office owing to ill-health.
Oct. 9.
Wigan Quarter Sessions: Only one prisoner for trial.
Oct. 12.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Merchants and Traders' Association.
Oct. 17.
Curtailment of the Wigan Water Supply owing to the low state of the Reservoirs.
Oct. 18.
Great Church Missionary Meeting in the Pavilion. - Meeting in the Co-operative Hall, Wigan, protesting against the proposed prohibition of women working on pit brows.
Oct. 19.
Wigan Girls' High School Prize Distribution.
Oct. 20.
Sale of Gidlow Lane Congregational Mission Church.
Oct. 21.
Convention of Christian Endeavour Unions in Wigan.
Oct. 24.
Settlement of the Strike at Douglas Bank Collieries.
Oct. 25.
Official Opening of the New Wigan Reform Club: Visit of Sir John Brunner, Bart.
Oct. 26.
Wigan Medical Officer, Dr. James Randal Hutchinson, appointed Medical Inspector under the Local Government Board. - Death, at Oxton, of Alderman Thomas Cook, a native of Wigan, in his 79th year.
Oct. 28.
Australasian Football team defeated by Wigan, at Central Park.
Oct. 30.
Mr. Harold Jevons, Town Clerk of Wigan, appointed Clerk to the Durham County Council.
Oct. 31.
Death of Father John Melling, of Wrightington, in his 70th year.
Nov. 3.
Death of Councillor Joseph Mitchell, Ashton. - Marriage of Mr. Cecil R. Darlington, at Bombay.
Nov. 5.
Violent Gale: Cottage damaged in Wigan Lane.
Nov. 6.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan and District Free Church Council.
Nov. 8.
Empire Bazaar in Wigan organised by the Ince Division Conservative Party.
Nov. 9.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Town Council: Alderman Thomas Ashton elected Mayor.
Nov. 10.
Death of Mrs. Taylor, wife of the Rev. Thomas Taylor, Vicar of St. Mary's, Ince.
Nov. 12.
Temperance Sunday in Wigan.
Nov. 15.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Education Authority.
Nov. 19.
Opening of a New High Altar in St. Patrick's Church, in memory of the late Canon Sommer.
Nov. 20.
Philharmonic Society Concert in the Pavilion.
Nov. 22.
Meeting in Wigan in connection with Women's Work and the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts.
Nov. 23.
Death of Mr. Jonathan Longbotham, formerly manager of Norley Collieries, aged 61 years.
Nov. 24.
Prize Day at the Wigan Grammar School.
Nov. 26.
Death of Mr. Thomas Latham, colliery proprietor, aged 61 years.
Nov. 29.
Presentation to Mr. Arthur Rushton, manager of the Maypole Colliery, Abram. - Centenary Bazaar at Hope Schools, Wigan. - Group Conference at the Young Men's Christian Association Rooms, Library Street. - Hindley and Abram Grammar School prize distribution.
Nov. 30.
Lady Betty Balfour at Ince Public Hall. - Terrjtorial Prize Distribution in the Drill Hall.
Dec. 1.
The Lord Advocate of Scotland (Mr. Ure, M.P.), and Mr. W. Redmond, M.P., address a Liberal Meeting in the Pavilion, Library Street.
Dec. 2.
Opening of a New Labour Club at Ashton.
Dec. 4.
Mr. W. H. Tyrer appointed Town Clerk of Wigan, and Dr. F. B. Wynne (Leigh) appointed Medical Officer for the Borough.
Dec. 5.
Wigan Master Builders' Dinner: Insurance Bill Condemned.
Dec. 6.
Prize Day at Upholland Grammar School.
Dec. 8.
Appointment of Medical Officer at Billinge Workhouse. - Death of Major R. H. Lindsay, third son of the Earl of Crawford, aged 37 years. - Annual Meeting of the Hospital Sunday and Saturday Movement.
Dec. 9.
Sunday School Union Eisteddfod at Wesley Hall.
Dec. 11.
Death of Mr. Thomas Bolton, Assistant Overseer for Wigan, aged 54 years. - Performances of the Wigan Amateur Operatic Society at the Royal Court Theatre.
Dec. 13.
Death of Mr. Ralph Birchall, retired licence holder, aged 84 years. - Lord Charles Beresford, M.P., addressed a Conservative Meeting in the Pavilion. - Second Members' Show of the Wigan and District Canine Society.
Dec. 14.
Subsidence in Wigan Lane.
Dec. 18.
Labour Demonstration in the Co-operative Hall.
Dec. 23.
Mine flooded at Cross, Tetley's Colliery, Banmfurlong: one death.
Dec. 24.
Death of Sir F. S. Powell, Bart., aged 84 years.

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