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Local Chronology, 1900-1901.


Dec. 20.
Opening of a Medical Hall in Wigan. - Opening of a new weaving shed at Standish.


Jan. 1.
Catholic Bazaar at the Public Hall.
Jan. 2.
Wigan County Borough Council. - Appointment of a Committee to investigate as to alleged illegal trading.
Jan. 3.
Local Government Inquiry in Wigan as to the application of the Corporation for power to borrow £16,500 for purposes of electric lighting.
Jan. 6.
Death of Mr. James McGeever, at Ashton.
Jan. 7.
Treat to Old Folks, given by the Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society in the Public Hall.
Jan. 8.
Rating Appeal Cases at the Borough Sessions.
Jan. 15.
The body of Miss Mawdsley, the daughter of a Wigan Publican, found in the Canal at Aspull, after being missing three weeks.
Jan. 16.
Licensed Victuallers' Ball in the Drill Hall.
Jan. 18.
Inspection of the Electric Tramway to Martland Bridge by Major Druitt, Board of Trade Inspector. - Operatic Ball at the Public Hall.
Jan. 19.
Annual Festival of the Wigan and District Co-operative Society.
Jan. 20.
Death of Dr. G. Morris, of Skelmersdale.
Jan. 21.
Death of Mr. J. L. Martlew, Hindley.
Jan. 28.
Special Meeting of the Wigan County Borough Council: Resolution of Sorrow at the Death of Queen Victoria. - Proclamation of King Edward VII. by the Mayor.
Feb. 2.
The Queen's Funeral. Impressive Memorial Services in Wigan and District.
Feb. 4.
Death at Southport of Mr. R. F. Hopwood, J.P.
Feb. 6.
Death of Mr. J. W. Fair, J.P. - Special Meeting of the Wigan County Borough Council: Allegiance given to the new King.
Feb. 15.
Death of Mr. John Rothwell.
Feb. 16.
Important alterations of the Rules of the Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' Permanent Relief Society.
Mar. 6.
Representation on Local Charities. Lively discussion at the Wigan Council Meeting.
Mar. 8.
Mr. Richard Johnson, J.P. entertained to dinner by the Members of the Wigan Athenaeum Club in celebration of his re-entry into public life.
Mar. 12.
The Mayor and Mayoress gave an "At Home" in the Drill Hall.
Mar. 21.
Death of Mr. Thomas Aspinwall, Miners' Agent for the Wigan District.
Mar. 22.
Decision of the Borough Magistrates confirming a Provisional Grant for the removal of the Railway Inn licence to proposed premises, quashed by Justices Channell and Bucknill, in the Divisional Court, King's Bench Division.
Mar. 29.
Announcement of the retirement of the Rev. Thomas Slevan, Pastor of the Congregational Mission Churches at Abram and Gidlow Lane, Wigan.
April 3.
Lively discussion at the Monthly Meeting of the Wigan Council, as to Maximum Salaries.
April 5.
Foundation stones laid of a new Wesleyan Church at Platt Bridge.
April 6.
Orange Conference in Wigan.
April 9.
Death of Mrs. Darlington, wife of the late Mr. R. Darlington, formerly Town Clerk of Wigan.
April 10.
Explosion at Walthew House Colliery.
April 15.
The Recorder gave judgment in the Wigan Cotton Mill Appeal cases in favour of the applicants.
April 16.
Annual Public Meeting of the Wigan and District Women's Liberal Association. - Presentation to the late hon. secretary of the Wigan School of Music.
April 17.
Opening of a four days' bazaar in the Public Hall in aid of the Wigan Cricket Club.
April 23.
Opening of Local Government Board Inquiry at the Workhouse into charges against the Union Medical Officer for Wigan.
April 24.
Formal opening of the Wigan Corporation Electrical Works. - Church of England Missionary Meetings in the Drill Hall.
April 25.
Consecration of the New Chancel at St. Mark's, Newtown.
April 26.
The Harp Inn, Scholes, sold for £4,500.
April 29.
The Explosion at Walthew House Colliery: Verdict of the Coroner's Jury that the victims came by their deaths accidentally from an explosion of coal-dust caused by a shot of roburite. - Appointment of Mr. Stephen Walsh miners' agent in place of the late Mr. Thomas Aspinwall.
May 4.
Visit of Antiquarians to Wigan and Upholland.
May 5.
Opening of New Catholic Schools at Hindley Green.
May 6.
Performances at the Royal Court Theatre by the Local Amateurs. - Archdeacon Taylor's Visitation to the Parish Church. Ince Ratepayers Protest against the New Offices Scheme.
May 18.
Housing Reform Conference in Wigan. - Quarterly Meeting of the Lancashire and Cheshire Band of Hope Union at Orrell. - Foundation Stones laid of a New Primitive Methodist Church and School at Lamberhead Green.
May 20.
Banquet given by Col. Woods at the Reform Club in celebration of the return of Mr. Richard Johnson, J.P., of Ince Hall, to public life.
May 21.
General Buller at Garswood Hall.
May 22.
Death of Mr. John Lea, Secretary of the Rose Bridge Mill Spinning Company.
May 23.
Wigan Volunteers back from the War:- Enthusiastic welcome home by the inhabitants.
May 25.
Volunteers leave town for a fortnight's Camp on Salisbury Plain.
May 29.
Visit of Inspection to the Sewage Farm. - Hindley Volunteers welcomed back from the War.
May 30.
Inspection of the Wigan Lane Tramway.
May 31.
Death of Mr. W. Waddington, in his 73rd year.
June 4.
Trades Exhibition in the Drill Hall. - Extraordinary General Meeting of Infirmary Governors: The question of Lady Visitors.
June 6.
Trial of Motor Vehicles in Wigan.
June 7.
Opening of the Wigan Lane Tramway.
June 8.
Sad death of Mr. Zeph. Brown's son at Bradley College.
June 10.
Home Coming of Ashton Hussars: Rejoicings at Ashton.
June 12.
Operatic Pic-nic to Windermere. - Library Association Meeting in Wigan.
June 19.
Official Reception of the Service Section by the Wigan Detachment of 1st V.B.M.R. - Opening of the New Wesleyan Church at Hindley. - Banquet and presentation of medals to Ashton Yeomanry returned from the War.
June 22.
Wigan County Police Sports. - Sunday School Demonstration at Ashton.
June 29.
Local Amateurs' Pic-nic to Rufford.
June 30.
Presentation to the Rev. W. H. Kelly at St. Patrick's. - Monsignor Nugent at St. Patrick's Chapel.
July 1.
Floral Exhibition in the Public Hall. - Presentation to Inspector Longworth. - Thomas Dempsey, of Manley Street, Ince, murdered in Spain.
July 6.
Annual Demonstration of Free Church Schools in Wigan.
July 10.
School Extension at St. Andrew's.
July 11.
The Mayor's Treat to School Children in the Park. - Magee, Marshall, and Co.'s Pic-nic to Morecambe.
July 12.
Death of Mr. Alderman W. J. Lamb, J.P.
July 13.
School Extension at Worsley Mesnes. - Lifeboat Saturday in Wigan.
July 17.
Prize Day at Upholland Grammar School.
July 22.
Wigan General Purposes Committee decide to confer Freedom of Borough on Mr. Alfred Hewlett. - County Council Inquiry under the Allotments Act at Abram.
July 25.
Prize Distributions at the Wigan Grammar School and the Wigan Institute.
July 29.
Hearing of Onjections to the Ince Improvement Scheme at the County Police Court.
Aug. 7.
Presentation to Yeomanry back from the War by the Welcome Home Committee.
Aug. 14.
Opening of the Ladies' Pavilion at the Cricket Ground. - Agricultural Show at Upholland. - Burglary at the Wigan Workhouse.
Aug. 15.
Lady Gerard's Jewels stolen at Alexandra House Cowes.
Aug. 16.
Mr. E. C. Beddoe, of Wolverhampton, appointed Valuer for the Wigan Union by the Board of Guardians.
Aug. 17.
Destructive Fire at the Bispham Hall Brickworks.
Aug. 21.
Agricultural Show at Parbold.
Aug. 28.
Wigan Brewster Sessions: Four Successful Applications.
Aug. 29.
County Licensing Sessions: Four Applications Granted.
Sept. 4.
Bye-law as to Street Betting adopted by the Wigan County Borough Council.
Sept. 10.
Formation of a new Choral Society in Wigan.
Sept. 12.
Decision of the Water Committee to shut off the water supply during the night owing to the small quantity in the reservoir.
Sept. 16.
Father Darlington, S.J., delivered a lecture at St. John's Hall on "A Catholic University for Ireland."
Sept. 23.
Sir Robert Ball delivered the first of a Course of Gilchrist Lectures arranged by the Ince Technical Instruction Committee.
Sept. 26.
The renewal of the Railway Inn Licence refused by the Borough Justices. - Death of the Rev. Hewett Linton, Vicar of Abram.
Sept. 30.
Serious Powder Explosion in Wigan. Mr. John M. Aspinall, Colliery Manager, fatally injured.
Oct. 9.
Mr. Alfred Hewlett, J.P., made a Freeman of the Borough of Wigan.
Oct. 10.
Reception in the Drill Hall by Sir Francis and Lady Powell in honour of Capt. Eckersley.
Oct. 15.
Opening of a New Masonic Hall in Wigan.
Oct. 17.
Local Government Inquiry at Ince with regard to the Scheme for Public Offices.
Oct. 18.
Reception and Dance to Elementary Day School Teachers by the Mayor and Mayoress (Mr. and Mrs. Fyans).
Oct. 21.
Mr. Joseph Walton, K.C., Recorder of Wigan, appointed a Judge of the High Court.
Oct. 23.
Bazaar in the Drill Hall in aid of the Parish Church Restoration Fund.
Oct. 30.
Presentation to Mr. Harry Browne prior to leaving Wigan for West Africa.
Oct. 31.
Re-capture of John Garlick, who escaped from Stafford Gaol.
Nov. 1.
Municipal Elections. Contests in all the wards. The Conservatives gained a seat.
Nov. 3.
General Booth at the Drill Hall.
Nov. 5.
Appeal to the County Sessions, Liverpool, against the decision of the Borough Magistrates in refusing the renewal of the licence of the Railway Inn, Wallgate. Appeal dismissed with no costs.
Nov. 8.
Death of Mr. George J. Healy, J.P.
Nov. 9.
Annual Meeting of the Wigan Town Council. Mr. Alderman Kellett elected Mayor.
Nov. 14.
Rev. J. Hirst Hollowell at Hindley. - Announcement that Mr. Lancelot Sanderson had been appointed Recorder of Wigan. - Death of Dr. Thos. Brayton, Hindley.
Nov. 15.
Collision between the Scotch Express and a Coal Train at Wigan.
Nov. 20.
Prize Distribution at the Mining School.
Nov. 25.
Bye-election in All Saints' Ward. Two Conservative Candidates for the seat.
Nov. 27.
The Mayor and Mayoress gave an "At Home" at the Municipal Buildings. - St. John's Re-union in the Drill Hall. - Death of Mr. John S. Hopwood, Solicitor.
Nov. 28.
Church Pastoral Aid Society Meeting in Wigan.
Nov. 29.
Opening of the trial of "Dr." O'Donnell, formerly of Hindley, at the Wigan County Police Court.
Nov. 30.
Sunday School Union Eisteddfod at Wigan. - Trade Mark Case, Rushton v. Faulder, in the Court of Appeal.
Dec. 9.
Presentation to the Rev. H. C. Bull on his retirement from St. James's Parish, Wigan.
Dec. 10.
Conference of Clergy and Sunday School Teachers at Ince.
Dec. 11.
Annual Meeting of the Free Church Council.
Dec. 13.
Action for the removal of a Garswood Checkweighman from office.
Dec. 14.
Death of Mr. Robert Johnson, Ince, in his 78th year.
Dec. 16.
Performances by the Wigan and District Amateur Operatic Society.
Dec. 17.
Mr. Daniel Kelly elected a Burgess Auditor for Wigan.
Dec. 20.
Inspection and Opening of the Scholes Electric Tramway.

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