Started by: GOLDEN BEAR (4953) 

I wonder what folk on this site think about Boris Johnson 's give-away the other day by donating £ 1 BILLION POUNDS TO Ekraine ,this is on top of all the military equipment he has kindly given thus far .??
One of the top /senior military staff personnel has come out with a remark that by doing this as a country our own stock of arms are getting dangerously low as result loaning /sending these arms out to Ekraine , i do honestly feel for the people of the Ekraine ,but he also has to think and be careful as to the needs of our own too ,it is a difficult time for all , and i know we are not privvy to what goes on but one question i would like to know is just what are the likes of France/Germany/Spain /Italy and a whole lot of other countries are doing ??? That's all ! GB

Started: 1st Jul 2022 at 15:04

Posted by: tonker (25516) 

1 - by donating £ 1 BILLION POUNDS TO Ekraine

2 - sending these arms out to Ekraine

3 - the people of the Ekraine

Is that a record?

Replied: 1st Jul 2022 at 15:49

Posted by: Gerry Attrick (40)

I think this is ludicrous GB. I think he has his eye on the rebuilding of Ukraine but there is no guarantee that Britain (I was going to put GB, but that's you!) will get the contracts anyway.

Plus all the refugees we're putting up.

Replied: 1st Jul 2022 at 16:06

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (10160)

We should be giving them more weapons, more money, more humanitarian aid, and taking more Ukrainian Refugees, than we are at present, and for the following reasons.

The main threat in this part of the world is Russia, that is what NATO is all about, deterring aggression from Russia, and the weapons stocks you mention, which are getting dangerously low, I ask you is there some information out there, which details our weapon stockpiles in this country, and if there is such an inventory, will it be accurate, I mean are we going to tell potential adversaries what weapons we have stockpiled ?

Are we bloody hell as like.

The weapons we have are for a potential war with Russia, I mean OK there could be a bother with China, but there is much more likely to be a war with Russia, so by giving or lending the weapons to Ukraine, we are fighting a proxy war with Russia, so as Russia gets weakened by the war, that is the goal of the Western Alliance, to weaken Russia, so those weapons we have procured, are actually doing the job for which they were destined for in the first place.

So those weapons are not being wasted, as long as they are used properly and effectively.

Replied: 1st Jul 2022 at 16:25

Posted by: Platty (1489)

TTS: I see what you're saying but it seems to me that the UK and Ukraine are fighting Russia and no-one is helping. We, of course, don't know what the other countries are doing, but Europe could help more. Historically, Germany has been Russia's friend, the last Romanov Tsarina was German which didn't help in WW1, then the Tsar was murdered. And I think this comes through to today and is why Merkel was happy to go along with the Nord Stream.

But I think NATO should be assisting. If anyone thinks Russia will stop at Ukraine, they are wrong.

In my view, Ukraine was always a buffer between Europe and Russia, and that was acceptable to all. Then the EU started giving money to Ukraine and courting her, and I am not surprised Russia has got upset. - Just my view.

(Expect my groupie to post now, or soon, bless her).

Replied: 1st Jul 2022 at 18:11

Posted by: Handsomeminer (1898)

It's them do gooders again

Replied: 1st Jul 2022 at 19:01

Posted by: peter israel (1295) 

is Britain real giving money or is it just loan guarantees to buy UK weapons ??

Replied: 1st Jul 2022 at 21:06
Last edited by peter israel: 1st Jul 2022 at 21:20:33

Posted by: peter israel (1295) 

i am more worried what Boris is going to give away to joe public just to get
re-elected !!!

Replied: 1st Jul 2022 at 21:19

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (10160)

A lot of the European countries are reliant on Russian gas, so I suppose they have got to be careful what they say and do, both Russia and those countries, don't want the gas turned off, Russia because it needs the money, and of course the countries because they need the gas, but NATO as a whole is doing the business, they are returning the NATO presence in Europe to cold war levels, and let's face it, if Russia cannot fight its way out of Eastern Ukraine, then what chance do they have against 30 NATO countries.

The problem is that Russia thinks that if Ukraine joins the EU and NATO, then the Russian people will want to do the same thing, and the autocratic system of government in Russia will collapse into a democracy, so the despotic evil people who have control of Russia, will lose their power and the wealth which comes with it, and that is what this is all about.

Reagan described the old Soviet Union as that Evil Empire, and that evil carries on now in the shape of the evil people who are in power in Russia.

Replied: 1st Jul 2022 at 21:43

Posted by: tomplum (9380) 

i am more worried what Boris is going to give away to joe public just to get
re-elected !!!
he's giving money to down and outs, invaders , overseas none productive lay a bouts and uncertified English channel dingy navigators but, nothing at all to the pensioners who, have worked all their lives and paid tax, NI and contributed to make this country what it is today, The 6 the wealthiest nation in the world,
We've grown the crop, He feeds others on our labour

Replied: 1st Jul 2022 at 22:17

Posted by: tomplum (9380) 

But, He is still the man for the job until someone better comes along,

Replied: 1st Jul 2022 at 22:22

Posted by: tonker (25516) 

Is Boris 'gas-safe registered'?

Replied: 1st Jul 2022 at 22:29

Posted by: tomplum (9380) 

Boris is bullet proof , bomb proof and tonker proof ,

Replied: 1st Jul 2022 at 22:54
Last edited by tomplum: 2nd Jul 2022 at 16:50:29

Posted by: Platty (1489)

Plummy: You will be the first into Ukraine to re-build the plumbing, no-one else has the experience.

That is what BJ hasn't thought about - Britain doesn't have the experience. No apprentices.

Replied: 2nd Jul 2022 at 18:22

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (10160)

The UK is now 'competing' with the EU and the rest of the world

Replied: 2nd Jul 2022 at 18:31

Posted by: Stardelta (10079)

Can’t speak for everyone but every time my employers advertise for trainees, improvers and graduates they get bombed out with applications. A fair number of them are no hopers but there is never a problem finding someone suitable amongst the chaff!

At this moment in time it is more of a problem of finding and recruiting trained and experienced personnel. Not because there is a shortage of them but because of the incentives on offer from their current employers not to leave current roles. It really is an employees market at present. However the impending recession may change things.

Replied: 2nd Jul 2022 at 18:54

Posted by: tomplum (9380) 

You're right platty this, is the product of 'Thathers Britain , she tried to kill all working people and thought that educating the young un's and putting them in an office would work, It did't, So now we have City centres full of offices with none productive personnel who can't knock a nail in a piece of wood ,

Replied: 2nd Jul 2022 at 22:11

Posted by: tomplum (9380) 

We see it on here Platty with so called electrical engineers , there are two, One works as a pot hole filler and the other, who gained a micky mouse certificate at St Helens collage and brags of earning more in 10 minutes that i earn all year, was asked once, by Admin how to wire his Arial and, He did not know so advised admin to subscribe to Amazon Prime, Ha Ha, Now tonker does not brag but , he is a proper electrician and he builds houses in Spain , he has no certificates , ( well he has) but not electrical engineering ones and , he knows what colour the wires are,,

Replied: 2nd Jul 2022 at 22:43

Posted by: tonker (25516) 

Actually, Tom, just so you know, I do have electrical engineering certificates (well, at least 1 !)

Today, I've been to my mate's son's house in Manchester. He's got a master's degree in electrical engineering, from Manchester University, and is employed in distribution work on new developments worldwide.
He came out with a cracker a couple of years ago, in Spain, after a few drinks.
He said, "I don't know how you do this, you two. You build these houses and fit solar systems and all that, you must be really clever, even though you're both as thick as f**k"!

Replied: 2nd Jul 2022 at 23:02

Posted by: tomplum (9380) 

I stand corrected tonker,

Replied: 2nd Jul 2022 at 23:18

Posted by: Stardelta (10079)

You know what Tom…..I enjoy what I do, my peers respect me. I am satisfied with what I get in return for my efforts and I am headed towards a comfy retirement. But, and I do admit that on those occasional off days I sometimes wish fitting aerials and rewiring houses was the sub total of my role…..,because basically it’s a piece of p**s!! and it would present no challenge whatsoever.

Turn up in a van when it suits, get the ladders off the roof, knock a few holes in the walls, climb in the loft, connect some lengths of various cables to some lights/switches/sockets, maybe a shower and a boiler or cooker. Then a few simple polarity, IR and breaker tests etc (assuming you aren’t a cowboy) and it’s job jobbed and home for tea.

That’s not really me Tom, give it a fortnight and I would be bored stiff

Sure it’s a valuable trade, top end of semi-skilled, but each to their own eh?

Replied: 3rd Jul 2022 at 08:53

Posted by: retep1949 (862)

Tried house bashing once,crawling under dirty floors,dirty lofts,chasing out walls,lifting carpets and floorboards etc.People think there is no mess and expected for sockets,lights or whatever to magically to appear.Not for me went back to maintenance work.

Replied: 3rd Jul 2022 at 09:25

Posted by: peter israel (1295) 

tomplum I like Angela Rayner i think she has BIG cojones

Replied: 3rd Jul 2022 at 09:42

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (10160)


Replied: 3rd Jul 2022 at 09:59

Posted by: tonker (25516) 

Replied: 3rd Jul 2022 at 10:57
Last edited by tonker: 3rd Jul 2022 at 11:01:25

Posted by: tomplum (9380) 

Peter, what has Angela Rayner got to do with any of this ?

Replied: 3rd Jul 2022 at 11:22

Posted by: Platty (1489)

Plummy: You and I are actually in the same business, my degree is in Hydrology (as it's now known), back in the '70s.

Your remark brought back a memory for me. When I shared digs in London during my Uni days, the two girls we shared with, used to use a little pink Pifco hairdryer and they would put two wires through the plug socket to dry their hair. I don't remember those wires being coloured, but today when I think about it, heaven knows how we didn't all go up in smoke!

Replied: 3rd Jul 2022 at 12:34

Posted by: tomplum (9380) 

ah the days of simple circuits, Yes I remember my Mum connecting the iron to the bulb holder in the light, there was even an adaptor so that you could connect the iron and keep the light on, We were brought up to respect electric to know the dangers and taught the things NOT to do, The days of , cotton covered copper wires are long gone and we can no longer hook up to the street lights

Replied: 3rd Jul 2022 at 12:52

Posted by: Platty (1489)

Oh yes! I remember my dad using the foil from his cigarette packet to repair a fuse!

Replied: 3rd Jul 2022 at 14:13

Posted by: tomplum (9380) 

my dad did not smoke so, he would use a nail,,,,

Replied: 3rd Jul 2022 at 14:21

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (10160)

It makes yoo wonder how we won the war

Replied: 3rd Jul 2022 at 14:59

Posted by: Platty (1489)

By imagination. But in those days there was good education. Brains weren't liquidised by digital games and fantasy films.

What I don't understand is how all these fires are started now. The Grenfell Tower was, I believe, started by a fridge/freezer and there's another tower in Bromley yesterday. I thought all these gizmos were safe.

Replied: 3rd Jul 2022 at 15:52

Posted by: peter israel (1295) 


But, He is still the man for the job until someone better comes along,

tomplum I like Angela Rayner i think she has BIG cojones
ok so she is a woman !!

Peter, what has Angela Rayner got to do with any of this

Replied: 3rd Jul 2022 at 20:43

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (4953) 

I think that what quite a few on here have NOT considered is that Brussel's ie the EU are seriously considering admitting EKRAINE into the club ie being a member of the E.U . I will tell you one thing if you think that BRITAIN will get any contract's /work / etc with Ekraine ,then you will need to book an appointment with PSYCHIATRIST IMMEDIATELY !!!
SO if Bonking Boris doesn't know now just what BRUSSEL'S will instruct EKRAINE once membership to that club will be , will be " NONE "in plain Wiganese it will you can't export /import good's with BRITAIN for they are with them any more so all this " Suck-Holing will have been in vain!!
And BRITAIN YET AGAIN will miss out just after WW2 when this country was all-but bankrupt helped in re-building of Germany ,and what did we get from that ??SWEET F.A. Whilst on the subject how many people actually know how long did it take GREAT BRITAIN to pay back the AMERICANS after that war ?? Well in fact it took some 50 years yes 50 years to pay them back that was yet again this country going to help another country or two ,and now they treat us like SH*TE . So please think carefully BORIS . GB

Replied: 4th Jul 2022 at 15:17

Posted by: Platty (1489)

Yes, GB, I agree with you there. It is naive to think the EU will not interfere with any contracts going, but our politicians don't seem to be able to see further than their pensions.

After WW2, Germany wasn't allowed to have an army and so they were able to build from quite good economic strength, not having to pay loads for defence, unlike other countries.

And GB, it was our generation and just before us that re-built Britain after WW2 and set it on a good path, which has now been decimated and it is this generation that is being so badly treated by governments of whatever persuasion.

Replied: 4th Jul 2022 at 15:25

Posted by: tonker (25516) 

Folden Vear, do pell us rhy you feep dis-apelling UKRAINE?

Replied: 4th Jul 2022 at 17:15

Posted by: Tommy Two Stroke (10160)

Thop tekin't pith

Replied: 4th Jul 2022 at 17:49

Posted by: tonker (25516) 

Me? Tekin't pith? Jever!

Replied: 4th Jul 2022 at 17:54

Posted by: Platty (1489)

Rachel Reeves in Labour shadow cabinet speaks Klingon, I think. I cannot understand a word she says, how on earth (meant) can the elite foreigners undersatnd her?
I ge'it'.... What the hell is that?

Replied: 4th Jul 2022 at 18:08

Posted by: tonker (25516) 

It really gets my goat when folk on telly keep referring to "Cornw'll". "Yes, we're going to Cornw'll"?
It's bloody CornWALL!
And, while we're on the subject, "Droring" instead of DraWing! They all think they are somebody!

Don't get me started on "Bonfire Toffee"!

Replied: 4th Jul 2022 at 18:20

Posted by: Owd Codger (989)

For many at the next General Election, it will be a case of "Better the Devils you know than Devils who will make a even bigger mess"

Replied: 5th Jul 2022 at 06:58

Posted by: whups (8799) 

we cant be in a bigger mess that we already are with a totally inept government who treat the general public like a bunch of fools who forget anything in a week . time for a change .

Replied: 5th Jul 2022 at 12:04

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (4953) 

YES i should have checked my spelling !
UKRAINE IS this ok master? or are you giving me some line's to do or
detention . GB.

Replied: 5th Jul 2022 at 15:52

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (4953) 

Handsomeminer ,,,
You really tickle me now every time i see ""DO GOODER'S"" GB.

Replied: 5th Jul 2022 at 15:56

Posted by: ena malcup (1498) 

How come none of you has a word to say against the ' Do much evil-ers?

Guess it s a case of not attacking your own kind.

Replied: 5th Jul 2022 at 16:35


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