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Wigan Cemetery Index
Wigan Cemetery Index

Index covers 3rd September 1856 to 30th November 2007.

Wigan Message Boards
Wigan Message Boards

General Wigan chat, find out more about Wigan, trace relatives, get help.

What's On in Wigan
What's On in Wigan

Local events in and around Wigan, why not list yours, it's free.

Wigan Chronology
Wigan Chronology

Local chronology from Wigan Almanacs covering most years from 1879 to 1949.

Wigan Classifieds
Wigan Classifieds

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Local History
Lots more Local History

Town directories, streets, court leet rolls, stories, books...

Wigan Blog
Wigan Blog

General musings mainly about Wigan and the wiganworld website.

Fred Dibnah
In memory of Fred Dibnah, world famous steeplejack.

Wigan Family & Local History Society
Wigan Family & Local History Society.
Wigan FHS

Pubs of the Past
Pubs of the Past Wigan pubs in photos and other info.

Reading Room
Reading Room - 27 pages of old Wigan News from 1890.

Wigan Views, 1908
Wigan Views, 1908. A souvenir booklet of old photos and ads.

Park Lane Chapel Young Womens Class
Photo: Freda Chorlton

Taken in 1864. Back Row - Ellen Blinstone - Ann Lowe - Margaret Baker - Alice Baker - Mary Ellen Knowles. Front Row - Mary Ann Hodkinson - Ann Brindle - Alice Brindle - Ann Brindle - Mary Brindle. The Rev. George Fox in his book -"The History of Park Lane Chapel" referred to them as " The Ten Virgins" f.chorlton [at] blueyonder.co.uk

Family Research

Wigan Cemetery Index
Wigan Cemetery Index

Index covers 3rd September 1856 to 30th November 2007.
(117,917 entries)

Gidlow Cemetery Index
Gidlow Cemetery Index

Index covers 14th January 1948 to 13th December 2013.
(16,188 entries)

Hindley Cemetery Index
Hindley Cemetery Index

Index covers 10th June 1880 to 18th December 2012.
(32,307 entries)

Ince Cemetery Index
Ince Cemetery Index

Index covers 6th October 1857 to 10th December 2009.
(39,319 entries)

Westwood Cemetery Index
Westwood Cemetery Index

Index covers 12th January 1946 to 31st December 2007.
(5,697 entries)

Howe Bridge Cemetery Index
Howe Bridge Cemetery Index

Index covers 13th January 1975 to 31st December 2007.
(1,854 entries)

Wigan Genealogy
Wigan Genealogy

Local genealogy for the Wigan area only. 1,000s of names listed.

Wigan Family & Local History Society
Wigan Family & Local History Society

The promotion and encouragement of research into family and local history.


by Maurice

(Sony rx100m4)

(Friday, 8th December, 2017)

Kirkless  Hall

Kirkless Hall
by Ron Dawber

(Sony SLR)

(Thursday, 11th May, 2017)

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