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Started by: mollie m (6398) 

Thanks, Tonker, for not making fun of me, as has happened so many times before on here.

Thing is, it's a little known fact that the Bubonic Plague is still in existence in parts of Asia, Africa and South America, but also in parts of North America as well, but people have been shielded from that knowledge so they don't mask up for that, but many are still infected with it. Luckily, because of modern medicine, they are able to be treated and it isn't the killer disease it once was, which is what Covid has been led people to believe this is, which it is not and has only affected people badly who do have underlying pulmonary, cardiac or other life-threatening illnesses.

When this outbreak occurred in Wuhan, a 1000- bed hospital was very quickly built in order to quarantine people they knew would be affected.

This was not a naturally occurring virus. This was more than likely man-made in some laboratory which had a containment breach and the virus escaped and went out of control, much to the horror of governments worldwide, but it was not significant enough to shut the planet down. The story of bats biting chickens is laughable, being as the Chinese eat bats on a regular basis, and although the biology of bats as vermin has been known for a long time, they're still consumed in Asia.

I believe the same thing happened with HIV, that it was man-made and was never meant to harm, but it did, and it spread panic until it was realised that it could only affect the few, and not the many. People back then wouldn't touch anyone with HIV, believing they'd catch it as well, and this is no different, but now we're told to isolate ourselves from others, which isn't normal.

We are not singularities. We are naturally pack animals, a collective, and humans have a very complex social structure which is being broken down because of disinformation, and from which many will never recover.

Oh, and Tonker, it's Mollie.

Replied: 12th Oct 2020 at 06:29

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