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Started by: empress (9667) 

This isn't about letters, no one should feel they have to write correctly to be heard and understood.There are times when its a 'must' but on a message board is it really necesary? It really isn't important, these forums are just a way to communicate. If we want a perfect world , then maybe we should all be taught braille and sign language also. Braille is a written language , how many learn it?
Its nice to be able to communicate with everyone regardless of their education, writing skills etc.
My older brother abbreviates when he talks to me online, yet he has more university degrees than I can remember.It doesn't make him stupid, lazy or ignorant, he just doesn't worry about it.He has articles published frequently in medical magazines , he uses correct grammar, because its the right thing to do.
It really isn't important when using a forum , many people I know are educated to a high standard, yet don't even know how to switch a computer on.
In my opinion any form of communication is good.Whether its written correctly or not.

Replied: 15th Nov 2006 at 11:02

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