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It is important that we should all be able to write down our own language correctly, even if we speak with a dialect. It isn't always dyslexia that's the problem either. Laziness accounts for a lot of it and you're right Empress, we don't speak the Queen's English in Wigan, but then again, there's only the Queen that does. Everywhere else in this country has an accent or dialect which is their own and that too is important, but writing down your own language correctly is important in many instances. We mock foreigners for coming to "our" country who can't speak or write the language properly. We've no business doing that if we can't be bothered to do it ourselves. It's easy to make mistakes, we all do, but when you read books or other writings and realise that you've been spelling something wrong (like their, there or ware, where, were and wear) we should make a point of making a mental note. That's the only way anyone learns anything. Sorry if I sound a bit high-minded about this but my job as a secretary demands that I am able to compose a letter with good spelling, grammar and punctuation otherwise I'd be out of a job. By the way, I'm not saying The Surgeon is right by picking up on someone, as that's something I'd never do, but being as the subject has been brought up I thought I'd add my three pennorth. As long as we can all understand each other that is the main thing, of course it is, but let's not say that it doesn't matter. One thing I really can't abide though is people talking on these forums in text. When I'm texting I use the shortest means I can, but not on the forums.

Replied: 15th Nov 2006 at 10:50

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