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Started by: tonker (25136) 

You got your accent from Garswood, obviously. An Ashton accent is not a Wigan accent.
Talking ‘broad’ is not talking with a Wigan accent.
I have relatives in Garswood, on my mum’s side, and in Billinge on my dad’s side. I mean ‘old’ relatives.
I remember visiting when I was a kid, and they’d be in their 70’s / 80’s then. All spoke with a broad pitmon / farmer accent. The women too. My great, great aunt in Spindle Hillock, Garswood wore clogs and a shawl.
My wife is from Wigan. That’s Wigan, not another town, close to Wigan. Her relatives on her mum’s side were all from Wigan. NONE spoke with that broad accent, like Garswood and Haydock. They all spoke with a Wigan accent, raaaaight (or reet, as the case may be!).

Wigan speyk my arse!

And, Peter, I know Garswood used to be in Lancashire, under Ashton udc control, and is now in St.Helens, and you don’t like it being in St.Helens, do you?
So you make sure to point out that it didn’t ‘used to be’. Well, it isn’t in Wigan, it’s not even under Wigan council and it never was!

Replied: 15th Jan 2022 at 15:56

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