Hi all !

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Hello all !

I've been reading these forums for years. I moved here nearly 9 years ago now and I am constantly blown away by the pint of history here. Even just around the corner behind Beech Hill in the woods and "The Valley".

I've walked around there many times but my imagination can not produce the image the information I have to create a picture as to what it looked like.

Being 33, coal mines were on their last legs as I was popping out of the womb and I've always said I was born 40 year too early.

I'm looking forward to learning about the Whelley Loop Line, local coal mines but especially the history around the woods behind Beech Hill. It blows my mind.

Out of interest, would anyone know of a shaft/ ventilation system around Ashfield Park Drive and Birch Avenue ?

My other half's Dad has been asking about it and I can't find any information about it.

Thank you all for your help that you never knew you give.


Started: 1st Mar 2021 at 21:53

Posted by: DaveL (20)

Have a play with old maps on this site - you can even overlay modern aerial photos on the maps:
Wigan times

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Posted by: ena malcup (106)

This Book

Will give you full information on the Whelley Loop, but seams to have long ago sold out. Local library should be able to get you an inter-library loan, or, keep looking on line. Copies do turn up.

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Hello Tom,
The ventilation shaft you mention was indeed on Ashfield Park Drive, just behind Birch Avenue which runs parallel with it, but lower. If you travel down Grove Lane and turn right into Ashfield Park Drive, as you travel up the hill you will see a patch of land in front of you with a small woods to the rear of it. If you were to take the footpath that runs to the left, the concrete capping to the old shaft will be just on your right in the woods. The bungalows on Birch Ave run below you to your left. I remember we used to climb up the sides of the shaft to peer down it, daft really . I seem to remember it was demolished and capped early 70,s

Replied: 1st Jun 2021 at 09:57


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