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Started by: PeterP (9470)

I often wonder if some news reporters know were Wigan is
Three reports under the Wigan banner.
Woman from Ashton bits a police officer at Newton le Willows .
Dogs pinched from Leigh
Bus window smashed West leigh
These are just some of the stories printed this week in the MEN.I think Tonker should pay the newspaper a visit and point out were Wigan is

Started: 5th Feb 2021 at 13:01

Posted by: i-spy (15034) 

Over the years Wigan has had some excellent local papers. But if people aren't willing to buy it's hardly surprising that the quality slips. Sad but true

Replied: 5th Feb 2021 at 21:01

Posted by: tonker (25468) 

From Council Website,
Mesnes Park: Interesting Facts -

• Mesnes Park opened to the public in 1927.
• It is the largest park in the town.
• The name Mesnes is derived from the Norman term ‘demesnes’, which refers to the ‘domain’ of the local landowner.
• The park’s football pitches are used by a number of local teams.
• In 1995 the park was extended to the west, creating a contrasting landscape of woodlands, wetlands and grasslands. Today the park has
further increased in area with the addition of the former school playing field.
• When passing through the wooded areas of the park you may spot holes in the tree trunks where woodpeckers have hammered as
they extract insects and create nesting holes.
• The grassland is a developing area, producing a variety of native flora
from May through to September. Species such as Ragged Robin,
Meadow Buttercup and Red Campion are usually the first flowers to
be seen in the early part of the summer.
• The centre houses the Ranger Service and the Pensioners
Association and is open to the public for toilet facilities and sport
changing rooms.
• The park has been awarded the prestigious Green Flag since 2002.
• Much of the woodland areas of the park were planted as part of the Mersey Forest initiative and mainly consist of
Birch, Alder, Willow and Rowan.
• Lying to the rear of the park is the world’s first passenger railway
line, opened in 1830 and linking Manchester and Liverpool.

Replied: 6th Feb 2021 at 14:42

Posted by: i-spy (15034) 

Forgotten to take your medication ?

Replied: 7th Feb 2021 at 17:20

Posted by: DaveL (21)

Tonker - are we supposed to pick out the incorrect 'fact' you've reproduced?
The first, 1830, railway between Manchester and Liverpool does not pass through Wigan. That honour belongs to St Helens....
Do I get a prize?

Replied: 10th Feb 2021 at 20:05

Posted by: tonker (25468) 


1) You're too late.
2) You're wrong on the following counts .....

The 1830 railway wasn't the first railway.

In 1830, it didn't go from Liverpool to Manchester.

You can't compare St.Helens with Wigan.
St.Helens, which didn't exist in 1830, is not an individual town. Wigan is an individual town, bearing that name.
St.Helens is a collection of towns, which form St.Helens as a 'borough'.
The railway in question doesn't go through Wigan, correct, but it goes through St.Helens and it also goes through the Borough of Wigan.

The prize was a Kit-Kat, but I've eaten it myself!

Replied: 11th Feb 2021 at 00:07

Posted by: Pewfall (275) 

Tonker would love Wigan World's famous wiganers page? It boasts of

- georgie fame, james hilton, tom burke all from leigh
- june croft, Joe Gormley : Ashton in makerfield
- Frank Randle : Aspull
- Ian Mckellen : Blackburn
- Eva Pope : Appley Bridge
- The Verve : 1 from Liverpool, 1 from Haydock, 1 from Chippenham and 1 from Billinge

At least one of'em is from Wigan as everyone on ere born in Billinge hospital tells us they're from wigan?

Replied: 12th Feb 2021 at 19:52


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