waste of manpower

Started by: PeterP (9475)

Just watching a programme about cats. One cat stuck down a drain took 20 yes TWENTY Firepersons 5hrs to dig it out FIVE fire crews to free one cat what a waste of mam/women power.

Started: 19th Nov 2020 at 20:44

Posted by: momac (12042) 

Sorry Peter,but I disagree..would you honestly be able to leave a little cat to die down there..I personally would like to thank them all for their compassion.

Replied: 2nd Dec 2020 at 13:18

Posted by: PeterP (9475)

Momac it takes one person to use a spade and the owner to watch up the pipe to see if it moves so it was a waste of at least 4 fire crews to get the cat out. Also they could have used a low pressure water hose to flush it out cats hate water

Replied: 2nd Dec 2020 at 15:12


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