Started by: PeterP (9475)

10 200 350
11 199 245

When I did this test I put gaps between the three columns. When it was posted the three columns are compressed together

Started: 23rd Jun 2020 at 17:16
Last edited by PeterP: 23rd Jun 2020 at 18:49:58

Posted by: PeterP (9475)

Test take two
DG Replies Views
10 200 350
11 199 245
There is still a problem with the new WW. When I printed the three columns I left at least 15spaces between the columns,. Dg 10and 11 in one column Replies 200 and199 in the second column then Views 350 and 245 has the third column but on posting all the columns are bunched together

Replied: 29th Aug 2020 at 14:41
Last edited by PeterP: 29th Aug 2020 at 14:47:55


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