What a nightmare

Started by: priscus (inactive)

For once, I think I can see the events promoting this experience.

I had been watching a Blu-ray episode of ‘Breaking Bad’.

Did not quite follow the chemistry, so looked it up online, where a number of sites explain the organic chemistry behind the scenes depicted in the drama. It was the scene to do with Chirals: molecules which contain the same atoms, but which are mirror images of each other. The Left-Handed molecule being a nasal decongestant, the Right-Handed one, a psychoactive substance.

Being tired, I decided to skip my evening meal, and retire. Noted to myself that I probably need to sling that Chicken Curry, which has now sat for too long in the fridge.

Unfortunately, my sleeping brain concatenated (sling together) the two aforementioned.

Curry nights here are open house, or at least were, prior to Covid lock down: an event for sharing with neighbours.

So my dream finds me hiding from the police who are hot on the trail of this fermented concoction: a chiral chicken curry which is having totally unpredicted outcomes on the behaviour of people in the neighbourhood.

With dreams like mine, who needs the cinema.

Started: 28th May 2020 at 14:25

Posted by: tonker (24051) 

Think yourself lucky you didn't watch Breakback Mountain!

Replied: 28th May 2020 at 17:21

Posted by: firefox (3239)

Is that the X rated follow on to brokeback mountain. in 3D?

Replied: 28th May 2020 at 17:44

Posted by: tonker (24051) 

It's the one where one of them ends up with a sore bottom. Probably!

Replied: 28th May 2020 at 17:57

Posted by: firefox (3239)

You don't want to be going up sore bottom mountain!

Replied: 28th May 2020 at 19:13

Posted by: tonker (24051) 

Priscus might wake up with a sore bottom, after eating all that chicken curry!

Replied: 28th May 2020 at 21:08


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