de Kuyper

Started by: priscus (inactive)

Cherry Brandy Liqueur.

I am new to this stuff. Bought a bottle when I could not get Kirsch, which recipe called for.

Discovered that it does not make an acceptable substitute!

C'est la Vie.

However, the taste does remind me of cough medicines of long ago. (Way back in childhood)

And the stuff is certainly more effective at soothing the irritation which leads to coughing than any alternative I have found.

This constant wet weather has left me coughing lots, so I have gotten through a whole bottle of the stuff!

Started: 17th Nov 2019 at 21:14

Posted by: PeterP (9506)

Priscus sounds like it was morish

Replied: 18th Nov 2019 at 09:11

Posted by: retep1949 (874)

Last Christmas someone bought my wife some cherries in kirsch and they where at the back of the cupboard till a few weeks ago and I decided to give them a try,they were superb with ice cream.

Replied: 18th Nov 2019 at 12:58

Posted by: priscus (inactive)

Just bought a second bottle. (reduced in Tesco)

Would not be my tipple of choice....

But it is an excellent cough soother!

Replied: 29th Nov 2019 at 23:25


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