Christmas Dinner

Started by: PeterP (9504)

I am chief cook and bottle washer in our house I spent 2 hours yesterday preparing the veg. Started cooking the turkey crown straight after breakfast(Turkey for the eldest lad (not keen on meat). Later will do Braising steak for every one else with York puds and pigs in blankets for all,while this is cooking will be taxi to Atherton and back.Apple pie cooked and Christmas pud will only take a few mins with Brandy sauce for my wife and youngest lad. Would I miss all this not a chance to have the Grandchildren for Christmas day every other year

Started: 25th Dec 2018 at 09:56

Posted by: mollie m (6472) 

That sounds like wonderful Christmas Fayre. There was a time when I could have sat down and enjoyed all of that but sadly, these days, my appetite is very limited to just one small meal a day.

I was at a Christmas family dinner at my brother's house earlier today and I put on my plate what I thought I could eat, but I couldn't so, he packed "take-away" for me in various cartons for me for my freezer, which I will enjoy at a later stage - and I will -but sadly my appetite has diminished over the years.

There was ham, turkey, roast spuds, mash, carrots, turnips, stuffing, pigs in blankets and just plain old chipolatas, all of which were delicious, so I will look forward to delving in, adding sprouts, which aren't a family favourite, but the way I do them are really good.

Replied: 25th Dec 2018 at 22:40

Posted by: PeterP (9504)

All over for another year.Some jelly and ice cream and trifle left every thing else eaten .All washed down with a glass of Presseco and Orange Juice.Will now have to wait another 2 years before we have a family Christmas dinner on Christmas Day Never mind baby sitting on Sunday

Replied: 25th Dec 2018 at 23:03

Posted by: mollie m (6472) 

Yes, all over now Peter, but why another two years? I shall look forward to my "take-away" dinner. Sorry to hear it will be another two years for you.

Last year I was too poorly to join my family, so I very much enjoyed this year.

Just sitting watching TV with people I could comment with was great. Watching TV alone starts to become boring after a few years.

Replied: 26th Dec 2018 at 02:28

Posted by: PeterP (9504)

Our Daughter in law comes from Milton Keynes and every other year they go to her family for Christmas Day.

Replied: 26th Dec 2018 at 09:16

Posted by: dougie (4853) 

Same here Peter we were sat all yesterday and night just Me and the wife but that days over , fun and games start to-day (boxing day) with a lot of washing up for me love it all the same

Replied: 26th Dec 2018 at 11:15

Posted by: berylh (2140)

peter which part of Milton Keynes does your daughter in law come from, as that is where I live

Replied: 26th Dec 2018 at 21:50


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