Trivia Question

Started by: priscus (inactive)

What country has lost MORE than half of its rivers in the last three decades?

Started: 21st Dec 2018 at 21:24

Posted by: i-spy (15034) 

Give us a clue

Replied: 21st Dec 2018 at 21:40

Posted by: priscus (inactive)

It still has a lot of Rivers.

Replied: 21st Dec 2018 at 21:41

Posted by: priscus (inactive)

Google will actually find the answer, but what's the fun in that!

Replied: 21st Dec 2018 at 21:43

Posted by: i-spy (15034) 

Is it difficult to spell - the country that is

Replied: 21st Dec 2018 at 21:55

Posted by: priscus (inactive)

On the contrary, one of the easiest!

Replied: 21st Dec 2018 at 22:01

Posted by: priscus (inactive)

Ah, well. Not much interest in this one then!

CHINA has (estimate) over Twenty-Three Thousand Rivers.

It DID have over Fifty Thousand!

Needless to say severe water shortages afflict huge areas of the country!

Replied: 23rd Dec 2018 at 19:33

Posted by: i-spy (15034) 

It must be all that tea

Replied: 29th Dec 2018 at 13:33

Posted by: lectriclegs (4929)

Is it China?

Replied: 2nd Jan 2019 at 17:35

Posted by: i-spy (15034) 

when did wearing seatbelts become compulsory in Britain.

Replied: 3rd Jan 2019 at 12:37

Posted by: priscus (inactive)

I had to Google. And it is MUCH later than what I would have guessed.

(Possibly conflating the other related event in my memory)

Replied: 5th Jan 2019 at 13:58


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