What an improvement

Started by: priscus (inactive)

The batch of jobs around the house and garden, taken on by me this Summer, represented the first real use in anger of the Lithium-ion battery-power tools which I have bought to replace the Ni-Cad tools I previously have used.

Each use, I find myself saying, "That's more like it!"

What an improvement! Really glad I got them. What crap the Ni-Cad stuff is in comparison.

Always full power. Charge whenever. Swap out batteries that are still partially charged.

Only downside, I hear burglars now are regularly going about equipped with LI-ion devices to overcome locks and other security hardware.

Started: 1st Jul 2018 at 12:04

Posted by: broady (18280) 

I have mower, strimmer and leaf blower al using same 40v battery. I have a snow blower with an 80v battery that is brilliant. Been well tested last winter with record snowfall and it passed its testing with flying colours.

Replied: 1st Jul 2018 at 17:55

Posted by: priscus (inactive)

Sounds like a serious piece of kit, broady.

I did buy a Li-ion powered pole saw. It has been great. I thought it would be only able to cope with light tasks, but since buying, I have never used my chainsaws. 10 inch thick limbing, it cuts through in two or three seconds.

Replied: 2nd Jul 2018 at 13:44
Last edited by priscus: 6th Jul 2018 at 21:57:47

Posted by: Platty (1478)

Priscus - we had a Community Police Officer round last month telling everyone to keep their car fobs, the ones that open with a click of the handle or open the boot without a touch, in a box inside the house. A few cars ( and really a few) had been overridden by thieves and gone in minutes.

Replied: 6th Jul 2018 at 21:44

Posted by: nanajacqui (4188) 

I've heard it's best to keep car keys in fridge

Replied: 7th Jul 2018 at 17:06

Posted by: priscus (inactive)

This has particularly been a problem with 'Keyless Start', expensive Mercs and Beemers. Professional theft of cars as opposed to TWOC!

Replied: 22nd Aug 2018 at 13:03


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