Was I a modrocker?

Started by: dave© (3507)

Just been watching BBC4 concerning "mods and rockers," also their favourite transport, scooters and motor bikes, wonder if anyone (like me) had both at the same time? I had a Lambretta scooter and a Triumph 500 combination. The scooter was ok but woe betide anyone applying the front brake on it, you'd be guaranteed to be thrown over the top of it. The motor bike combination, a brilliant way to carry passengers with L plates, well it was in the 1960s, I suppose things will have changed now. I was always cautious on that bike, I never knew what speed I was going at 'cos the speedometer had no drive cable. Youth, we lived for the day!

Started: 10th May 2018 at 00:34

Posted by: tonker (25569) 

I remember four of us being stopped on the prom., just opposite the fair in Blackpool, in the 70's, when a hundred or so Mods rode past on their scooters escorted by police.
Almost every one of them gozzed on us as they rode past!
I was wearing a belstaff at the time and it was covered in grotch!!

Those were the days!!!

Replied: 10th May 2018 at 18:59

Posted by: dave© (3507)

We ne'er had any trouble from rivals, just friendly banter, think most of the problems were in the big cities. I remember one lad from the same school who roared with laughter after seeing me on my combo, but less than a month after had got one himself after discovering the L plate possibilities.

Replied: 10th May 2018 at 23:47

Posted by: kathpressey (5485) 

Down on Plymouth Barbican on Sundays you still see the old mods gathering on their scooters.

Replied: 13th May 2018 at 09:14

Posted by: peebee (631) 

There used to be an old steel railway bridge in Hart Common with 'KILL THE MODS' in four foot letters daubed across it in white paint. I am going back to the sixties now and it got demolished when they had finished flattening the old slag heaps about fifteen years ago, the funny thing was that even after fifty years the paint was as fresh as the day it was done......some one must have kept freshening up.

Replied: 17th May 2018 at 23:50

Posted by: roylew (3620)

The Small Faces were the ultimate and looks wise..

Replied: 2nd Jun 2018 at 11:29


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