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Started by: PeterP (9470)

Been reading today about an advert for coffee which shows a packet of crisps which as been opened at the bottom. Some people are up in arms about this and say crisp packets should only be opened at the topIts time some people got a life. Do the crisps know which is the top or bottom Same with nuts some packets don't have a top or bottom they open either side

Started: 9th Apr 2018 at 17:36

Posted by: kenee (2105)

That's the trouble with crisp packets,
they don't come with instructions.

Replied: 9th Apr 2018 at 17:46

Posted by: Anne (4182) 

Same with ball of wool, no instruction. Some people start from the inside some from the outside. Don't think there's a right way.

Replied: 9th Apr 2018 at 17:49
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Posted by: ayrefield (4465)

There's enough daft warnings on packets as it is, a pack of Nutty Nougat from Tesco has a warning 'Contains Nuts'.

Reminds me of the old joke - a bloke asks a bus conductor if the bus is going to Pemberton, the conductor says no, the bloke says, well it says so on the front of the bus, to which the conductor replies, it says India on the tyres and were not going there either.

Replied: 9th Apr 2018 at 19:12

Posted by: dougie (4848) 

Dougie's way to open a bag of Crisp

Replied: 9th Apr 2018 at 20:31

Posted by: broady (18283) 

All well and good Dougie but what if they are the family size bags and have to be re-sealed for future use?? Now I think of it I always open the top end. I always have a moan when I open a packet because you open a bag and when you look in it is only half full/empty. I am told the bags are pumped up in order that the crisps don't get crushed in transit.

Replied: 9th Apr 2018 at 22:18

Posted by: jouell (4705)

The Companies that put ' Warning ' signs, are to protect themselves from Law Suits... so when people who are allergic to whatever, buy a product and then file a claim.. the Company is protected... not because people are stupid, although there are a lot of them about...

I don't know about in the UK, but here in the US, if you buy a coffee at any drive through, it has a warning, 'Coffee is hot'..years ago, a old lady spilled her coffee on herself, was hurt and McDonald's got sued big time.. Since then, all the 'Warnings' on almost everything... Protection.....

Replied: 10th Apr 2018 at 14:19
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Posted by: kenee (2105)

Have you tried that 'Boil in the bag' rice?
It says "Stand in boiling water for 15 minutes".

It doesn't half hurt your feet!

Replied: 10th Apr 2018 at 17:21

Posted by: kathpressey (5477) 

did anyone see that TV programme about the oldies going to Vegas to do a show? it was quite good. Jess Conrad couldn't open a packet of cornflakes because his wife always did it. Sue perkins showed him how then had to direct him where he could find milk

Replied: 16th Apr 2018 at 08:40

Posted by: peter g (3111) 

My Mrs bought a pair or shoes today in the bottom of the box was a small packet of crystals which said DO NOT EAT.

Replied: 18th Apr 2018 at 14:56

Posted by: tonker (25468) 

Dougie -

It's Bag of CRISPS, signifying there's more than one 'crisp'.

Bunch of grape ?
Pair of sock ?
Swarm of bee ?
Sack of potato ?
Flock of seagull ?
Dozen egg ?

How to open a bag of crisp, indeed!

Replied: 28th Apr 2018 at 14:57

Posted by: dougie (4848) 

Was talking to your mate and his wife yesterday in Ashton, not seen them out and about of late to have a chat (it's still the best way to open a packet of Crisps)

Replied: 29th Apr 2018 at 08:42

Posted by: tonker (25468) 

I've not seen him since Chrimbo myself, Dougie!

Replied: 29th Apr 2018 at 12:02


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