NAS (Network-Attached Storage)

Started by: priscus (inactive)

Anyone using a NAS arrangement that they feel is worthy of recommending?

It seemed such a good idea, in principle. One location to which all my devices could use as a repository to store and retrieve my stuff from.

After a number of false starts, thought I had it solved. Using a Buffalo 'Link Station': Its HDD is not huge , but two USB ports, so capable of expansion with USB sticks or HDDs.

Worked with XP
worked with W7
Worked with Linux
Worked with Android

Then, M$ brought out W 10. Link Station not usable, no W10 software.

Waited 18 months, to see if any solutions, as others had already posted concerning this. Now accepting that I will need to move on again.

Obviously, this time around, I do not want to be tied into any proprietary technology which does not work next time new hardware appears on the scene: it defeats the whole point of having NAS.

I had considered building my own rig, using FREENAS, but web page found dealing with such says really need to be using one of the low power server boards. They are expensive, even buying used.

I did actually purchase one on Ebay. It never turned up, Ebay refunded my payment, but alas, I am back to square one!

Started: 26th Apr 2017 at 16:10


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