Simple pleasures

Started by: britboy (6794)

Just relaxing,soothing my feet with a nice hot water soak of this....LINK

Just finish watching a great BBC series....Shetland

Looking for new viewing titles, found and finished quite a few up to now, it's a good thing netflix keeps putting new one on, I just keep adding them to my list until I have time to check them out.

Going to soak until my feet wrinkle...Simple pleasures

A great handbags moment (the sad,the bad and the ugly) lol

Started: 21st Apr 2017 at 16:19
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Posted by: jouell (4705)

I enjoy watching 'Home fires'.. set in rural Cheshire early 1940s.. I only recently found it, but I may look into buying all the episodes I am enjoying it so much...

I'll have to look into Shetland, sound interesting...

Replied: 21st Apr 2017 at 19:11

Posted by: britboy (6794)

"Rectify" is very good

Great story line

Replied: 21st Apr 2017 at 19:36
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Posted by: britboy (6794)

Only just realized I posted a writeup about Shetland and not the tv series.

Try again....Link

Replied: 21st Apr 2017 at 22:57


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