I hate

Started by: britboy (6794)

Getting old!!

The brain box works great but the superstructure is starting to wear out, someone said it's better than the alternative, maybe, I suppose that's to do with quality of life.

A friend of mine survived prostate cancer and after surgery I asked him how he's doing, his simple reply " I'm vertical "

Someone else said they want to grow old gracefully, not me! I said , As disgracefully as possible.
I think I started down that road in 2000 when I emigrated

Started: 11th Feb 2017 at 13:34

Posted by: britboy (6794)

Nothing changed, I still hate getting old

Replied: 15th Feb 2017 at 22:42

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (4037) 

AT least youv'e one thing going for yooooooo:;


Replied: 16th Feb 2017 at 04:53

Posted by: aussie94 (2386)

Can't see Can't hear Can't bonk yes it is great getting old. Can you please get hold darling, mind the walking frame love. I told you to get hold , not get old . Bugger

Replied: 16th Feb 2017 at 08:36
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Posted by: Anne (4002) 

I don't mind getting old.... eyes ok sunglasses only..... hearing ok no hearing aid....bowels ok working fine

Replied: 16th Feb 2017 at 09:21

Posted by: britboy (6794)

Lolol...Thankyou WWers, it is FAR better than the alternative

Replied: 16th Feb 2017 at 12:36

Posted by: raymyjamie (6857)

I like to think I'm not in bad condition considering my age (70).

I'm fit and active, I walk every day for a minimum of an hour and attend a Cardiac Fitness Class.

But it is a little disconcerting to see certain functionality declining.
My eyesight is suspect, I am going Mutt and Jeff, I have to ask Mrs RMJ to repeat nearly everything she says, which drives her bonkers!!!!!!!!!!.
I have arthritic thumbs which I am currently trying to heal with copper bracelets and rubbing in coconut oil and Ibuprofen gel, and I have bought a Ukulele as PE to exercise my thumbs.
In short, I'm fighting back.
I had a heart attack in 2011, so I eat well and watch the calories and cholestrol.
........................................and YES I HATE GETTING OLD.

Replied: 18th Feb 2017 at 11:59

Posted by: spud1 (inactive)

When you wake up,just stretch your arms out,if you don't touch wood,you are still ok.

Replied: 18th Feb 2017 at 12:35

Posted by: raymyjamie (6857)

Spud, LOL

Replied: 18th Feb 2017 at 13:07

Posted by: britboy (6794)

My greatest consolation is seeing my granddaughters grow up, unfortunately they are on the other side of the pond. It's the eldest ones birthday today, 12yrs old and growing into a beautiful young lady
I only visit the uk about every five years, so they jump up in steps.
Social Media helps a lot 👍

Replied: 18th Feb 2017 at 14:48
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Posted by: jouell (4705)

I don't like getting old. I forget peoples names and the names of places, drives me crazy.. I had cataract surgery so I can see alright, my hearing is great.. My Dr said I have shrunk 3 inches, I told him I refuse to shrink any more than 2 inches, I don't care what you say..

But in this past 12 months , I have gone through Breast cancer surgery and 6 weeks of treatments and am now recovering from Pneumonia and I am still here, for which I am VERY THANKFUL.. So although I don't like getting old, it is better than the alternative...

Replied: 18th Feb 2017 at 14:59

Posted by: raymyjamie (6857)

Good to know that you beat "The Big C" Jouell.

Well done you

Replied: 18th Feb 2017 at 19:21

Posted by: aussie94 (2386)

jouell stay strong I had cancer 13 years ago fought it with a fierce attitude and family support. Still going string , now battling Macular Degeneration.
But with the help of the great Doctors at Sydney Eye Hospital I am beating that , as well as you can,with this horrible disease that destroys your eyesight

Replied: 20th Feb 2017 at 10:27

Posted by: jouell (4705)

Thank you Ray and aussie.. I am doing just great..

aussie, Best Wishes in your battle with the M D, it is nasty .. I will add you to my Prayer list.. Keep on fighting

Replied: 20th Feb 2017 at 14:35

Posted by: britboy (6794)

Ten years cancer free for my better half

Bi-lateral mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, past the five year marker, now it's ten years and going strong with yed down.

2006 and onwards was a testing time for her but with both of us pulling in the right direction then FORWARD-----------> is the only way to go

Replied: 20th Feb 2017 at 15:58
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Posted by: britboy (6794)

jouell...the best of future health, as with my wife and I, we have a lot of living to do yet

Replied: 20th Feb 2017 at 17:48

Posted by: jouell (4705)

We do britboy.. my youngest grandson is a Freshman in High school, I am aiming on being around to see him Graduate University and as my Grandma always said, 'God Willing' see him happily married...I am not giving up

Replied: 21st Feb 2017 at 02:40

Posted by: britboy (6794)

I was talking to my eldest granddaughter yesterday after setting up FaceTime , first thing she asked "when are you coming over grandad?"
We were supposed to be going over this year but I told her about our aging dogs and perhaps next year.
She's a teenager February next year so she's hoping we will make it.

Replied: 21st Feb 2017 at 03:27

Posted by: jouell (4705)

Pity you can't go this year, same for me. fares are 50% cheaper... My friend in MA is going in July, the most expensive month other than Dec.. $700 including Ins and all other, from Boston to Heathrow,, Her friends are going next month, only $700 for the both of them.. Haven't had prices like that in many many years...

It's a awful situation being pulled in different directions.. I know you want to see her, but you have to be there for your babies too.. It's never easy when I go over, my heart always pulled this way and that..

Replied: 21st Feb 2017 at 14:21


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