Censorship or Dictatorship

Started by: PeterP (8797)

Should councils dictate which national newspaper you can buy at newsagents in their townSt Helens council are going to vote on whether The Sun newspaper should be banned for sale in the towns newsagentsSurely it is up to each individual which paper they which to buy.

Started: 28th Jan 2017 at 18:08

Posted by: graneyjoseph (4618) 

I can understand the reason for Liverpool boycotting the Sun but cant see why the st,helens council are getting involved,I think it is the newsagents in Liverpool refusing to sell the paper.

Replied: 28th Jan 2017 at 18:33

Posted by: i-spy (15034) 

It's a free country - or is it

Replied: 28th Jan 2017 at 19:47

Posted by: PeterP (8797)

Book burning next

Replied: 28th Jan 2017 at 19:53

Posted by: broady (17211) 

In ten years you will only be able to buy the " Beirut Chronicle"

( am I allowed to say that without the Liberal do gooders wanting me stoned to death).

Replied: 28th Jan 2017 at 20:00

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (4050) 

Avery bad idea and a bad road to start going down ,what's happened to freedom of the press ,there is no way you can allow councils to determine what i can read or not read
As for graneyjoseph mentioning about st.helen, I have always been led to be believe that st helener's are only scouser's with their yeds porred in . But seriously do not let councils do this .

Replied: 29th Jan 2017 at 03:04

Posted by: britboy (6794)

Thin end of the wedge? 1984?

Replied: 30th Jan 2017 at 13:52

Posted by: graneyjoseph (4618) 

gb yes but why would you want to buy the sun.

Replied: 30th Jan 2017 at 16:07

Posted by: PeterP (8797)

Joe he may be short of loo paper The point being freedom to choose which paper to buy and where to buy it

Replied: 30th Jan 2017 at 18:00

Posted by: Stardelta (8373)

St Helens council are NOT banning the sale of the Sun in their borough but they HAVE voted to support a campaign that urges...URGES... retailers not to sell it because of the claims the paper made following Hillsborough and the distress it caused.

Not quite sure why other than as a show of support and unity for the 96 and their families etc. The vast majority of Merseysiders have been refusing to buy the paper since it made the claims back in 1989.

Replied: 4th Feb 2017 at 17:14
Last edited by Stardelta: 4th Feb 2017 at 22:12:31

Posted by: GOLDEN BEAR (4050) 

Totally agree with you graneyjoseph, I just think that crap called the sun is just wasting trees unnecessarily i'm afraid to say only idiot's buy it, but as i always say that is just my view.

Replied: 5th Feb 2017 at 11:59

Posted by: graneyjoseph (4618) 

Replied: 5th Feb 2017 at 12:41

Posted by: Jumpin Jack Flash (155)

Some Liverpudlian taxis advertise "don't buy the sun" its still a hot potato in Liverpool and to be honest rightly so.

Replied: 5th Feb 2017 at 17:54


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